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Stomach flu symptoms - what is stomach flu?, Stomach flu symptoms start manifesting themselves a couple of hours or even a few days after the virus has entered the gastrointestinal tract in the individual.. How to prevent stomach flu grape juice is the trick!, How to prevent stomach flu grape juice is the trick! 4 tips for preventing the stomach flu (and what to do when, 51 comment on “ 4 tips for preventing the stomach flu (and what to do when you get it anyhow) ”. The main cause of loose motions is stomach infection which is sometimes referred to as stomach flu or intestinal flu.
Although generally loose motion is not a serious issue but it is certainly an uncomfortable condition, more due to the irritable symptoms of loose motions.
If these symptoms are present along with loose motions, you should immediately consult doctor. Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine use ginger extensively not only for indigestion but for many other conditions. Lemon not only has immune boosting properties but also has effective antiviral and antibacterial properties. Coriander or cilantro is one of the aromatic herbs that is very good for indigestion related conditions like loose motions.
Raw Bananas, due to their astringent action, convert harmful bacteria in your intestines into beneficial acidophilic bacillus. Steam or boil the bananas, mash them, add a little lemon juice and a pinch of salt and have it.
Yogurt has lacto bacillus bacteria and they are known as friendly bacteria for stomach and intestines.
Loose motions, as said earlier too, is not that a serious issue unless it dehydrates your body to a level that you become uncomfortable and sick. Also known as bishop’s weed and ajwain, carom seeds are highly effective for indigestion related problems like bloating, flatulence and diarrhea.

Make an infusion by simmering 1-2 tbsp carom seeds in 2-3 glasses of water for about half an hour. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. In diarrhea, the bowel movements or the stools are loose and watery and hence the name loose motions.
If it is only 3-4 times a day that you need to pass watery stool, having enough fluids and water will cure your diarrhea.
Regarding loose motions, if it is due to indigestion, ginger is miraculously good for treating your diarrhea.
The acetic character of lemon juice restores the pH balance of your stomach and fights off bacteria. The essential oils present in coriander, namely Borneol and Linalool, help not only in proper digestion but also for functioning of the liver. The components named pectin present in bananas help you with digestion and also chelate toxins as well as heavy metals from your body.
If your loose motion is due to fungal infection, you have more reasons to have a bowl of yogurt.
With each trip to the washroom, you loose a lots of water from your body along with essentials minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.
If you’re loose motions is due to stress, you can calm your nerves with chamomile tea and also get rid of loose motions.  Any inflammation in your intestines will be cured with this tea and you will get rid of stomach pain and cramps if any. The components of carom seeds- thymol oil, p-cymene, Beta-pinene, alpha pinene, limonene, camphene, and carvacrol, all work together to give you relief from your upset stomach. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. Every person goes through this condition once in a while and unless it is a severe case of diarrhea, there is nothing to worry about only if you don’t get loose motions too frequently.
If you frequently have loose motions and watery stools throughout the day, you may fall prey to dehydration.
Thus, if you have loose motions due to stomach infections, lemon juice can be a boon for you. Pectin is present here in raw bananas too and thus are helpful in improving bowel function.

And it is more than required that you replenish this lost water and restore the electrolyte balance in your body. In fact, chamomile tea also has anti-bacterial properties and thus is good for infection related loose motions too. In case of loose motions, your body needs some rest along with lots of fluids and light meals. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes. Therefore, it is essential to drink water and other fluids to compensate the loss of water from your body due to loose motions.
Because coriander is also good for loose motions induced by bacterial, fungal or other microbial infections.
Thus, they produce digestive enzymes and stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your intestine. The main idea is to give a break to your digestive system and restore the lost fluid and electrolytes balance.
But if it’s not so and you cannot stop your trips to the washroom, try some of the remedies given below. If it is due to indigestion, mint will work to calm the muscles of your stomach and improve the flow of bile.
Cineole, Borneol, Limonene, Alpha-pinene & beta-phelandrene found in coriander have antibacterial effects and thus can stop infection induced loose motions too. When you will have lighter meals, you will help your system to work in direction of healing rather than digesting foods. Also, when you rest, your body is under minimum stress and all its organs work to their maximum capacity.
This will relieve you off loose motions and cramps, pains and other discomforts related to diarrhea.

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