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For the LTSC Annual Cruise I was supposed to be on-board Selene with all the other boats in France. The plan for this yeara€™s cruise was Normandy, going across first to Fecamp, then on east to Dieppe, back to St Valery-en-Caux, Honfleur, Oistreham, Caen, back to Oistreham, Carentan, and St Vaast. The first step on Friday 3rd June was supposed to be to either Gosport or Brighton dependent on choice. But many, many other sites are now available if you carry some device that will connect to the Internet. The problem for a yottie with the Shipping Forecast is that the sea areas are pretty big: a€?Dover, Wight, W Force 4 - 5 but 3 at times, soon veering NW increasing F 5- 7, perhaps Gale 8 for a timea€? actually tells you a lot.
All these sources are actually based on things called GRIB files, which are the way the international met community shares basic data on pressure, wind strength, temperature etc. The photo shows the output for 1754 UTC June 17th from an App (program) called PocketGrib on my iPad. In the ten years I have been a member of LTSC I have been on all or part of 4 Summer Cruises, and had been intending to go on two more.
However, it has to be said that the Flotilla Cruise nature of the LTSC cruise, with a carefully pre-planned day by day itinerary, is not my preferred format even when all is well. The thing that really needs to be got rid of in all this is that old-fashioned word a€?phonea€?, which causes so much confusion. So it is interesting that Apple Inc has now downgraded your computera€™s status, be it a Mac or a PC, a notebook or a desktop. In practical terms that has been true for a while - there is nothing really I do on my desktop machine that I cannot do on my iPad. That is where Apple is leveling the playing field between a€?computersa€? and other devices. I have been playing with computers of various kinds for 50 years, and for perhaps 10 - 15 years have been counseling people who were just beginning to realise they might need one to keep in touch with their friends let alone keep up with the world.
Finally, here is John Stacey emerging on to the deck of his boat, Mixit, during one Meander long ago. For the LTSC Annual Cruise I was supposed to be on-board Selene with all the other boats in France.A  Sadly, I had an accident (me this time, not the boat), tore some muscles in my chest and between my ribs, and was told medically I should not go, indeed that I should not sail at all for several weeks.
The main cause behind chest congestion is deposition of bacteria and viruses on mucus membranes. Chest congestion is a very common symptom noticed in most of people, including toddlers, young children, and adults.
Bay leaf is a very beneficial herb, which is a natural remedy for several health problems, including chest congestion. To get rid of mucus-forming bacteria in the respiratory system, lemons are the best remedy. Ginger is very soothing for throat as well as a natural remedy for chest congestion relief. Note: Do not forget to close your eyes when you breathe in eucalyptus and peppermint oil vapours as it may irritate your eyes, badly. According to Ayurveda, turmeric is a natural antioxidant and is considered as the king of all spices. Along with chest congestion, mustard plaster is effective against several respiratory infections, like bronchitis. If you suddenly discover your hair has been invaded by lice, then that’s definitely not a nice feeling, we can all agree upon that.
First of all, just to be clear, we should say that head lice (or hair lice) and body lice (or pubic lice, though they inhabit the whole body and clothes) are separate species which can afflict human beings. Contact with other people (especially children) is therefore the biggest enabler of lice transmission. The truth is that lice spread mainly through contact and closeness with other humans; no matter how clean you usually are and how unlikely you thought this occurrence may be for you. The main challenge when treating head lice is getting rid of both the insects and their eggs (known as nits). Applying gas on the affected scalp and hair – This is considered the best option for a shock therapy, as it will kill the bugs in your hair instantly.
Nitpicking and combing – Another tried and tested method which people have been using for centuries to get rid of lice infestations is the so-called lice comb, with very narrow gaps, which is able to effectively comb out the nits.
Using a herbal anti-lice shampoo – Such a shampoo is easily found in most drugstores and pharmacies and sold as an over-the-counter natural remedy for lice. Applying an olive oil hair mask overnight – Another treatment option which should be both effective and pleasant, not to mention nourishing for your head and scalp as well, the olive oil mask is a recent remedie that most experts swear by. Rubbing the scalp with Listerine or white vinegar (or both) – A great alternative to the harsh gas treatment described above is to liberally apply Listerine or vinegar or even a mix of both to the affected person’s scalp.
