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FBI Moneypak virus is identified as a scam virus that has been released from the Ukash family. SpyHunter is designed as a simple way for the average computer user to protect their PC from online threats.
Note: Due to the changeable characters of FBI Moneypak, you cannot be too careful to distinguish the harmful files and registries from the system files and registries. Still having trouble on dealing with tricky virus infections, stubborn errors, unwanted programs or any other headachy computer problems?
FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus locks the PC and shows legitimate appearing message from Federal Bureau of Investigation. Restart your computer into safe mode with networking by pressing F8 key constantly before the Windows starts to launch. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together to open the Windows Task Manager to stop the processes related to FBI Moneypak . If you have spend too much time in manual removing FBI Moneypak and still not make any progress, you’d better stop and choose the automatic removal method – download and install Spyhunter here to remove FBI Moneypak for you immediately. Then, you definitely need a more specific, accurate and customized solution toward your specific issue in your specific computer system. If it is at your convenience, we would be more than happy if you would like to help us share and spread our webpages with information about solutions and tutorials on fixing PC problems or removing latest threats. It accuses user for violating law and user need to pay fine anywhere from $100 to $400 to unlock the PC. FBI Moneypak keeps telling me that I have violated the law and need to pay a fine of $100 or $200 to unlock computer screen or I will be imprisoned? Generally speaking, the virus steals the name of the UN National Federal Bureau of Investigation to swindle your money off. It is a vicious and fake program that asks a fine of $100 or $200 with a Moneypak payment system to fine.
It provides reliable protection against all kinds of malicious threats including spyware, adware, hijackers, rootkits, and more. I can’t access any antivirus websites and I had the a, b, c, and d files in my temporary folder. However, as for some very tricky and advance FBI variants, they even pops up to lock the infected computer even in safe mode, so this will require other advanced technique to deal with these tricky situations. According to the FBI Moneypak virus, you can be charged for watching porn materials that have been forbidden.
What should I do with the warning since it looks trustworthy coming from United State Federal Bureau of Investigation.

You can follow the instructions provided below to download and install SpyHunter successfully, and enjoy the immediate and ongoing protection. You are welcome to contact Tee Support online experts for assistance directly if you need any help regarding this. Besides, the downloaded contents can be claimed for the violation of related copyrighted distribution. Please be noticed that it is a malware program that can easily bypass any security program as it has the ability to modify system default setting with a remote assistance conducted by the schemer. For the reasons you need to complete a fine of $100 or $200 to unlock the screen or you will face on a jail sentence.
Get help from TeeSupport guys, you removed internet security virus permanently to protect my computer. The virus keeps emphasizing the fact that computer IP address has been prohibited and your online activities are under supervised. If it takes control of the screen in safe mode, we also have solution for any FBI infected situations. FBI Moneypak, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Investigation FBI, and list goes on and on.
It even captures your picture and threatens that it will be used against you, if fine is not paid. Since your PC is locked and if you try removing that lock you will keep facing same message.
Typically, FBI Moneypak virus will block all the processes of system normal running to cover the entire desktop screen. Computer is locked by FBI Moneypak virus that you cannot move on with any operating commands and warning massage will never stop until you turn off computer by force. Please stay a clean mind and get no response to the false warning , just find an effective solution to get rid of FBI Moneypak Scam virus that ask a fine of $100 or $200 to unlock my screen.
Here are some simple and easy to follow guide, that might help you remove FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus. If you cannot connect to the internet or have problem downloading our solution or your firewall is disabled or your windows update is not working or your background intelligence service is not working then we suggests you to get professional help and don’t try to do it yourself otherwise you may end up losing your important data and programs completely! If you need our help call us at 800-518-8533Step 1:Print out these instructions as you will need to shut down the computer in next step. Step 4:In the WINDOWS ADVANCED OPTIONS MENU, go down to the SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING using the arrow keys on the board. Step 5:This, FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus, infection may change computer windows settings to use a proxy server that will not allow you to browse any pages on the Internet with Internet Explorer.

On the top navigation click TOOLS then under the sub-menu of TOOLS choose INTERNET OPTIONS as shown below.
Step 8: Now find the CONNECTIONS tab within the INTERNET OPTIONS dialog box and click on it. Step 9:If there is a check-mark in the box named “Use a proxy server for your LAN”, under the PROXY SERVER section, then unchecked the box. If there is not a check mark located in the box then you can skip this step and move on to next step.
To do this we need to download Rkill, developed by Bleepingcomputer to help stop the computer process of FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus. It will take several minute before a Notepad file containing log information on what Rkill found will open. Step 16:The Malwarebytes SETUP WIZARD will show blow screen Hit the NEXT button to continue. Step 23:In this step let the UPDATE and LAUNCH checked as it is to update the application with latest malware definition to capture all the malwares then click FINISH button. Make sure to select PERFORM FULL SCAN is selected to clean up FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus infection. Step 25:Now choose the local drives that you want to scan from the dialog box and click SCAN button. Step 26:Be patient as the scan will take several minutes before it cleans up FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus infection.
Step 27:From results dialog box choose REMOVE SELECTED button to remove all the infections found. Malwarebytes will also delete all of the files and registry keys affected by FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus and add them to the quarantine. Step 28:Malwarebytes may require you to reboot the PC to complete the removal of FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Virus.
After completion reboot your computer Malwarebytes will be relaunched, please follow the instructions on the screen and continue the removal process.
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