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Pimples are characterized by the appearance of blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts on the skin. Dark spots anywhere on the body can be unsettling, but they're especially frustrating on your neck because they're so noticeable.
Soak a few cotton pads in concentrated lemon juice, and place them over the areas affected by blackheads.
Hyperpigmentation from healed acne lesions or even age spots can be the cause of these dark spots. Purchase a brand that carries an SPF 30 rating and slather it onto your face and neck after cleansing.

You can buy this cream over-the-counter in a mild formula that will bleach your dark spots without causing serious skin damage. The dark coloration is caused by sebum, oils and bacteria becoming trapped in the pores and oxidizing, which turns the blockages dark brown. Allow the pads to remain there for at least five minutes, then remove them and let the skin dry. Be careful in application, however, as using hydroquinone can permanently remove pigment from your skin and can damage the skin of those with darker skin tones.
In order to remove the dark spots on pimples, it is important to flush out the pores, exfoliate the skin and increase skin cell turnover so that the pores can remain clear of any entrapment.

This will also prevent the development of age spots and the darkening of any spots you currently have. Repeat this treatment every day to remove the top layer of skin, says the American Chronicle, which will encourage dark spots to fade.

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