It’s important to keep in mind that most home remedies for lice need to be used in conjunction with each other in order to guarantee a complete removal of those parasites. As far as prevention goes, there isn’t that much you can do, except maybe for avoiding to lean in too close, head to head, with people whom you suspect may be lice carriers.
Having kidney stones is one the most famous conditions out there, mainly because of the fact that it’s extremely painful. Kidney stones are also known as renal calculus or nephroliths and are a solid piece of material that forms in the kidneys because of the minerals typically found in urine. However, sometimes, the sand leads to a stone formation and the stone itself grows much more in size, blocking the ureter. Usually kidney stones form when the natural water, salts and minerals balance in urine changes. Sand and any stone that is less than 3 millimeters in diameter usually pass through our bodies unnoticed.
For small stones – treatments include drinking plenty of water, in order to flush the stone out.
For big stones – the treatments for big stones often includes using sound waves in order to break the stone apart and then letting the body pass it naturally, surgery for the extremely large stones, using a scope to remove it or parathyroid gland surgery. Since having one or more kidney stones is quite a painful and stressful condition, most doctors recommend that the general population adopts some prevention measures. Of course, seeing as the disease is kidney related and that one of its main causes is the fact that the body doesn’t receive enough water, which makes the minerals and salts in the kidneys clump and form the stones, the first prevention tip is to drink plenty of clean water. The idea behind this practice is to alkalinize your body and very effectively prevent the formation of kidney stones. This might seem weird as a prevention method, because popular lore has it that one of the main reasons for kidney stone formation is calcium, but it’s actually beneficial as far as prevention goes. Magnesium is a natural mineral substance that fights against the oxalate found in many foods.
Apart from introducing certain fruits and vegetables into your diet that will help prevent the minerals and salts in your urine from clumping and forming dangerous masses or from purifying your urine altogether, a great part in prevention is played by staying away from many foods that increase the danger. A good thing to bear in mind on how to prevent a kidney stone is that it is a recurring condition, which means that, if you’ve had them before, that’s all the more reason to stay on top of things and learn how to prevent kidney stones from recurring. Kidney stones, although not extremely dangerous as a condition per se, can clog the ureter to the extent that is not functional anymore and, apart from that, cause excruciating pain when trying to pass them. The first 10 days included 4 days with gale warnings in Dover and Wight, and the cruise ended with more gales and gale warnings with only one of 10 boats making it back to the UK, and most of the others temporarily parked in St Vaast or Cherbourg. The Cercle Nautique da€™ Honfleur were in Lymington for the annual race with LTSC and supper, which was most enjoyable, on Thursday 2nd and were warning that Fecamp in the North Easterly F6 then forecast would be bad news because of the nature of the approach into the harbour. Of course the Met Office forecasts, and perhaps Meteo France, remain the gold standard in forecasting, and you can get these on your Navtex. And although we all have our favourites, it is important to realise that where things like wind-strength are concerned they are all really simply re-packaging the same data which is widely shared internationally. GRIB stand for Gridded Binary and the merit of GRIB files is that they are very compact and hence good for transmission and interpretation on e.g. The first time I pulled out was because I had just discovered what was not then yet public knowledge, namely what had been going on behind my back in my then marriage. You could always do this and drop in on the LTSC Cruise as and when you feel like it, taking pot luck about marinas etc, which Mike Kelly puts so much excellent effort into arranging for those who prefer to sail as a group.

Yachting Monthly has just caught up, the July edition having a lengthy piece entitled a€?Has the iPhone killed the Chartplotter?a€?.
