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Overview Acne is a skin condition that causes blackheads, whiteheads, zits, pimples and cysts.
Blackheads and acne blemishes occur when the skin's pores become clogged with dirt and oils. Apply a solution of 5 percent tea tree oil to any blackheads and pimples, according to the Mayo Clinic. It sounds simple, but it's one of the best ways to get rid of acne fast and prevent new blemishes from popping up. According to the Mayo Clinic, it's just as effective as common solutions of benzoyl peroxide, a popular over-the-counter acne treatment.
In fact, between 60 to 90 mg a day is enough to stave off acne or, at the very least, reduce the severity of your blemishes.
Blackheads are known as open comedones -- meaning the blackhead acts as a plug to the pore, but does not contain bacteria.
You can use natural soaps, such as glycerin soap or a face wash, such as one that contains aloe vera -- a natural inflammation fighter.
Tea tree oil works similarly to an acne medication known as benzoyl peroxide and helps to add air to the pore, removing the pore's contents. This herb is a powerful acne fighter that can help to kill the bacteria that cause acne, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Just a mild cleanser is needed to remove oil and dead skin cells, which tend to contribute to clogged pores and breakouts.

Washing the skin twice daily helps to remove excess dirt and oils from the skin that can clog pores and cause acne breakouts. Because this supplement can have strong effects, pregnant or nursing women should not take it.
Natural pimple treatment may be what your acne skin is yearning for, if you care to give it a try.Aloe Vera is a potent cure for pimples. Even so, the end results are generally positive, and you will have used a natural product rather than a harsh chemical. Baking soda is ideal for blackhead treatment and using it as an exfoliant helps to loosen the contents inside a pore.
The watery gel inside the plant is rich in enzymes and it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.
You may be turned off by the harsh chemicals in over-the-counter and prescription acne treatments, but you don't have to forgo treatment altogether. Aloe can also be taken internally to help detox the digestive tract.Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, which is essential in assisting the body to get rid of free radicals that are injurious to wellness.
Doing so more often can rob the skin of natural oils and actually lead to more acne breakouts. It similarly assists in removing impurities from the body which can result or lead to acne.
It also reduces inflammation and helps the body to fight against infections.After using acne treatments, your skin will be extra-sensitive to sun rays.

Choose a mineral sunscreen that protects from all types of sun radiation, and use a dime-size amount of a product each time you apply it.This is a traditional recipe from some people in Indonesia.
Or, mix some table salt with lemon juice or star fruit juice and apply it to the face as an astringent.
It's okay because the mask is from natural ingredients.Zinc is an excellent weapon towards creating a strong immune system and clearing acneic skin.
It can even help to reduce the appearance of marks that have been left on the skin resulting from pimples that have healed.
While there are good zinc tablets on the market, liquid zinc supplements are more easily absorbed and therefore more effective.Vitamins A, B, C, and E, are effective natural pimple treatment.
Vitamin C is an immune booster that helps the body to fight against bacteria and skin diseases. Vitamin E heals and repairs the skin tissues, thereby reversing damaged skin cells.Apply apple vinegar once a day as a toner after cleansingUsing a cotton ball, wipe the scar-affected areas. Be careful not to put the highly acidic substance into your eyes.Wash your face with PH balance soap.

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