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Toe cramps can be caused by poor blood circulation, ill fitting shoes or overexertion of the toe muscles during exercise.
Brown toenails, scientifically called onychomycosis, signal that there is a fungal infection on the nails. If your feet are starting to look more like hooves that beautiful extensions of your body, you might be dealing with toenail fungus. Fungal infections of the nails can be a persistent and often embarrassing problem, that can occasionally become painful. The first sign of nail fungus is a white or yellow spot appearing underneath the tip of the nail, which then thickens and distorts the nail if the infection is allowed to progress.
You can pick up a fungal infection while walking barefoot at a swimming pool, in a gym locker room or shower, or even when having a pedicure if you go to a salon that has less than sanitary conditions. Susceptibility may be heightened in those with diabetes, an immune-deficiency condition, history of athlete's foot, or those prone to excessive perspiration. Toenail fungus is also a problem that starts from within the body, so with that in mind, if you are dealing with toenail fungus, you should be attacking it from the inside as well as the outside.
Diet has a big effect on every type of fungus that grows on the body, and there are some things that you can eat to reduce your risk, while also minimizing the severity if you already have it.
Certain foods contain strong anti-fungal properties, and should be eaten as much as possible.
An imbalance of healthy micro-flora in the body can also be a big cause of fungal overgrowth. Garlic has powerful anti-fungal properties to attack Candida, while also preserving and boosting the good bacteria in your digestive system, so it works in a couple different ways. Besides eating coconut oil, it is wise to apply it to infected areas and let it soak in for at least fifteen minutes.  Coconut oil is great for skin health, so there is no limit to how often you can use this treatment.
Seaweed is a nutrient-dense healing food that will help the body in the fight against Candida, flushes toxic pollutants and heavy metals from the body, and cleanses your intestinal tract.
An important dietary adjustment that needs to be made is to lessen the sugar you consume daily. Gluten is a protein found in wheat products, and is another type of food that fungus feeds upon. This essential oil also has anti-fungal properties that are an effective remedy for mild cases of toenail fungus.  Apply a few drops of lavender oil to the infected nails every night, cover your feet with a pair of socks and let it soak in while you sleep.
Another herb with anti-fungal properties is oregano, and by mixing a few drops into a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil and dab onto infected nails. Orange oil is another natural anti-fungal that can be applied daily to toenails to cure an infection. DisclaimerThis site is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice or professional services. Alternate Medicine, Benefits Of Foods, Health News, Tips & Tricks Treat Your Heart Right! What fingernail fungus? Common to the toenail fungus, the fingernail fungus also called onychomysosis may occur mostly in women than in men. Fingernail fungus takes place when the fungus enters the skin through a cut or open wound on the fingers from the use of public properties.
Nonetheless, the endless list of home remedies may not always be beneficial for everyone who are affected with fingernail fungus or even the toenail fungus. Several different home remedies have been suggested over the years for onychomycosis and other nail fungus treatment. In order to screen for fungal infections in BMT patients at risk for fungal infection, an assay detecting multiple fungal genera with high sensitivity is needed. The fungus can also be found growing in damp areas like showers, swimming pool decks, or locker room floors, and these are common areas where people acquire athletes foot. If itchy feet is a major concern, seeing a doctor for diagnosis and prescription creams and medications can certainly help. Nail fungus treatment must be resilient enough to get past the nail bed and work on the fungus underneath. Keractil is a safe, easy and effective product for eliminating nail fungus with no harmful side effects. Reliable recent data for disease prevalence among athletes are not available, though it seems from clinical experience that superficial cutaneous infections—tinea pedis, tinea cruris or “jock itch,” tinea corporis, tinea faciale, and tinea manus—are more common complaints among athletes than is onychomycosis.
You actually help fungi grow by enforcing the protective shield, which your natural nail already is.
If the nail breaks easy and often, or worse, begins lifting at the tip – rest assured, you got it!  Fungi are in the nail bed causing the nail to crumble. Onychomycosis is an infection of the nail by opportunistic fungi that include dermatophytes, nondermatophyte moulds and yeasts (mainly Candida species). Onychomycosis is classified clinically as distal and lateral subungual onychomycosis (DLSO), superficial white onychomycosis (SWO), proximal subungual onychomycosis (PSO), candidal onychomycosis and total dystrophic onychomycosis. DLSO accounts for the majority of cases and is almost always due to dermatophyte infection. The nail plate is deeply pitted, probably due to defects in nail growth caused by psoriasis.
