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We know your mom taught you something completely different, but chlorine can actually make armpit rings worse.
Cigarette smoking takes a toll on the body, accelerating the aging process by causing early wrinkles and discoloring the teeth, hair and skin. Smooth a moisturizer such as petroleum jelly, vitamin E oil or lip balm on your lips every night. Everything seems fine after the first few washes, but then (seemingly out of nowhere) your shirt is ruined around the sleeves.
It’s actually a deeper combination of your bodily fluids and the chemicals in your antiperspirant. The acid in this kitchen staple breaks the bonds between the cotton fibers, sweat, and antiperspirant, says Johnson.

So wait until the yellow spots have totally vanished before you hit tumble-dry low or hang dry after stain removal.
Dyer began her writing career as a staff writer at a community newspaper and is now a full-time commercial writer. Nicotine also breaks down collagen and causes unsightly brown stains on the lips, resulting in a kisser that is anything but kissable.
Although you can use a commercial scrub, you can make a scrub at home by mixing brown or white sugar, almond oil and honey. She writes about a variety of topics, with a focus on sustainable, pesticide- and herbicide-free gardening.
Quitting smoking is the only way to return nicotine-stained lips to their normal appearance.

Antiperspirants with aluminum on the ingredient list work by plugging your sweat glands, preventing perspiration altogether. She is an Oregon State University Master Gardener and Master Naturalist and holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction writing. However, you can minimize the brown stains and improve the appearance of your lips until you are ready to break the habit for good. Finally, Johnson recommends washing the shirt in the warmest water possible according to the care label.

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