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Dark underarms are a cause of concern for a lot of people, it is sometimes an embarrassing condition which may affect one’s self-esteem.
Method: Take a bowl of crushed cucumber, place it on a sieve, extract its juice, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, mix it well and apply this on the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes before wash it off.
Method: Take 2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, add a little rose water to it to make a thick paste, mix it well and apply this on underarms area and massage for 5 minutes leave it for another 30 minutes before washing it off. Coconut oil is very effective to lighten the skin tone naturally, apply organic coconut oil on underarms area and massage for few minutes until it gets absorbed then wash with mild soap and dries it, you will definitely feel difference just in few days. Add lemon juice and honey together and massage on underarms area, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water, after that apply alum stone powder on underarms area, this is excellent remedy for lightening under rams skin.
Baking soda is also used to exfoliate dead skin, which is the basic cause of dark underarms. Method: Take 2 tablespoon of chickpea flour (basin), add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, add equal amount of yogurt to make a thick paste, mix it well and apply this on your under arms and massage for 5 minutes leave it as it is for about 2 hours and then wash it off with water. This entry was posted in Beauty Tips, Body Care Tips, Videos and tagged Beauty Care, Beauty Remedies, Beauty Tips, Beauty Tips & Tricks, Beauty Tips Corner, Body Care Tips, Get Rid of Dark Underarms, Get Rid of Dark Underarms Baking Soda, Get Rid of Dark Underarms Cucumber, Get Rid of Dark Underarms Fast, Get Rid of Dark Underarms Home Remedies, Get Rid of Dark Underarms Overnight, Get Rid of Dark Underarms with Honey, Videos by fz. Avoid heavy use of antiperspirants or deodorants that contain chemicals, alcohol or any other strong scents. A good cleansing regimen should also be adopted to slough off all dead skin in the armpits. These were crucial steps to avoid underarms from becoming dark.  But if you have already developed dark underarms you can take necessary steps to lighten them. How rid dark arms - makeup beauty, Dark underarms – causes, remedies & prevention.
13 proven remedies whitening dark underarms, Nothing dark is good, everything should be bright including your underarms. How rid dark underarms top 10 home remedies, However, times dark underarms result medical condition acanthosis nigricans insulin. How rid dark underarms natural beauty tips, How rid underarm darkness home remedies.

Are you ashamed of showing off your arms in a sleeveless dress just because of your dark and ugly armpits? As the disease toxoplasmosis is caused by the parasite, your first step to fight against this disease should start with killing of the parasite. The body being acidic is one of the major reasons for making it vulnerable to infections and the entry of parasites. Add baking soda in water and make a thick paste, apply this paste on underarms area, then wash it off and dry this area thoroughly. The correct proportion is mixing one teaspoon of lime juice with a teaspoon of cucumber juice, then add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Now you can be more carefree with your armpits by offering them skin lightening treatments.
You should also prevent the spreading of the parasite to all parts of the body.Black pepper can help you in effectively fighting against the parasite toxoplasma gondii.
But, when you come across some initial symptoms of the disease like headache, you can immediately take some lime juice.This will control the symptoms and prevent it from getting any complicated. If you improve the alkalinity of the body, the parasite will automatically find it difficult to survive.Grapes are the best naturally available food which is highly alkaline in nature. It is also helpful in enhancing the immunity of your body.So, take a few garlic cloves in the raw form every morning, till you get relieved from the symptoms. It is generally used in all food items while cooking, not just for the color but also for this property. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Friction due tight clothing can cause underarms to turn darker.  Therefore, try to wear loose or comfortable clothing. Despite the fact that we can easily get rid of armpit hairs, getting rid of dark armpits is definitely a challenge.
Hence, it should be treated at the right time, before it spreads completely affecting all parts.

Even if you do not find any symptom, garlic can regularly be in taken, as a form of preventive treatment. So, you can intake turmeric by mixing it with water or milk, according to your convenience. Darkening of the skin is the result of accumulations of a dead skin cells underneath the skin surface. At times dark underarms are accompanied by severe sweating, bad odor, and itching.  Therefore, you should know the causes of dark underarms and take necessary step to avoid them. Baking soda also helps with dark underarms.  Try rubbing dark armpits with baking soda immediately after a bath. There are many other concoctions and infusion you can apply on dark underarms to lighten them. However; fortunately there are some effective yet simple remedies available for the problem, which you can use to get rid of dark armpits. Brain is the most important part that is affected due to this infection, causing encephalitis.Other parts of the body may also get affected by toxoplasmosis. It usually happens due the usage of harsh deodorants, anti per-spirants and other cosmetics in the underarms area, shaving or applying hair removal creams can also leave to skin darkening.
Moreover, it does not make much sense to pluck your armpit hair if you still shy away from flaunting your beautiful arms in a sleeveless dress.
The symptoms of this disease are characterized by high fever along with headache and disoriented behavior. When you come across any of these symptoms, you have to immediately start taking treatment for it, without any delay.

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