The nail has a yellow to yellow-pink discoloration, probably due to psoriatic involvement of the nail bed.
The nail plate crumbles in yellowish patches (onychodystrophy), probably due to psoriatic involvement in the nail matrix.
The course of treatment for psoriatic nails will not be the same as the anti-fungal therapy. Accurate diagnosis of patients with nail problems is very important for the success of the treatment. Your podiatrist or dermatologist can detect the early signs of the severe disease by promptly diagnosing and managing your nail condition and customize the course of treatment. Onychomycosis accounts for 18-40% of all nail diseases and 30% of cutaneous fungal infections.[1] The incidence is between 2 and 13% and increases with age. Fungal infections of the feet normally occur in the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis). Paronychia is an acute or chronic bacterial nail infection in the proximal nail fold (where the nail is growing from). Patients with chronic paronychia may have periodic, painful flare-ups of the infection, which often are complicated by a fungal (Candida) infection. If you drop something heavy on your finger nail or toenail, you may break blood vessels and cause bleeding under the nail.
Recurring trauma, such as the one caused by tight shoes or high heels, may provide an opportunity for fungi to get under the nail and start an infection, commonly known as toenail fungus or onychomycosis. Don’t worry about the white lunula, white crescent shaped area close to the proximal nail fold, from which the nail comes out. If your nails show any signs of what you see on this picture, it is strongly recommended that you see a foot and ankle doctor for the diagnosis and possible treatment of white toenails. Before we look at ways of how to cure those ingrown nails fast lets first look at some of the main causes of ingrown nails. Common symptoms of ingrown nails include localized redness around the nail insertion which is generally accompanied with swelling of the area. The good news is that if you treat the ingrown nails fast you can avoid the majority of the painful intracations with a fair degree of success.
We have looked at the causes and symptoms of ingrown nails; now let’s look at how to cure ingrown nails. 3)      Using the tweezers nip off a small round piece of the cotton ball and using the pointed tool gently push the small piece of cotton ball under the corner of the ingrown nail. 4)      Each day remove the piece of cotton with the tweezers, resoak your nails in warm water and Epsom salts and place a new piece of cotton wool under the nail corner.
5)      Ensure that you get air to the ingrown nail; if at home do not wear shoes or socks.
Persevere and show patience with the above steps and it will cure ingrown nails fast, certainly within a few weeks. This entry was posted in Ingrown Nails and tagged cure for ingrown nails, cure ingrown nails, cure nails fast, how to cure ingrown nails on December 2, 2014 by admin. Thick dead skin under toenail is systematically associated with a fungal infection which is known in the medical profession as onychomycosis. This condition generally causes the skin to thicken around the nail insertion and under the nail giving the appearance of the nail thickening whilst also discolouring the toenail from a normal pinkie colour to a yellowy brown colour.
You may notice when filing the effected nail, that the dead skin may release an unpleasant odour. The good news is that most cases of thick dead skin under toenail can be treated quite effectively by the use of a topical solution.
1 It is important that you wash your feet on a daily basis in warm water, cleansing with an anti bacterial soap.
This entry was posted in Infected Toenail Advice, Thick Dead Skin Under Toenail, Thick Toenail Advice and tagged dead skin cure, dead skin under toenail, thick dead skin under toenail, thick skin under toenail, toenail fungus on November 13, 2014 by admin. Only a matter of a few days ago I received an email from a middle aged lady expressing concern that over a period of a month or so not only had her toe nails turned dark but also so had her other foot nails in turn.
First of all it is always extremely difficult to evaluate a certain condition without seeing the toenails first hand.