With their new Operating System(s), anything you type or generate on your a€?computera€? is immediately available on all your other devices. However the speech bubble is of course entirely the product of my warped imagination, since Mixit was safely moored at the time. It involves inflammation of the lower tract of the respiratory system, which ultimately causes difficulty in breathing. When you suffer with shortness of breath and cough, consume two or three cups of black coffee.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is helpful in curing several internal and external problems of the body. For preparing a mustard plaster, you are required to mix 1 tbsp of dry mustard with 4 tbsp of flour. Homeopathic remedies cause no side-effects, and unlike home remedies, they do not require any sort of mixing or soaking. The horror of seeing your body invaded by itchy and stubborn little parasites historically associated with filth and disease can be matched by few other horrors. The two species are indeed similar and they can breed when forced by laboratory conditions, but do not meet in natural settings, since each sticks to its own habitat (area of the human body). The growing popularity of group selfies has also led to a growth in lice infestation cases, since people lean their heads closer together for the photo, allowing the small parasites to migrate from one scalp to another. Everyone is likely to contract lice at least once in their lifetime, especially during childhood or when they have children of their own. If you fail to destroy the eggs completely, the lice problem will return at the next hatch, in about two weeks since you thought you were lice-free. You should wash your hair with shampoo, then simply apply liquid gas (the kind you fill up your car with) on the whole scalp area and cover up your head with a shower cap or a damp towel for 10 minutes or so, to allow the gas to do the killing. This isn’t so much of a remedy as a mechanical action which is mandatory to perform in association with virtually any treatment option you may choose. Shampoos like RID contain pyrethrum, an extract derived from chrysanthemum flowers, which attacks the bug’s nervous systems. Simply apply a generous quantity of oil to your entire scalp and hair and put a shower cap on tightly.
They work in a similar way, by suffocating and effectively killing the lice with their corrosiveness, while also giving your scalp one of the most thorough cleanses it experienced in a while. This is especially true for the combing action, which needs to accompany all the other substances which you apply to your hair and scalp in order to get rid of the already hatched bugs or in order to dislocate the nits making them easier to comb.
For instance, if you’re a teacher or a supervisor in a kid’s camp, you can be sure that there’s at least one person affected by lice and soon there will be many more.
Everybody has heard of the frightening idea of “passing a kidney stone” and everyone is dreading it. Normally, sand and small stones form in almost everybody’s kidneys, because of not drinking enough water, not drinking water that is sufficiently pure or because of a bad diet.
A stone is considered large enough to block the ureter if it’s bigger than 3 millimeters in diameter. And the way it changes determines the type of kidney stone you will have, but most of them are calcium-type.
However, you should not do this unless your doctor tells you so, because drinking an abnormal amount of water may have serious consequences. The idea is that your kidneys need to flush out all of the urine, as many times a day as possible and as watered down as possible, so that it doesn’t have time to form the stones.
Apart from prevention, these liquids will also dissolve all the exiting stones you might have and will keep your kidneys very clean. Although you will find many sources that show you how to prevent calcium kidney stones, recent studies have shown that calcium sticks to calcium oxalate, the primary substance to blame when it comes to kidney stones; it crystallizes and flushes it out of the body, so that it doesn’t get the chance to form the dreaded kidney stones.
People that have suffered from kidney stones report that it is actually one of the worst pains a human being can suffer, surpassing even the pain of childbirth. Most boats set off on the Friday, but by then the forecast for the Saturday was NE Gale 8 and that continued through Sunday, so everybody was expecting a couple of days rest on this side of the Channel. But it does not help you much with working out what to actually expect point to point in a passage.
17th June was a windy day mid-channel - three full feathers on a Wind Arrow means 28 - 32 knots. My problem is that when I get somewhere that I like, the weather is lovely, and the bars and restaurants are good, I have a tendency to want to spend yet another day sitting on the harbour wall or outside a bar watching the world go by.
That is what it says on the cover, but when you get to the article it is actually about the iPhone versus handheld chartplotters.
I still prefer a real keyboard to a virtual touch-screen one, so typing things like this blog gets done at the desk, but that is about it. The end of the idea that you need some sort of special training to use a computer lest it rise up and attack you.
It can also mean that they think there is some mythical set of rites, a religion, you have to be taught and follow if the thing is to work - an idea fostered by Windows as an operating system.
I still prefer a real keyboard to a virtual touch-screen one, so typing things like this blog gets done at the desk, but that is about it.A  The central position of my iMac computer in Burgess Towers nowadays is simply because that is where all my data has always been kept and fed out from. Very few people take out time to utilize some home remedies for treatment of chest congestion. For this, you are required to take fresh bay leaves and put them into a cup of boiling water.
