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Southern CA Residents: Your order can be delivered FREE to VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA. All treatment protocols and holistic pet care supplements on this website have been reviewed and approved by a veterinarian. Drink less alcohol, coffee, black tea, or anything caffeinated or that contributes to dehydration. A heating pad or warm water bottle laid on your stomach over your bladder is great for easing the muscles and helping to release the stress held by the irritated area. I took these four herbs, blended them in nearly equal amounts, and added them to a quart jar. Continue to drink these infusions for a day or two after your pain is gone and everything seems normal.
Cranberries and Blueberries – high in antioxidants and acidic enough to help get rid of the bacterium that cause UTIs.
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The first one I ever had was while I was at college – had no idea what was happening. I hate it when it happens, so I generally go overboard by adding some licorice root and saw palmetto as well. Oooh, licorice is a good one to add, and definitely saw palmetto…although I cannot personally stand the taste or smell of saw palmetto, I know many who get very good benefits from it! The PET UTI Prevention remedy was developed with all of the key nutrients to help keep urinary tract infections (UTIs) from coming back.
There are even dried cranberry capsules if the bittersweet cranberry is too much for your tongue to handle! Holding it back is also keeping all of the infection and irritation inside…let it go!
I strained it in the morning and carry it with me around to drink on throughout the day.
The doctor finally told me to start drinking cranberry juice (I hated the stuff at the time), I know love the taste of cranberries and haven’t had an occurrence in almost 10 years.

PastA performance of our products and services is not a guarantee of results as each pet may respond differently. The volitile oils flow through the system, from the kidneys through the urinary tract, helping to clear up infections. Pet UTI Prevention Formula contains a wide range of critical nutrients such as Cranberry, D-Mannose and other herbs that have been proven in research to support urinary tract and bladder health. Many cats, dogs and people with (UTIs) urinary tract infections unfortunately get into a cycle of taking antibiotics only to have it come back within a short period of time.

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