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Blackheads are a pre-stage of Acne, often visible as small, black dots on the nose or other parts of your face - both men and women get black dots and blackheads on the nose. Blackheads are mainly an accumulation of excess skin oils, makeup, microscopical sweat drops and air pollution in your open pores.
If you let your bacteria-filled blackheads stay untreated in your face pores, these will often transform into acne. The formation of acne occour when bacterias enter the clogged pores, causing redness by a local skin irritation.
This way you're only spreading bacterias into the pores, which in turn will cause acne breakouts and even worse: Acne scars and scars from your finger nails while squeezing blackheads.

Cracking your knuckles does not hurt your bones, sound you hear is just gas bubbles bursting. The pores get enlarged due to the overproduction of this oil and as more oil deposits are accumulated in the pore it hardens and causes the pore to get clogged. Pretty unattractive and for most people it's a big relief to finally find good products to get rid of blackheads. The formation of blackheads in clogged pores are most frequently seen as black dots on your nose, but may also often occur in other areas of your face, such as your chin and forehead (The so called T-zone). By full infection you will get bulging pimples, often with thick, yellow bacteria-filled pus-like fluid.

Blackheads are not harmful to your skin, however most people will feel embarrassed as blackheads are commonly considered a very unattractive skin problem. Do NOT use acne products containing ingredients that dry out your skin, as this will in most cases just make your skin product more sebum (oils) to "survive", and you will get more clogged pores from the excess oils.
Once the blackhead is formed, the pore continuously expands because of more oil production and exposure to dirt, which finally causes acne.

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