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Based in San Francisco, Beth Rifkin has been writing health- and fitness-related articles since 2005. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on expensive facial products to exfoliate and moisten your skin.
Place the white or brown sugar, honey and olive oil in a bowl and stir until the ingredients are mixed well. Scoop the sugar mixture up with your fingers and gently rub it into your skin around your mouth and over your lips.
For severely chapped lips, rub the mixture in with a toothbrush to better remove dead skin. Commonly we have canker sours in our mouth that can be inside the chicks, lips, tongue and on the base of gums. Alum powder is mostly available in kitchen take some pea size alum and apply to affected area let it for 60 seconds and spit it out but don’t rinse off with water and avoid swallowing.
Honey has natural anti inflammatory effects if it is put on canker sour it can be cured quickly.
This is the most common remedy to get rid of the canker sores and it works well by applying in 2-3 times you will find your mouth pain free. First, if your lips are dry or chapped from the Winter weather, exfoliate them to get rid of any flakes.

It’s a look I use on a daily basis, But I’m all about the non-petrolim based long wear stuff, It takes some getting used to, but it is wonderful not getting my lipstick all over my coffee mug at work, and having to reapply after lunch!
Even if you have beautiful teeth, your smile will still look unattractive if you have dry lips.
Lip balms infuse dry lips with much-needed moisture, and help the lips to retain that moisture for a longer period of time. Just like skin exfoliating, lip exfoliating gets rid of flaky, dry buildup that can cause the lips to become chapped and unattractive. Use soft circular motions with your fingers to rub the sugar, honey and olive oil into your skin without causing scratches. You can win the battle against unattractive, chapped chapped lips by following the tips below. In a warmer climate, you can use a wide-brimmed hat to keep your lips protected from the strong sun rays. Make sure that you do the exfoliation gently, to avoid harming your lips while making your smile more beautiful and healthier-looking. You can get your vitamins naturally by loading up on fruits and vegetables; however, vitamin supplements may be a better idea if you are unable to consume the needed healthy food items. Sugar is an age-old answer to numerous beauty questions because of its ability to moisturize as it scrubs.

During my Weblog where i'd like to share the how you can perform anything, along with the online visitors. When you combine it with other household items, such as honey and olive oil, you have a spa-quality facial wash and mask that can leave your skin glowing. I always find canker sours on the tongue while I saw my mother often on lips in my childhood.
My mother told me it is due to stomach problem if our body cannot get enough water in then canker sours symbolize the dehydration.
The canker sours generally appear with the sensation on the affected area and later with grey and yellowish part surrounded by red border. We find it tough to cure because our mouth always remain moist that’s why sometimes we cannot get rid it for a long time.
Today I will tell you some natural home remedies that work well in lessening the pain and to get rid of the pinching canker sour.

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