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I informed President Assad on the situation in the Army and told him that the units and formations close to Damascus were ready to be entrusted with any task.
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Let us start with  the Major General, and let us review what he said straightforwardly in his book Three Months That Shook Syria. One day in early February 1984, I went to my office in the Headquarters, and while I was passing near Al-Jahiz Park, I noticed that many pictures of Rifaat Al-Assad, the presidenta€™s brother, were stuck on the walls.
President Assad was the only person who followed up security issues relative to Unit 569 (the Defense Brigades).
Yet, some unit officers used to communicate information to President Hafez Al-Assad through top secret channels that Rifaat himself failed to uncover. In mid-February 1984, Leader Al-Assad ordered the transfer of Battalion 170 commander (*) that was entrusted with guarding the Headquarters and the Ministry of Defense. Thus, the a€?silly officera€? managed to provide the security cover to the Headquarters from the late 1970s till 1984, i.e.
As for a€?non-sillya€? Major General Tlas, he concealed from the president one of the most important pieces of information that could help him make the right decision on appointing the unit commander entrusted with protecting the Headquarters and the Ministry of Defense. The commander of Battalion 170 left the Headquarters in a state of fury and headed straight to the Headquarters of Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad in Al-Kabun where he complained to him. Lieutenant General Ali Duba learnt about the issue from the new battalion commander, so he went to the battalion Headquarters immediately in his car and asked Colonel Asaad Sabbagh and his escort to follow him.
At that moment, Colonel Sabbagh and his bodyguards (4 assistants armed with Russian rifles) arrived and disarmed Colonel Barakat. So, finally  the Major General and his Chief of Staff got rid of the a€?sillya€? Colonel who had protected them throughout the period of domestic unrest, thanks to Lieutenant General Ali Duba.
Despite my reservations about this story, I would have believed it (out of courtesy), had he not accused fourteen officers under the Leadera€™s command of rejecting or ignoring the orders of  the President.
Hafez Al-Assada€™s orders are not to be disobeyed in Syria, nor does Rifaat Al-Assad encourage his officers to ignore the presidenta€™s orders. Perhaps the president ordered the transfer of a number of officers, but we cannot discard the possibility that  the Leader interfered with the president to make him postpone the enforcement of the transfer order, or even have it revoked in accordance with the latest developments or any emergencies. In this regard, dear readers, you can imagine the conditions prevailing at that time and the fomented strife that was about to kill hundreds of thousands of citizens later. Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad did not find this measure palatable, so he decided to engage in a confrontation after he received advice from his friends at home and abroad, and particularly his friends (the long-lived ones) (*) who were directly inspired by the instructions coming from Washington. Arena€™t you saying that the long-lived incited Brigadier-General Rifaat to confrontation and that he was the one who advised him to engage in it? It should be noted that King Abdullah, may God protect him, did not change his position, because very simply he did not interfere in Syriaa€™s internal affairs.
We will also discover that at least 90% of the commanders who had been mobilized were supporters of Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad.
One day, Brigadier Subhi Al-Tayyib and his Chief of Staff Colonel Muhsin Salman were in my office at 9 a.m. This was the spot I specified as the point to be approached by all due to its proximity to the Headquarters, and due to the fact that its numerous and spacious wings allow for the mena€™s accommodation without drawing anybodya€™s attention.
I answered, a€?Our movements should focus on passing cars individually, and they should be made by shelter vehicles, on condition that the vehicles do not constitute any queue at all. He left my office for the palace where the Special Unitsa€™ loyalty to President Assad was proven. As for the move of Colonel Muhsin Salmana€™s forces from Beirut to Damascus, it would not have happened had the Defense Brigades commander not been aware.
Major General Tlas addresses Rifaat by calling him a€?my brothera€?, while the latter kept working for 24 hours on mobilizing the forces against a€?his brothera€?. It was necessary to issue an order to form the Republican Guard in order to make the military forces in particular, and the rest of the people in general, understand that it was the duty of the Republican Guard to ensure the protection of the presidential palace, and that the Defense Brigades no longer had any role in protecting the President. On the other hand, if the commander of the Defense Brigades had harbored a€?hypocritical intentionsa€? as you claim, and if you were under the protection of these brigades, couldna€™t the commander of the Defense Brigades practically  break you neck and your peersa€™ at any time? We notice in this regard that General Tlas intentionally created confusion between Unit 569 that was entrusted with fulfilling the tasks of the Republican Guard and defending the capital under the command of Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad, and the Defense Brigades that were charged with defending the airports and that were incorporated in Unit 569 for the purpose of training their soldiers and upgrading their skills in defending the military airports. Unit 569 used to carry out the Republican Guard tasks, in addition to ensuring the security of the capital. And when his attempts failed, the president turned to Brigadier-General Adnan  Makhlouf who had been trained in Unit 569 and who was known as one of Brigadier-General Assada€™s most faithful and loyal trainees.

