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These infections are so common and recurring that conventional medication will cause more harm than good in the case of Cystitis. Patients who have contracted cystitis avoid emptying the bladder as there is tremendous burning and pain while passing urine.
Asparagus has been known and used for its medicinal properties for many thousands of years. Using soda bicarbonate is one of the easiest, cost effective and quickest ways to treat cystitis.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. It causes painful burning sensation while urinating, aggravating pain in the lower abdomen, urine that is smelly and cloudy and a feeling of urgency to urinate. Hence these best natural cures can be used to fight the infection and maintain the immune system in a healthy condition.
The bladder muscles being contracting, when they are full to empty themselves, causing cramps that are extremely painful. Asparagus has naturally occurring substances like asparagines, coniferin and chelindonic acid which have diuretic properties.
A compound present in the berries helps prevent bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder.
The patient must use the bathroom as often as needed and avoidance will only lead to worsening the condition. Due to these mild diuretic properties, Asparagus encourages salts and water to be excreted to the bladder from the kidneys. Hence drinking one or two glasses of cranberry juice in a day can reduce the symptoms eventually curing an infection. Echinacea, and Garlic are used because they help in killing the bacteria and fighting off the infection. Scented soaps, deodorants and douches must never be used in the vaginal area as this will only irritate the area further causing the symptoms to get worse. This infection can occur due to various reasons as simple as wearing synthetic underwear, wiping the area in the wrong direction, and even sex which all help to transfer the bacteria to the bladder. Hence holding a hot water bottle or bag or even a hot towel to the stomach will relax the muscles of the stomach reducing the pain. Vitamin Supplements like those of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and mineral supplements like Zinc taken to aid the immune system to fight off the bacteria. A shower before and after exercise and intercourse is a must and remember to pat dry the area rather than wiping it dry vigorously. It is important to keep yourself hydrated while using asparagus to treat the symptoms as water will help the functioning of asparagus.
These salts help in bringing down the pH making the urine less acidic and maintaining a healthy concentration of chemicals in the urine.
A handful of pearl barley is boiled in one litre of water and reduced down to half a litre. These compounds can also be found in natural sources like tomatoes, Fruits, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables.
Always wipe from front to back as this will avoid the spreading of the bacteria and brining new germs to the affected area.
Various herbs like buchu, uva ursi and crataeva are known to help in soothing the bladder and are hence used to relieve the symptoms of cystitis.

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