Caffeine present in coffee acts like a medication against shortness of breath and clears mucus. Treating this condition as soon as possible and getting rid of them for good is therefore an understandable priority for anyone who has to go through this ordeal. The most common lice infestations nowadays are with head lice, and children rather than adults are affected. Another common cause is the lack of proper hygiene, but this one is true more in a historical context than today. Also, there has been talk of a certain increase in the difficulty of removal, due to the fact that over the counter solutions seem to be not that efficient anymore, probably after the insects have become more adapted to resist them. It’s best if someone else does it for the person suffering from the lice infestation, since a view from above allows you to see better and not miss a single nit.
After the initial wash, followed of course by a thorough combing for destroying the nits (eggs), you should use the shampoo again after 7-10 days to take care of any left-over freshly hatched lice. Leave it overnight and the lice will suffocate and die, while the nits will be easier to comb out due to the oil’s smoothness. Listerine is also rumored to be efficient against those bugs which have proven to be lice shampoo resistant for a mysterious reason, so keep it in mind if you notice the special shampoo doesn’t seem to work. Whatever treatment option you choose, you still need to not skip the thorough combing, performed on wet hair and immediately after rinsing the treatment (gas, oil, mayo, vinegar, Listerine, special lice shampoo etc.). If you are a parent of a child preparing to go to a summer camp, then just make sure you have plenty of Listerine and lice shampoo available for the return, that’s all we’re saying. No matter if you have to pass it naturally or with medical help, getting rid of the millimeter long nuisance is a burden and a threat. But the body passes sand and the very small stones naturally, without any symptoms and without pain, which means a person doesn’t even notice it. This is what actually causes the sharp pain patients experience and which they describe as being radiant, starting in the lower back and ending in the groin region.
The most common three reasons for which stones form are: hereditary reasons, not drinking enough water and medical conditions. Therefore, all you need to do is add some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, as well as apple cider vinegar to your daily doses of water. This is why most experts recommend including as many foods rich in calcium as possible into your daily diet.
Apart from that, you can also take it in supplement form, via pills that also contain Vitamin B.

Cats and dogs suffer from this condition too, but it can be prevented, usually via correct nutrition. Bearing this in mind, you will see why prevention is so much better than treating kidney stones. Mike Knowles transferred his flag from Selene to Barry Danielsa€™ Juniper when it turned out I could not go, and Juniper got to Brighton and then, after a couple of enforced days off, across to Dieppe, and thence down to St Valery, so back on plan.
Looking at the synoptic charts, now and predicted, will tell you more, but still in a fairly broad-brush manner. You can also see the veer and slight decrease further West as the front passes and the decrease near both the English and French coast. This year the withdrawal was much more prosaic being simply due to aching and injured ribs! Touch screen devices like the iPad blow both worries out of the water whilst still doing everything and more that your old-fashioned beige box could do. In simple words, chest congestion is the accumulation of excess mucus and fluid in the lungs. We never know that some ingredients, present in the kitchen, can work so effectively for health problems, like chest congestion.
For usage of thyme, prepare  tea by adding one-fourth of half teaspoon of thyme in one cup of boiling water. We’ve put together a short list of home remedies for lice that really work and that you can create easily in your home in order to treat this problem naturally. Traditionally, the poor who couldn’t afford proper hygiene and extra changes of clothes were a more common target for lice compared to the people in the upper classes. This is also the reason for which some critics say that natural and home remedies for lice aren’t that effective and that people should go straight for the commercial or prescription treatments.
The good news is that this treatment isn’t damaging to your hair at all, and that it kills the bugs effectively, leaving you to deal only with some nits afterwards. If you find olive oil too drippy and you’d prefer a creamier consistency, feel free to use mayonnaise instead, it works just as well. There’s no need to worry about the safety of these substances for your own health, since Listerine is harmless, and vinegar is actually helpful as a hair and scalp treatment, preventing hair loss and promoting shine and softness.
If you’re suffering from an infestation with body lice, the treatments are similar, just that they’re much easier to apply and to work. But there are several ways in which you can prevent it from ever happening to you, using only natural, easy to come-by and cheap means. The blockage of the ureter is very serious and dangerous, because it can lead to kidney malfunctioning and dilation.
