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Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. As the fastest growing consumer health information site a€” with 65 million monthly visitors a€” Healthlinea€™s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. If you have a habit of licking your lips then you must suffer from dry and chapped and dry lips.
I don’t know about you guys, but once the cold weather starts coming around and winter officially hits, my skin goes from glowy and tan to dull, cracked and dry. Besides dealing with dry skin during the winter, I also have to deal with a serious case of chapped lips.
Source: Pinterest Edible Sugar Lip ScrubThis is my favorite DIY lip scrub to use because it's really easy, it tastes yummy and it actually works. Source: Pinterest Lemon Water for Cracked HeelsAnother way to remedy cracked heels is by letting your feet soak in a bowl of lemon and warm water for about 15 minutes. Source: Pinterest Oatmeal and Honey Face MaskThe recipe for this one is slightly more complicated, so check out the link below to see exactly how to do it. How rid dry chapped lips quickly - wise home, Use a lip balm, moisturizer or a natural home remedy like honey and olive oil to get rid of dry lips fast.
The cold winter months can make you want to curl up under a blanket and stay warm indoors – but sometimes hiding from the elements isn’t an option! One reason why it’s nice to stay cozy inside is to protect our body from extreme weather conditions. If you’re wondering how to help heal dry, chapped lips, there is good news – it is possible to relieve the pain and flakiness of chapped lips and help protect them from the causes of dryness.
The secret to dealing with dry, sore, chapped lips is to find a way to lock in moisture and protect the lips from the cold, dry air.
Licking dry lips and coating them with a layer of saliva may seem like a quick relief, but it’s not helping your lips or keeping them moist. Again, it’s very tempting to pick those little flakes of skin off your lips with your fingers, but remember that constantly touching your face with your fingers is a sure-fire way to transfer germs and bacteria. It pays to be proactive when it comes to lip care, so don’t wait until your lips become sore before taking action.
For lips that are smooth and healthy all year long, make sure you care for them, treat them well, and always have a pot of Vaseline® Jelly handy! For easy, effective treatments read these five simple tips on how to heal dry, cracked hands. Find out all you need to know about petroleum jelly here, including its uses and what it is made of.
Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. You just have to take a aloe Vera leaf and take out it gel and simply apply it on your lips.

Read Complete Disclaimer - SitemapThe content is strictly not allowed to be copied in any way. Put a green tea bag into warm water, then gently place on lips and let sit for a few minutes.
Make it a little bit more pleasant with this scrub: mix the juice from 1 lemon with 5 tablespoons of sea salt and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is an excellent choice as it forms a protective layer on the lips and penetrates deep down to rehydrate the skin and speed up the its natural renewal process. Although it might feel good at first, if you pull too hard your lips will start to bleed, exposing the skin to germs and bacteria. Many people think licking their lips is a good way to moisturize them, but as the saliva evaporates, your lips will just be dryer than they were before.
Unless you want to be dealing with chapped lips and, potentially, an infection at the same time, keep your fingers away – only use them to apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly to your lips.
You can limit exposure to the elements by wearing a scarf around your mouth in the winter, or applying a high factor sunscreen in the summer.
Then rub it into your lips in small circular motions for about 2-3 minutes and then wash off.
Mix together 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 10 fresh cranberries, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 drop of Vitamin E oil.
At night, just smear from hydrogenated vegetable oil on your feet, put on thick cozy socks and go to bed.
All you have to do is put it on your face or the area of dry skin and let it sit for a few minutes. Apply it to your face with cotton balls and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. When lips lose moisture, they dry out and become very tight, eventually cracking and becoming sore.
As the jelly tackles the problem deep down at the source, the outer layers of skin begin to benefit, becoming smoother. By applying a layer of Vaseline® Jelly before heading outside, you’ll be creating a protective barrier and locking in that moisture straight away.
Just don't apply a thick coat of it all over your face, as it can cause breakouts - only on the dry area. The lemon will leave you feeling fresh, the sea salt will exfoliate the dead skin off and the olive oil will leave you moisturized.
With chapped lips, it’s also a good idea to avoid spicy food or citrus drinks, as these could irritate your skin – instead drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
It is not restricted to have dry and chalky lips only in winter but you can get it in any season.

I guess you could drop some money on products at the beauty store… but it would be better to just make yourself something with the ingredients you already have at home.
Stir gently to crush berries, let cool for 5 minutes and put through a strainer to remove fruit pieces.
I love the Trader Joe's brand and use it for everything, from cooking to makeup remover.Milk and Honey MaskFor soft skin, mix together 1 teaspoon of powdered milk, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel. If you follow the below mention tips properly then you will get rid of chapped lips immediately. Milk and honey are both great for soft skin and the aloe vera will leave you feeling very refreshed. If one application isn’t enough, try for a few days and your chapped lips should heal completely.Blessings of Aloe VeraIf you have been ignoring this gift of nature, you have been playing wrong. Aloe Vera is a wonder plant with numerous healing properties and it won’t ignore your lips either. Leave it overnight and feel the difference next morning.Honey and Lemon with OthersHoney and lemon taken together are an effective team in fighting chapped lips. Add a few drops of glycerin and a few drops of orange juice to honey and lemon combo and apply every night for a few nights before going to bed. Take some warm water and dip a cotton ball in it and compress your lips with the soaked cotton ball for 2-3 minutes before you go to bed.
You will fall in love with your lips in the morning.Healing Properties of Natural OilSome natural oils have amazing moisturizing properties.
Simply smear your lips with any of these oils and leave overnight for the miracle to happen.Even Your Lip Gloss Can HelpMix some lip gloss and a couple of pinch of sugar in a small bowl and smear it on your lips before you hit the bed.
The gloss will actually prevent moisture of your lips from escaping while the sugar helps in repairing the lips by exfoliating your lips.
Though you can keep it overnight with safety, it is a good practice to rinse off your lips after 10 minutes and then applying some natural oil to moisturize your lips through the night.The Must Do Things!Never ever forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking too much water in too little time can lead to water intoxication.Increase the amount of those fruits and vegetables in your diet that will reduce the acidic environment in your body and restore the alkaline state or pH level of your body. For instance, the more you treat your taste buds with fast food, the worse the situation becomes for you and your lips.Your beautiful lips magnify your beauty.

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