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You woke up to a beautiful summer day and the moment you greeted yourself in front of the mirror, all you wanted to do was crawl back into bed and spend the day hiding underneath the covers. You look at the mirror and your zit is staring back at you, daring, if not taunting, you to pop it. Acne isn’t forever, ladies, and hopefully some of these emergency fixes helped quell your breakouts!
That’s because this combination dries up acne really fast, especially the bacteria and pus inside of it.
If they did, let us know which ones worked and which ones didn’t in the Comments section below!

Pick a full coverage concealer stick or pot because these are the concealers with the richest pigments. These are the best solutions if you find yourself asking that one annoying questions, “How do I get rid of a zit overnight?” Keep on reading to find out more! With that said, we only recommend doing this sparingly and for whiteheads that are ready to be popped.
We recommend Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ConcealerĀ as its oil-free and has buildable coverage. Regardless of whatever method you choose to pop your zits, there can be adverse effects such as scarring and the spreading of bacteria!

Yes, it will reduce the redness of the pimple as it will restrict the blood vessels underneath it.

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