If you don’t drink enough water, the salts, minerals and the other elements of the urine fuse to one another and form stones. The idea is to actually let the body pass the stone by itself, but this is usually extremely painful, so doctors prescribe pain killers such as opioids for it. Another way of introducing the miracle liquids to your body is by mixing 2 oz organic olive oil with 2 oz organic lemon juice and drinking the concoction as it is. Some of these foods are: leafy greens, nuts and seeds, milk and butter, in raw form, from cows that have been fed with grass. Magnesium is actually one of the first things that the ER will administrate to a patient that comes in with kidney stones, because it also helps fight the already formed masses. And as I struggled to my kitchen to try to get a glass of water, I involuntarily coughed very hard indeed and a small hand-grenade went off in my ribs.
Thereafter all was well until near the end, when Gale Warnings were again the order of the day and Brittany Ferries did a brisk trade in repatriating crews of the seven yachts that were being left in France pending the arrival of better weather.
That is probably a consequence of the fact that for the first 25 years all my cruising was in a family context, but there we are. YMa€™s only real point favouring dedicated handheld chartplotters is that some are waterproof - but you can get a waterproof case for your iPhone. Touch screen devices are genuinely much easier to learn and use than old-fashioned a€?computersa€? but they also seem so much friendlier and more intimate than the old beige boxes and keyboards. YMa€™s only real point favouring dedicated handheld chartplotters is that some are waterproof - but you can get a waterproof case for your iPhone.A  YM then goes on to review the six marine chart iPhone Apps now available - that is up from just two alternatives when I wrote about such things just three months back.
When we breathe, we inhale several particles, like dust, viruses, allergens, bacteria, etc. Now, dip a clean cloth in the strained water and place it on the chest to get relief from chest congestion.
But first, let’s take a look at what causes the lice infestation in the first place and at the mechanisms behind it. Sadly, this association has led to a type of shaming that still goes on today: who wouldn’t be embarrassed to admit they are currently struggling with a lice situation? Still, we think you shouldn’t give up just yet: whenever you or someone you know are dealing with lice, try our home remedy suggestions first and we promise they will work like a charm. The bad news is that it may sting a little if you have a sensitive scalp, and that the smell is pretty strong and can cause dizziness.
As with the other home remedies for lice presented above, this option too requires you to reapply it after a week and to manually remove the nits immediately after rinsing. Wash the affected areas with a lice shampoo and you should be free of the parasites immediately after. Chances are you won’t get through the first 10 years with a child without at least once round of lice, but don’t worry: things are totally under control with these home remedies for lice.
Other symptoms, apart from pain, that signal that one may have one or more kidney stones, are nausea, vomiting, blood and pus in the urine, fever and a very painful urination. As far as medical conditions go, diseases such as gout, inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s disease affect the body’s normal balance and can lead to the forming of kidney stones. And the third remedy for small kidney stones is medication, which is given to a patient by a doctor, in order to help him pass the stone. But, even though liquids in general are good for this purpose, you need to avoid grapefruit and cranberry juice, because they are high in oxalates, tomato juice, because it has a very high salt content, and sugary beverages. But, like always, prevention is better than cure, so make sure to introduce it to your diet via the delicious foods that we mentioned. The forecast information, such as above, is available at 3 hour intervals over a 5 day span, and can be seen in animated form if you desire. So type a letter in Lymington on your a€?computera€?, sail off on your boat with your iPad or iPhone, and the letter is there for you on that device. For best results, add a few drops of essential oil (peppermint or eucalyptus oil) in the boiling water. People may then make assumptions about improper hygiene and that would be just embarrassing. Don’t panic, breathe in and remember that it happens to the best of us and it will probably take you 2 tries to get rid of the bugs for good. Recent studies have shown that drinking just one soda a day increases your chances of developing kidney stones by 23 per cent. Two days or so later I noticed a large 20 cm bruise running down from my ribs towards my groin.
The mucus is then transported to throat, from where, it is either swallowed or coughed out.
So the next day I tried to a€?be a mana€? as I was brought up to be (that never really worked), and to ignore it, and went sailing, and I regretted doing so in some agony the next day. The App (a€?programmea€?) you used to type it did it all for you via Applea€™s iCloud as you typed - so long as your word-processor was made by Apple. The App (a€?programmea€?) you used to type it did it all for you via Applea€™s iCloud as you typed - so long as your word-processorA  was made by Apple.

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