The below video shows the new head of the Republican Guard with the late Bassel Al-Assad, a trainee out of many members trained by Brigadier-General Assad, who were known for their competence and loyalty, while they were both attending the execution of military exercises by the Republican Guard. Thus, the only change that took place had to do with the name, and accordingly Unit 569 became the Republican Guard. Cyclocross started in Europe more than one hundred years ago when cyclist were looking for a way to stay fit in winter. Cyclocross requires the power of a sprinter, the speed and endurance of a time trialist, the bike-handling skills of a mountain biker and the tactics of a road racer. It is not surprising that cyclocross has become the fastest growing part of the sport of cycling in the U.S.
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He did not skip mentioning a brigade, or a battalion, or a squad in the armed forces and asked for their mobilization. I will include the comments made by Syriaa€™s Knights in the paragraphs that invite comments, right after the paragraphs in question. Whenever Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad realized that a security officer in his brigade dealt with the Intelligence Department, he would send him to the special brigade prison and no one would hear of him any more. In this regard, we can feel the major generala€™s embarrassment and confusion while he was writing down these words. Al-Assad instructed him to return to the Headquarters in the evening to take over the command once again. He went up immediately to where Colonel Barakat was and addressed him by saying, a€?Everything is over now.
The US had unsuccessfully tried all means to control President Hafez Al-Assada€™s independent decision-making that furthered Syrian interests and harmonized with those of the Arab nation. I briefed them on the situation by saying, a€?The security equation in the nearby area must be reversed.
When you face the soldiers of the Defense Brigades, you have to hit them with the rifle butts.
The regiment commander and his chief of staff headed for Anjar and performed the mission perfectly. He said to me, a€?Sir, what have I done to you and to the president so that you treat me like the deluded husband, i.e. I said to him clearly, a€?If you really stand by us, you should call Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad from my office and tell him openly about your position. Such coordination necessitates the exchange of information and the approval by both parties of a certain work agenda. At the same time, Brigadier-General Rifaat receives Lieutenant General Ali Duba, lets him a€?carry out an explorationa€?, and heartily answers the phone call made by Major General Tlas.
I learnt that 2000 officers, noncommissioned officers, and soldiers from the Special Units had already been stationed at the Damascus International Fair. We agreed that the Republican Guard would consist of an armored division to which were added three guard regiments whose cadres were similar to those of the commando regiments of the Special Units.
This confusion, as well as the confusion between the soldiers of each of Unit 569, the Special Units, and the Defense Brigades was a common popular misconception due to the same color of their uniforms. But this concern was for Brigadier Adnan Makhlouf (who was appointed the commander of the Republican Guard) an intolerable nightmare.
Major General Tlas did not say that they had been protecting Damascus and its entrances by having their forces stationed at the capital outskirts. But as it was made by our minister, we tell him that we wish he had used his genius to smuggle the missiles to the Syrian contingent that was besieged by the Israeli Army in 1982 in Lebanon. At that time President Assad replaced many members of his guard crew in an attempt to guarantee the same efficiency and readiness that were typical of Unit 569 soldiers.
The president appointed him the head of the Republican Guard and ordered him to form the guard with members of Unit 569.
Or was it another acknowledgement of the competence and distinction of the members of this combat unit in comparison with their peers in other army units? Although the majority of the soldiers taking part in these exercises belonged to the Defense Brigades (1) we can notice that the standard of their performance is lower in comparison with the standard achieved in previous exercises executed by the Defense Brigades. Next, you work to send traffic to our website and for every sale you generate you will earn 75% of our product's price.

Medical doctors were consulted in the creation of BV Miracle, but the information on this website and in the BV Miracle ebook is not intended to be a substitute for visiting your own doctor.
Consequently, you have to take all the necessary measures to thwart his plans, and you should know that Rifaat is serious this time. I also mobilized the anti-tank Brigade 65 led by Brigadier Ali Hormoz and Unit 549 (anti-tank brigades) led by Brigadier Adnan Al-Assad (President Assada€™s nephew), in addition to mobilizing the First Division Commander General Ibrahim Safi, the Third Division Commander General Shafic Fayyad, the Seventh Division Commander Brigadier Ali Habib, and the Ninth Division Commander General Adnan Badr Al-Hassan. When I said to him, a€?Done, Sira€? the phone would ring five minutes later and the speaker was certainly President Assad who reminded me of another unit. In one of them, I said to him, a€?It is true that we changed the Guard Battalion commander, but we are unaware of the trap set by Rifaat in the battalion. I was not relieved about this silly and harmful sight and said to myself that, since I had always been annoyed at it, President Hafez Al-Assad was certainly more annoyed, as he was the most concerned about this issue.
