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Good personal hygiene works a lot more that just providing you with a presentable appearance. The human body does a number of embarrassing things which we cannot avoid and often have no control over. Bad breath is one of those dreaded hygiene problems that can ruin one’s confidence permanently. If you walk around and people around you are constantly making strange faces and looking to get away from you, then you probably have the everyday body odor. This is such an individual decision that should be based on need, not someone else’s idea of cleanliness. By removing the bacteria and the oils already present on your skin, you will prevent the generation of body odor during the activity. But as always, consult with your doctor to make sure the body odor is not caused by an underlying illness. That’s because when the body is healthy, showering is about removing dirt and odors from sources other than our body. Not only do we produce natural oils to keep our skin healthy, our skin is host to many beneficial bacterial, just like our gut. Any time we strip natural oils and kill off beneficial bacteria, we set up an unhealthy cycle that merely perpetuates the use of conventional products.

There’s a number of causes to body odor but the most common cause is the presence of bacteria on your skin releasing odorous waste products. Usually the biggest source of this smell comes from your underarms.  Your underarms are the perfect place for bacteria to grow. If you have this type of body odor then you should know that drowning yourself in cologne or body spray doesn’t help much. Vaginal infections can produce a foul odor, and body fluids, including sweat, may give off a foul odor when you are ill, just as sinus infections or infections in the mouth can produce bad breath. The fiber will cleanse your digestive system, sweeping out old rotting food and debris while working as a prebiotic that helps maintain a high level of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
Conventional soaps, especially anti-bacterial soaps, are the greatest cause of body odor because they disrupt the body’s natural defense against bad bacteria.
Oils on your skin an also contribute to body odor.  A mixture of sweat, grease, and bacteria makes for some rancid body odor. These toxins can be fat soluble, and will come out as oil secretions, or they can be water soluble. If you are healthy and you aren’t actually dirty, daily showers or baths are not necessary. Read the labels on soap scrubs and bar soap and ask yourself if you would want to eat those ingredients, because in a roundabout way, that’s exactly what you are doing every time you use them.

Some may argue that even with toxin free skin care products, daily washing does more harm than good due to washing away healthy flora that develops on skin and controls body odor.
Secondly, organic soaps are better for your skin and they stop the body odor cycle caused by conventional products. The problem is, they kill the beneficial bacteria that naturally keeps the bad bacteria (the smelly bacteria) in check.
You may find that you only need to bathe every other day, every three days, or maybe only once a week. There are also odor causing foods such as onions, garlic, curry, and high sulfur foods such as broccoli and cauliflower. Even if you maintain the habit of a daily bath or shower, your skin will be happier and healthier. If armpit odor is a large issue then it may be helpful to shave off any hair in the area as hair traps moisture.
You sweat, the bad bacteria start to multiply and there isn’t enough good bacteria to keep them in check.

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