In this case and in the majority of cases dark toenails or black toenails are caused by a foot trauma. Foot traumas can occur through a variety of reasons and one of the main causes that I see is poor fitting shoes. However bear in mind if the toenails show a brownie yellow discolouration rather than turning black this could be a result of a nail infection. This entry was posted in Black Toenail Fungus, Dark Toenails and tagged dark toe nail, dark toenail, dark toenails, decoloured toenail, discoloured toenail, foot trauma, nail infection, toenail fungal infection on November 12, 2014 by admin. Having suffered personally from an infected toenail in the past, I know all too well how painful the condition can be. As well as being painful, I found the condition somewhat embarassing as the my infected toenail quickly became unsightly. It is fair to say that there are numerous different causes that result in an infected toenail. As with all types of toenail fungus it is important to treat the condition as soon as practically possible before the the condition worsens leading to other complications. This is a good remedy if the toe nail infection is in its very early stages and is generally worth a try due to its cheapness and it might even save you a trip to the docs. The first stage is a topical solution which is applied directly to the affected nail and area. The second stage is a powerful homeopathic spray which is taken under the tongue to aid rapid absorption into the bloodstream to help clear the toe fungus fast. Once you have treated your infected toenail it is vitally important to take control of your personal foot hygiene.
This entry was posted in Infected Toenail Advice and tagged cure infected toenail, fungus remedies, infected toenail, infected toenail remedy, infected toenail treatment, infected toenails, toenail, toenail cure, toenail fungus, toenail fungus remedies, toenail infection, treat infected toenail, zetaclear, zetaclear review on February 18, 2014 by admin.
Black toenail fungus is more common than most people realize, and quite often there are usually further physical changes in the toenails that take place at the same time. Generally in most cases the infection starts off as a yellowy white spot under the nail which quickly spreads from the tip of the nail deeper into the nail bed.
Basically black toenail fungus can effect people of all ages and sexes that includes both the young and old alike. Walkers, athletes and people physically active in sports do tend to suffer to a greater degree from toenail fungus. Having a black toenail fungus condition which effects one or more nails can be rather embarassing for the patient and can cause some inhibitions particularly when bathing. There are a number of home remedies that people have used through the ages to treat black toenail fungus albeit the results can be somewhat variable.
The majority of home remedies for toenail infections involve soaking the feet in a solution of warm water into which is added some of natures finest oils including jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender, olive oil and vitamin E oil. Another natural remedy for toenail fungus which is commonly talked about about is the application of Vicks Vapour rub. The main thing to state here is the fact that once you have a black toenail infection there is not a fast cure. For myself ZetaClear anti fungal treatment had the edge it worked very effectively in clearing the condition. This entry was posted in Black Toenail Fungus and tagged best black toenail treatment, black toenail, black toenail fungus, black toenail treatment, effectice black toenail treatment, fungal nail, fungal nail infection treatment, fungus treatment, nail trauma, toenail fungus, toenail fungus treatment, zetaclear, zetaclear nail fungus cure, zetaclear review on February 12, 2014 by admin. Although not so common, there are other medical conditions that can be responsible for a yellow toe nail these include but are not limited to diabetes and a chronic leg swelling condition called lymphedema. Predominantly athletes regularly suffer from toenail complaints including discolouration due to the physical forces that are endured by the feet. As mentioned earlier predominantly one of the most common causes of a yellow toe nail is a toenail fungal infection. We have discussed what a yellow toe nail is and the symptoms of yellow toenails but I am sure you want to know how to treat your condition.
If the source of your yellow toenails is a fungal infection, the degree of severity of the condition will determine the action plan required. There are a variety of fungal nail infection treatments available on the market however some do aledgedly have some associated side effects.
This entry was posted in Toe Fungus Cure Tips, Yellow Toenails Advice and tagged get rid of yellow toenails, how to treat ingrown toenail, toenail fungal infection, yellow toe nail, yellow toe nail treatment, yellow toenail cure, yellow toenail treatment, yellow toenails, yellow toenails treatment on December 24, 2013 by admin. Before looking how to treat ingrown toenail lets take a look at exactly what an ingrown toenail is.
The skin becomes irritated and as the puffy skin covers the nail, the nail ends up being hidden. Ingrown toe nails are common in kids that play sports such as football or rugby and in grownups that put on certain types of shoes or in people with fungal toenails.

Some people have a genetic susceptibility to developing ingrown toenails and the trouble can start early in life.
This is much more typical with wearing shoes or hiking boots, when the person is going up and down hillsides. Nails must be cut straight throughout and reducing the nails too short, cutting down the sides of the nails or excessively rounding the edges can all cause ingrown toe nails. The very early signs of an ingrown nail are tenderness along the nail edge, with or without swelling or redness. Ingrown toenail treatment needs to be started at the very first indications of an ingrown toe nail to ensure the condition does not worsen and risk the possibility of infection. In numerous situations, prescription antibiotics can be stayed clear of if the ingrown nail is resolved.
