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URINE ODOUR REMOVER is applied using a long nose applicator bottle to ensure itA penetrates well in between the planks.
Safe to use on carpet, mattress, couch, clothing, wood and laminate floor becauseA URINE ODOUR REMOVERA does not stain.
P.S We know youa€™re going to absolutely LOVE this product, ita€™s an EASY to use product that smells GOOD and takes away the pet urine odor in less than 30 minutes! How rid mice apartment ratings, Ok, maybe your roommate really didn’t eat those chocolate chip cookies you had been craving all day.

Get Urine Odour Remover, follow the steps and get rid of cat urine smell quickly and simply! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on professional cleaning that will not take away the smell.
With our money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by grabbing your bottle of 250 ml of URINE ODOUR REMOVER! When urine has penetrated inside a thick surface like a couch, use a syringe to inject Urine Odour Remover where the urine is located.

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