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Though you might have suffered from chicken pox in your childhood, you probably may have their memories in the form of chicken pox scars. You can easily get rid of your chicken pox scars simply by taking some curative steps in your daily routine without incurring much cost and effort. Vitamin K is one of the most effective sources of lightening chickenpox scars, as it helps to heal your skin in fastest way possible. Dust particles gets stuck into your skin pores and blocks it, slowing down the recovery process and increasing the severity of scars. Massages helps to regulate the blood flow and ensures the supply of oxygen in the area which is being massaged. Vitamin E oil ensures faster healing and fading of chicken pox scars and is one of the most reliable skin treatments.
Scrubbing your skin ensures that the dead and dry skin is being removed daily and fresh skin cells are replaced by them, making your scars less visible and gradually fade away. Fried food contains several chemicals in them that can cause skin problems and make your scars more prominent. When scars are exposed to sun, UV-rays emitted out of the sun make your skin scars to become darker and permanent.

You can treat your skin to remove chicken pox scars with some the most effective and conveniently home remedies. Honey is rich in amino acids and is helpful in soothing and moisturizing your skin to eliminate scars. Coconut oil exhibit natural moisturizing and healing properties and are very effective for removing skin scars. If the scars are old enough that none of the above mentioned remedies works to completely remove them, then consult a dermatologist for medical treatment or surgery to permanently get rid of chicken pox scars.
Increase daily intake of vegetables that contains sufficient amount of vitamin K in them such as tomato, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and green turnips etc. Daily massage the scars by using oil or lotion and you will find your scars getting fade day by day. Protect your skin from sun light as much as you can and use sun blocks containing SPF-15 to prevent darkening of scars.
Have your skin and scars evaluated by a professional before you try any products or home remedies.
If you scars are not as deep or old, you can rub some sandalwood oil Vitamin-E based products onto your scars.

You might have to consider removing these types of scars with an intense laser treatment at your dermatologist's office.
But sometimes infection in chicken pox boils while bursting causes the scars to remain for years.
Water helps to rinse away unwanted by products from our body and enhance the production of collagen that gives proper texture to your skin and keeps it healthy. You will still have some scarring, but it will be much less noticeable than the chickenpox scars. It is a common misconception that these scars are permanent and cannot be removed without surgeries or clinical treatments.
However, there are several natural and home remedies which can help to lighten the scars and remove them gradually.

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