The best procedure is prevention and this begins with appropriate treatment of your toe nails and feet. This entry was posted in Toe Fungus Cure Tips and tagged how to treat ingrown toenail, ingrown toenail, toenail ingrown, treat ingrown toenail on November 5, 2013 by admin. Well believe it or not Toe fungus infection is a typical trouble influencing around 35 million people worldwide. Fungal nail infection is about 4 times more usual in toenails compared to fingernails and could entail all or part of the nail, consisting of the nail plate, nail bed and root of the nail.
It typically has an effect on grownups, specifically men, and becomes a lot more common as you age.
The most common sign of a fungal nail infection is the nail ending up being expanded and tarnished. You will not generally feel any kind of pain in the beginning, however the nail can look hideous and, without toe fungus cure, there is a chance the infection will spread out and lead to difficulties such as cellulitis.
Before looking at a toe fungus cure there are a number of factors that increase the threat of a fungus infection, such as:. If the infection is more severe your doctor might trim your nail so that further research laboratory tests can be undertaken to find out the precise reason for the infection and to rule out other disorders. Toe fungus can be addressed and usually treated, however some sorts of procedure could take a number of months to function. You do have other alternatives and these are antifungal tablets but be aware there is a possibility of side effects, it is always best to talk with your General Practitioner prior to making a decision which therapy to take. This entry was posted in Toe Fungus Cure Tips and tagged toe fungus, toe fungus cure, toenail cure, toenail infection on November 4, 2013 by admin. Although toenail fungus isn’t a life-threatening illness, severe cases can warrant surgery or months of harsh, expensive prescriptions.
In this article, I discuss causes and ways to prevent nail fungus, as well as provide you with natural toenail fungus cure remedies – learn simple ways to end your frustration and how to get rid of stubborn fungal infections for good.
Also, make sure you buy any product directly from the manufacturer or an authorized retailer.
Initially causing the nail to become thick, as the toe fungus progresses, your nails might become fragile, cracked or even break-off. Immune System Disorders – an unhealthy immune system caused by poor diet or disease makes you more susceptible to fungal infections. We are more likely to need a nail fungus cure as we get older because our nails grow slower and thicker and our probability of exposure to fungi is greater; in addition, our immune function decreases with age, opening the body up to more infections.
The above tips not only help you prevent toenail infection, they make fungus treatment more effective. Fungal infections rarely clear up without taking action; so finding a toenail fungus cure that works will help you avoid more serious complications. If you ask your doctor how to cure a toenail fungus, he or she may prescribe an oral or topical medication. Usually reserved for severe, painful cases and potentially taking 6-12 weeks before you see new fungus-free nail growth, the most common oral prescription drugs are Diflucan (fluconazole), Fulvicin (griseofulvin), Lamisil (terbinafine) and Sporanox (itraconazole)  Also, medication used for a fungal infection does not prevent re-infection and these drugs are expensive. These antifungal drugs have been know to cause dangerous side effects ranging from skin rashes, gastrointestional disorders, nausea, cramps and liver damage. Other common side effects of anti-fungal medications include headache, nausea, upset stomach, rashes and as mentioned liver damage. If you have little to no success with conventional medical treatment for toenail fungus, and the toenail infection becomes so severe and painful, you may require surgery.
Home remedies for a nail fungus cure may require trial and error before finding a cure for toenail fungus that works for you. All of these treatments mentioned above have the potential to slow the growth, or kill the fungus.
These two producs have worked for hundreds of my former customers to kill nail fungus and clear the yellowing of the infected nails. PurNail guarantees success with a natural toenail fungus cure formula strong enough to penetrate the nail and fight the infection, without the side effects of conventional medications. Zeta Clear is a 2 step solution that combines a topical solution with a powerful homeopathic oral spray that works from within to help clear nail fungus fast. The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The same fungus can exist in the fingernails, but it tends to worsen on toe nails because of their tendency to be covered for long periods of time.
