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Covers Keloid removal, keloid scars treatment, piercing on nose & ear, creams, injections and other. Tattoos, be Careful Prior to all surgical procedures, thoroughly discuss a history of abnormal scar formation or a family history of keloid scar formation with the patient. Please follow Healthy & Natural World on Facebook to be updated every time we publish a new article on how to improve your health and on a how to make natural products using natural ingredients.
A runny nose can be just as annoying, even embarrassing, especially when you’re surrounded by people and all your attention is put on constantly blowing your nose and cleaning your face. It’s much better to master an approach that is less invasive and, in many cases, more effective. Point 1 is located on a cavity at the corner of the nostrils – it’s the bottom part of your nostrils.
Point 2 is located just below the corner of the eyes, near the nose, where the tears come out. Point 3 is behind your earlobe, at the bottom part of the ear, in the cavity just below the cartilage.
After going through the above four acupressure points three times, you should feel immediate symptom relief.
The described technique is simple, safe, can be done anywhere and anytime, and comes at no cost.
You can also use natural remedies to get rid of stuffy nose and you can read about them in my post about the best home remedies for blocked or stuffy nose.
From yesterday I had sever cold… I just happened to see this article well I tried all your 4 steps trust me it worked.
I felt 1st point which you shared had maximum releif to me well it may depend from person to person. Nasal drip can result from various things like cold and flu, allergies, sinusitis, cold weather, certain medications etc.

I just want to share how my father cured his nasal drip, you might laugh but it worked, he was told to wear Bereai in cold weather, because he was going bald it was the cold on top of his head.
This works awsome!!!I’ve had sinus allergy and sinus infections numerous times a year for as long as I can remember . Inversions also offer immediate relief – 30 seconds will buy you anywhere up to an hour. I’m in the mid night n can’t sleep of nose blocked but thanks as it actually works thanks a ton !!! I suffer from serious runny nose all through the year and normally get allergy shots to help maintain it but I haven’t been getting the shots lately so my allergy symptoms are returning.
I was suspicious when I read these tips, but after trying them out I’m amazed that it works!!! I have been doing this for a few years when I would get a stuffy nose and it works wonders! For piercing candidates with a family history of keloid formation, avoid piercing after age.
You can’t breathe properly and sleeping can become a painful experience and the only thing you can think of is how to get rid of your stuffy nose quickly. Don’t lift your fingers, but just move the skin, so you feel the corner of your eye as you push. It is also a good and empowering experience to be able to use your own body to heal yourself. You can try this acupressure technique or use saline nasal sprays or nasal irrigation (such as a neti pot) to flush excess mucus, bacteria, allergens, and other irritating substances out of the sinuses. Xylitol is supposed to help the eustscian tubes drain and that relieved me of serious sinus and ear problems. But in fairness, I just saw a ENT doc the other day, and he said I have a malformed septum (?) and surgery might (might!) help.

Doing these techniques instantly helped, although it seemed only for a few minutes at most.
Some parts of his brain i think is inactive and we make all test for all his senses all are perfects , but we need something like to activate some parts, i dont know what to say just i wait for any advice !!!
I do it alot when I’m trying to go to sleep when my nose gets stopped up and after I do it I can fall right to sleep with no problem!! To begin with, these sprays are drugs, so they come with side effects and can be addictive. Within an hour of chewing that gum a big glob of stuff dislodged and moved down the throat and I could immediately hear clearly again and sinus’ started to clear up nicely.
I just kept doing the pressure points gently and by the end of the day I really did feel better.
This actually worked and I was able to close my mouth and breathe thru my nose and I was blown away how simple and effective it was.please send me information on chronic back and neck pain from a fractured back from car accident, also ulcerative colitis, ?? cholesterol,chronic constipation.Do you offer a book on natural remedies and if so I would be seriously interested in one please! If you have any further ideas, I would be open to them, as I do not wish to have the surgery, especially when there’s no guarantee, or even good odds that it would help. Also a humidifier can add moisture to the air, which relieves the irritation in the nasal cavity. I also just packed my nose full of Kleenex while at home allone so I would not have to wipe it anymore. Nasal drip usually clears up on its own, but you need to see your doctor if it persist for more than 10 days or if you have other symptoms like high fever or sinus pain which may be a sign of an infection.

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