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If making malai seems tedious just make a thick paste of powdered milk or khoya with milkmaid and apply.
You can also decorate it with chopped nuts, clotted cream and even pipe designs on top with thick mousse like almond and cream puree. Made almost all kinds of Bengali mishtis like sandesh, chanar jilipi, chana pora, kamola bhog, chom chom etc. If you like Bengali mishti then you should give it a try or visit some Bengali sweet shop in your locality to understand what I meant by heavenly taste. This sweet is our household favourite for its melting in the mouth texture and mild sweetness. Once you see the clear whey getting separated cover, switch off the gas and let it stand for 2-3 minutes. I actually need a good reason to start making some dessert, there is something about making sweets and desserts at home which certainly gives me a high. Keep the heat on medium and Just don’t stir the milk too much, the skin will form automatically.

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