If you have the need to get rid of toe nail fungus often, try the prevention part of the cure after the next session of treatments. These infections develop when fungi, known as dermatophytes, burrow under nails causing them to become crusty, thick, discolored, distorted and just down right GROSS! Infection with nail fungus seems to occur more in toes than fingers because toenails usually are confined to the dark, warm, and moist environments where fungus thrives, as opposed to fingers, which are out in light and open air. Foot fungus typically travels through an opening in the skin or a separation in the nail bed. If continually exposed to warm and moist environments, fungus will grow in abundance.
The good news is that there are all-natural methods of dealing with your toenail fungus, and changes that you can make to your diet that will lessen or even eliminate your issue.
There are also some things that you should avoid eating when trying to fight toenail fungus, as fungus feeds off of certain foods and eating these foods can make your fungus worse or increase your risk of developing it. They also help to flush excess fluids out the body, which is useful because many Candida sufferers experience water retention. It is also cheap to buy and has a much longer shelf life than other oils, so there’s no excuse! It is rich in Iodine to help balance your thyroid gland, which is good because many Candida sufferers often experience hypothyroidism.
If used daily as a supplement, this powerful natural remedy not only cures fungal infections, it is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, a powerful detoxifier and can help lower cholesterol among other things. Fungus lives and thrives on sugar, so by cutting back or eliminating it from your diet you can starve out the fungus. Reducing the amount of products that you eat which contain gluten or eliminate it completely is a good idea and there are a ton of gluten free products available on the market that can help you.
Repeat daily until the new healthy nail grows out completely, then continue treatment for two to three more weeks to prevent regrowth. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your Physician or health care Practitioner. Things that are basically used by the public cannot help collect fungus and bacteria in their bodies. The fingernail fungus loves to stay in dark warm moist areas so keep fingers away from this kind of environment.
Sometimes, these causes the delay for medical treatment when a fingernail fungus treatment is needed and a wider ground for nail pain suffrage. Over 35 million people face the yellow, brittle, and sometimes painful symptoms associated with nail fungus.
The genera which should be targeted by the primers include Candida, Aspergillus, and other less common but medically relevant fungi.
Doctors can rule out infections and rashes and help lead to proper treatment and relief from itchy feet. If any of your toenails start turning yellow, brown or black, this usually spells trouble and you need to have it diagnosed. The toenails are affected in 80% of all cases of onychomycosis; dermatophyte infection, mostly due to Trichophyton rubrum, is the cause in over 90% of cases (See the slide show). It affects the hyponychium, often at the lateral edges initially, and spreads proximally along the nail bed resulting in subungual hyperkeratosis and onycholysis although the nail plate is not initially affected (learn more on nail anatomy). These are air bubbles marking spots where the nail plate is becoming detached from the nail bed (onycholysis). Many patients with mild cases of skin psoriasis believe that their nail problems are caused by fungus. For patients with psoriatic nails, however, the application of anti-fungal solutions may in fact aggravate their nail problems. Despite this, it is an often overlooked feature of the disease, and patients tend to be focused on clearing the cutaneous component of psoriasis. The skin between the toes is a frequent site of infection which can cause pain and itchiness. With regard to toenails, fungal dystrophy may interfere with walking and sports activities.[4] Owing to the abnormal appearance of nails, individuals experience considerable embarrassment when they have to expose their nails to others and fear intimate situations. Patients with this condition require medical treatment to prevent deformity of the nail and nail separation.
It is also common among persons with diabetes and those who have their hands in water for long periods of time. Shoes which are too narrow exert a greater pressure on the nails causing damage to the nail, nail bed and surrounding skin. Always cut your nails straight across with a very gentle radius at the edges and always with a quality set of nail clippers. I have seen cases where the nails are physically too large for the toes and because of this the nail curves down sharply into the skin, piercing the skin with the skin then growing over the nail.
Due to the swelling, the condition can be very painful and if infection takes hold in certain cases pus can ooze from around the nail. If you catch the condition early the following treatment can be very successful and you can carry out the simple steps yourself in the comfort of your home. Cut the nails straight across with a gentle radius at the edges using a set of quality set of nail clippers. You can use a small amount of anti infection cream to aid the healing process and a small bandage to keep the cotton wool in place if required. Once you have thoroughly washed your feet it is extremely important to dry your feet completely and that includes all the nooks and crannies between your toes.
There are a variety of fungal treatments available some of which require a doctor’s prescription and some which are available over the counter. However listening to the ladies physical symptoms and circumstances relating to the dark toenails I would not be overly concerned at this stage.
