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At first it was thought that only women suffer from the misery of having dark armpits, but with the new statistical reports & dermatological reports, they say that even men have much concern about their dark armpits.
Get rid armpit fat, lose, exercises, lipo, surgery, How to get rid of armpit fat, exercises, lipo, surgery, hide underarm. Avoid heavy use of antiperspirants or deodorants that contain chemicals, alcohol or any other strong scents. A good cleansing regimen should also be adopted to slough off all dead skin in the armpits. These were crucial steps to avoid underarms from becoming dark.  But if you have already developed dark underarms you can take necessary steps to lighten them.
It restricts their body movement as they can’t raise their arms freely without getting conscious.

The correct proportion is mixing one teaspoon of lime juice with a teaspoon of cucumber juice, then add a pinch of turmeric powder to it.
Friction due tight clothing can cause underarms to turn darker.  Therefore, try to wear loose or comfortable clothing. The days are gone when women were the only posers and all eyes were on the sleek and flawless bodies of the females. At times dark underarms are accompanied by severe sweating, bad odor, and itching.  Therefore, you should know the causes of dark underarms and take necessary step to avoid them. Baking soda also helps with dark underarms.  Try rubbing dark armpits with baking soda immediately after a bath.
There are many other concoctions and infusion you can apply on dark underarms to lighten them.

Today, even male models, wrestlers and entertainers are subjected to having a perfectionist’s body. While playing, they get really conscious of their arm movements and this may even result in losing the game.
Furthermore, other factors may include rubbing of clothes against the underarms, shaving of the armpit, and hair growth itself is a major factor; plus, dead cells or an infection, due to a deodorant or hair removing cream that one uses may also cause one to have dark armpits.

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