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If you have a colored concrete driveway, patio, or walkway, you may find yourself dealing with white calcification deposits, especially if you have hard water where you live. In 2007, construction plans for the York Hill Campus of Quinnipiac University were launched as a way to expand the residential offerings for undergraduates of the school. In South Central Connecticut, when construction contractors and businesses think about material supply, they think of The Suzio York Hill Companies, based in Meriden.
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Suzio York Hill Companies is the top purveyor of material supplies in South Central Connecticut.

Suzio York Hill Companies, Connecticut's leading concrete company, has a few tips for dealing with this stubborn problem.If the calcium salts are coming from your water supply, you can almost always get rid of them with a 10% solution of muriatic acid, available at any good hardware store. Add one part of acid to ten parts of water in a bucket and scrub some of the solution into the surface.
When the fizzing dies down, be sure to wash the residue off before it dries.However, if the calcium is coming up through the concrete, it may be a bit harder to get rid of. Over time, the minerals borrow carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and form a very hard compound that can be extremely difficult to remove. Once you do, seal the surface with an acrylic sealer, which will make future deposits easier to handle.The L.

Suzio York Hill Companies provides the highest-quality building materials to construction companies throughout South Central Connecticut. Whether you're looking for ready-mix concrete products or crushed stone, their highly trained staff will help you find the ideal materials for your application.

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