It is not the toe nail itself that turns dark it is more the damaged nail bed tissue under the nail itself. If you compound the effect of poor fitting shoes and embark on unaccustomed activities like running, walking, tennis, squash and or any other physical demanding sports the outcome will be the same. Usually the onset of a toe nail infection is generally slow and it tends to only affect only one nail before spreading to others at first. However it is extremely important to take care and clip your nails correctly (not to short and cut straight) and be consistent with the remedies. The topical solution contains a mixture of natures finest curing oils including Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E oil. Over the course of approximately 30 days my nail infection cleared and I was happy with the results. Always treat the infected toenail as soon as the condition starts this gives a greater chance of success.
The black toenail once the fungal infection takes hold becomes brittle, distorted and thickened in appearance. This is predominantly due to the fact that their feet are subject to being in tight fitting shoes for extended periods of time.
However there are available a selection of top rated black toenail fungus treatments which may be able to help in clearing up the fungal infection. Obviously the biggest attraction to home remedies is the lack of side effects which may become an issue with some of the oral antifungal medications. These natural oils are known to contain to a high level of antiseptic and antifungal properties which make them an ideal choice. Use a small amount of the rub and gently massage into the affected nail generally this method works best when the fungal infection is in its very infantile stage.
However if you regularly paint your nails it can be that that the nails have become discoloured due to the solvents used in trying to remove the paint. Looking at the statistics the most common age group effected by yellow toenails ranges from the early twenties through to the elderly. Well, firstly  it is important to know exactly what is responsible for the condition arising to be able to treat the condition effectively. However there is a natural product which has been proven to be effective in fighting fungal nail infections called ZetaClear. The nail corners could break through the skin, inducing an opening in the skin and potential for a fungal toenail infection.
More common reasons for ingrown toenails include unacceptable shoe fit, injury and poor nail clipping technique. The foot slides back and forth in the shoe and the recurring injury at the toes enhances the stress on the nail, raising the possibility for an ingrown toenail.

Foot trauma could easily trigger inflammation to the skin bordering the nail and as the nail increases, it expands in to the irritated skin, intensifying the condition. People with hyperhidrosis, too much foot sweating, are at increased danger for ingrown toenails because the excess wetness deteriorates the skin and increases the chance for microbial infection. This includes your doctor making use of a specialized nail cutter to take out the wedge of nail growing in to the skin. The nail will always expand back in and depending on which toenail removed, the nail can take up to 8 months to re-grow. The treatment is specifically the very same as a nail avulsion, but a chemical (often phenol or sodium hydroxide) is positioned on the nail root to damage it and protect against the nail, or side of the nail, from increasing back. Sportsmen’s foot is a fungus skin infection of the toes that conveniently disperses to the toe nails, and yeast could induce an infection of the skin around the nails (generally the fingernails).
One of the most popular toe fungus cure products is Zetaclear which is a 2-step solution that combines a topical solution with a powerful homeopathic spray to help clear toe fungus fast. Fungal infections can cause pain and discomfort in some people, discolored nails cause many to feel embarrassed. I found a couple of black market nail fungus treatments for sale trying to pass as brand name products.
Primarily responsible for all toenail infections are a species of fungus classified as dermatophtyes; however, yeast and mold can also cause your nails to become thick, yellow and hard. Since most of us wear socks and shoes during the day, our feet are an ideal place for fungi to live and grow. In addition, toenails grow at a slower rate compared to fingernails, making a fungal treatment difficult and slow to eliminate completely. You have to take these drugs every day for 6-12 weeks and they cost between $3.50 to $5 per pill. Doctors may not recommend them for people with liver disease or congestive heart failure or for those taking certain medications. Your doctor should also do recurring blood tests to make sure your liver has not been damaged. As a toenail fungus cure, removing the entire nail can result in additional pain as a healthy nail slowly grows.
Also, these remedies tend to be more effective when applied at an early stages of the infection process.
Now when my clients ask me for the very best treatment on how to cure a toenail fungus, I recommend either PurNail or Zeta Clear. To get rid of toe nail fungus, you will need to pick a treatment and stick with it--no matter how long it takes. Especially if the fungus has been left for a longer period of time, and has worsened due to lack of care, a doctor will be able to give you Sporonox, Diflucan or other prescription drugs to fight the infection.