It would have been much simpler for him to say that Unit 569, with all its constituents, was independent of the minister of defense.
Rifaat had managed to convince President Assad of appointing this man (in spite of his discreditable conduct) during the period of Muslim Brothers activism in the late 1970s. Transferring this officer was considered as the first step in rocking Rifaat Al-Assada€™s citadel.
My question, Major General is: should we understand from your statement that a€?sillya€? Colonel Salim Barakat was the one who influenced the decisions taken by the Headquarters and the Ministry of Defense, including the appointment and transfer of officers? As a result, it saw it as an opportune moment to make its agents escalate the situation in the face of President Assad because his brother Rifaat would certainly be pliant regarding the White House policies and in contradiction to his brother, according to their calculations, information, and the information available to their friends (I mean the long-lived ones). This will not take place at the hands of the military police, but rather at the hands of commando men experienced in fighting. And if they keep resisting, you treat them with hostility and point at them the riflesa€™ muzzles from which emanates political power in revolutionary struggles, as comrade (Mao Tse-Tung) said. But it seems in this respect, and in the words of Tlas that Haydar a€?was the last person to be informed!!a€? So how can the truthfulness of your statements be proven Major General?
And in order to set the Republican Guard on solid foundations from the start, I suggested to the President that we bring ready units straight from the divisions and military formations.
But if the minister of defense causes confusion between these two units, Unit 569 and the Defense Brigades, this raises a number of questions about the reasons that made him act in this way. We will later discover the cause of this underperformance when we understand the true meaning of leadership under Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad, and when we learn about the incentives offered to the soldiers under his leadership. This measure was implemented in less than five minutes after which Lieutenant General Ali Duba and Major General Mohammad Al-Khawli arrived in my office successively.
Similarly, the guard of the Regional Command (7) that is close to the Headquarters belongs to the Defense Brigades; therefore, security in the nearby area is not reassuring. The latter was supposed to impose full control over all the army units; however, he did not resign. Lieutenant General Ali Duba was also notified by Major General Al-Shihabi that the battalion commander was totally prohibited from entering the Headquarters. The latter replied, a€?Is it possible Abu Muhammad that I point my gun at you?a€? Then, Lieutenant General Duba slapped Colonel Barakata€™s face and said, a€?I am Lieutenant General Duba, not Abu Muhammad, and I will take you to court Salim Barakat.a€? After that, Duba ordered that the lights be switched off, and ordered Colonel Asaad Sabbagh to get Colonel Barakat out of the car and to send him to the military police prison in Al-Kabun.
As I said, President Assad was the only person in the armed forces who was holding the reins as regards some security matters in the Defense Brigades, and he made sure that the confrontation was inevitable and that Rifaat Al-Assad had been increasing military preparedness in the Defense Brigades for a week, i.e.
For instance, we could bring an infantry battalion, or a tank battalion, or an artillery battalion from any division. Each one of them said to me, a€?President Assad has put us at your disposal so that we fulfill the mission you were entrusted with.a€? I replied saying, a€?I have mobilized the aforementioned units and in front of you are the telephones on my desk.
I called Brigadier Hermoz, the brigade commander and asked him to bring 18 missile bases of the Fagot type with 3 fire units for each base, and I also asked him to send them to President Assada€™s house in batches (individual vehicles), wrap a white bandage around a soldiera€™s hand and head and use mercurochrome as a substitute for running blood. I said to him jokingly, a€?The Lord is the only one we havena€™t mobilized yet!a€? He replied laughingly, a€?Because he is on our side.
We realize that the decision to resign requires the determination of strong men and a will before which temptations cringe.
Rifaat Al-Assad attempted to hinder this formation, which he considered a blow dealt to him, and he forcefully prevented some battalions from joining the Republican Guard, but the tank units managed to break the siege laid to the guard and joined the formation. But the issue did not remain a secret only kept by the three of us; the information was rather shared by Rifaat after one of his agents, Major Youssef Al-Ali of Brigade 65 divulged the secret to him. I feel proud that this battalion was the first tank battalion whose command I assumed in Homs after the glorious March 8 Revolution. This idiot revealed himself quickly, so Brigadier Hermoz placed him under close surveillance. Thus, the Republican Guard began to gradually stand on its feet in order to fulfill its noble task.
As soon as Brigadier-General Rifaat Al-Assad left for Moscow, he was transferred to a post of secondary importance where he could not bite or scratch.
He was also classified as one of the officers who have not earned the Headquartersa€™ trust.
In addition, hedgehog iron roadblocks were put around the presidenta€™s house, which hindered tank movement and made them a fixed antitank target, thereby completing the fortification of the nation Leadera€™s home and its well-beloved symbol.

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