With natural cures to get rid of toe nail fungus, the key is to continue using the medication even after the problem has seemed to clear up. You can also try filing down the thicker parts of the nail, which is typically done by a specialist.
By avoiding tight socks, using foot powder, covering your feet at the gym and swimming areas, and drying your feet thoroughly when they are wet you can help stave off the fungus and keep it from coming back. Moreover, infected nails often separate from the nail bed, which can cause pain, as well as a slightly foul-smelling odor. Diminished blood circulation to the toes as compared with the fingers can also make it harder for the body's immune system to detect and eliminate infection. It is recommended that when you are trying to get rid of a toenail fungus infection, you try to eat one clove of garlic and one onion a day. Thriving, healthy gut bacteria hinder the growth and spread of parasitic fungi and other microbes by limiting their available living space.  Also, lactobacillus bacteria found in most probiotic supplements actually secrete a biproduct that is poisonous to Candida.
Use it liberally in your food, or eat 2-4 cloves per day, crushed and mixed with a tablespoon of pure raw CREAMED honey (because it's thick enough to stay on a spoon) to cut the burn of the garlic and strong flavor. Therefore, it is always advisable to observe preventions of Fingernail fungus rather than the cure. Thus, the fungus will eventually die but it could possibly come back after sleeping in there for a meanwhile if not treated completely.
By using Keractil as instructed, your nails will grow fungus-free, without thickening, yellowing or embrittlement. DLSO may confined to one side of the nail or spread sideways to involve the whole of the nail bed, and progresses relentlessly until it reaches the posterior nail fold.
Psoriatic changes in nails range from mild to severe, generally reflecting the extent of psoriatic involvement of the nail plate, nail matrix (tissue from which the nail grows), nail bed (tissue under the nail), and skin at the base of the nail. Without consulting with a doctor they go to a pharmacy and get an OTC anti-fungal topical solution or search online and end up buying some home remedies for yellow and disfigured nails. Nail psoriasis initially looks very similar to onychomycosis: thick, discolored, and crumbling nails, which may make it difficult for a consumer to be correct in the self diagnosed decision. The action of the cotton being gently pushed under the corner of the nail separates the nail from the skin into which it is growing. In my personal case I use Zetaclear which is a natural product which incorporates both a lacquer and a topical cream which can be applied straight to the affected thick dead skin.
The fact that all the nails were turning dark is actually believe it or not a good indication that something more serious is not taking place. The result is that undue pressure is exerted on the toenails themselves causing damage to the nail and the nail bed which in turn results in the decolourisation or dark toenails. An ingrown toenail occurs when the side edge of a toenail begins to grow into the flesh surrounding the toe.
Now there are a number of topical solution treatments for infected toenails and to be honest some work far better than others as I found to my cost.
Let’s take a look at what causes a black toenail fungus in the first place and then discuss some treatments that are available.
Because fungus germinates in warm moist conditions if one tends to suffer from sweaty feet this can be a contributary factor and the dead skin provides an ideal nucleus for growth. Because of the constant repeated movement and pressures exerted on the nails and nail beds localized traumas can develop this coupled with the warm dark conditions provides optimal conditions for fungal infections.
But with that being said there are some treatments that give superior results as compared to others and I speak from personal experience. In other cases the nails can become very brittle and in advanced stages the nails can crumble as the fungal infection takes hold.
If the discolouration in your nails is due to your diabetes it is important to seek further medical attention so that the doctor can assess and prescribe further medication to control the imbalance. If  the condition is only in the superficial stages a nail treatment solution may be advised. Using powerful natural healing oils including tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and clove oil. Ingrown toe nails can be an extremely determined issue for diabetics or people with inadequate circulation and at the first indication they need to look for treatment immediately. Footwear which are also little small could place tension on the feet and create the nail surrounds to curve in. Socks which are too tight could likewise create ingrown toenails and this tends to be a lot more common with thin wedding dress socks and stockings. As the disorder worsens, the skin side comes to be red, the location swells, comes to be tender and quite unpleasant. Do not cut the nail on the edges or down the sides, this can additionally aggravate the problem.
The procedure does not require anesthesia and works well when only the corner of the nail is expanding in to the skin.
If the ingrown nail was due to trauma, bad shoe fit or inadequate cutting strategy, when the nail regrows, it should increase in properly and there need to be no additional problems.
You can stop the yellow streaks, thick nails and the brittle curling that destroys nails with the right nail fungus cure. Of all the products available, these two products seem to work the fastest and gets rid of toenail fungus for good. With two daily applications, you will experience results within 1-6 months – healing time depends on the severity of your infection.
Be sure to have a doctor diagnose that it is in fact toe nail fungus before you begin treating it on your own. If eating this much garlic does not seem plausible to you, you can also take garlic pill supplements, but eating raw garlic works the best. Eating Greek yogurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, and tempeh is a great way to incorporate probiotics into your diet. It also develops that awful smell that partakes in the separation of the nail from the finger if the fungi had already multiplied in number.
Most would agree, both professional doctors and commoners, that fungus are difficult to cure because of the long-time period it takes to cure it as well as the medication it entails. Very wise tips on prevention include no sharing or washcloths among people, trimming the nails gently and properly as to damage not the nails and the skin beneath it, always keeping hands dry and clean, and the discontinuation or avoidance of using nail polish or artificial nails. Soaking hands for 45 minutes in an equal ratio of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide may help kill the virus because of the strong acid content used to kill the fungus.
Simply apply Keractil at the cuticle and under the tip of the nail to fight fungus and infection. Nail psoriasis at more advanced stages is associated with discomfort in many patients and leads to significant functional impairment and psychological stress.
Sometimes, a trauma does not cause broken blood vessels, and a white spot or lines appear under the nail.
This action gives three benefits in that the nail is softened, it prevents any infection from setting in and it aids the healing process. When this is the case the answer is quite simple, it is extremely important when undertaking physical activity which you are not accustomed to, to ensure that your footwear fits perfectly and that your toe nails are trimmed correctly. As the nail pierces the skin, the whole toenail area becomes extremely uncomfortable and painful. Personally I would give 48 hours to judge if the toenail infection has improved, if it has not then contact your GP for further advice. The condition can become very painful but there is a effective treatment for black toenail fungus, but please bear in mind that the condition does generally reoccur at some stage.
Two treatments that I have used for black toenail fungus are Funginix and ZetaClear both are becoming very popular due  to to their success rate in dealing with the fungal infection at source and irradicating the condition.
Depending on the individual and the circumstances the condition may just effect one nail or it can effect all the nails. Excessive foot sweating and wearing the same shoes for prolonged periods can be a contributory source to initiate a fungal infection. The nail treatment solution will require applying to the nails on a daily basis for a duration of 6 to 10 months to be fully effective. This is much more usual with rigid, slim footwear, such as bridal gown shoes or football boots. This has likewise been stated to accompany the use of the Strassburg Sock, a soft night splint used while sleeping.
Cut your nails frequently so they do not end up being too lengthy and pressurised by the front of your shoes, yet don’t reduce your nails also too short either. If you are like most nail fungus sufferers, your are tired of empty promises and throwing away your money on fungus treatments that just do not work. Judge for yourself, both products work great…see what PurNail or Zeta Clear can do for you. Nevertheless, there are still some home remedies available for the affected to use and save bucks for medicines that have the same effect. The often distressing appearance of affected nails impacts the patient tremendously in both work and social activities. Even a simple task like walking can become very painful and as the condition worsens it can be unbearable.
Topical solutions for me have worked the best, some are better than others, I found Zetaclear to be the most effective. We touched on it earlier, physically active sportsmen are suspectible to nail problems due to to the repeated pressures that are exerted on the nails over a sustained period.
For more severe cases generally an oral anti fungal remedy is prescribed, the benefit of the oral anti fungal remedy is that it quickly absorbs into the bloodstream to tackle the infection at source. The nail treatment solution penetrates and softens the nail, cleaning the build up under the nail and killing the fungal infection.
Ensure your shoes match correctly and avoid footwear which are too tight or as well to narrow. As a result of the piercing of the skin by the ingrown toenail this creates a nucleus for toenail fungus growth. I got my package at a discount and have included the offer below hopefully it will still be available for you. Further more the environment inside your close toe shoes provides the ideal conditions for fungi development, notably a warm moist environment.
As a last resort if both these treatments fail the yellow toe nail will have to be surgically removed.

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