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Is your computer locked by FBI Department of Defense virus that asks you to pay $300 fine through Moneypak? FBI Department of Defense Virus is another scam coming from the FBI Ransomware group that is promoted via spam e-mails, malicious or hacked Web pages, peer-to-peer networks.
The virus has already infected hundreds of PC users and successfully fooled them into paying the non-existent fine because it has a convincing appearance. It is really annoying and frustrating if your computer is blocked by FBI Department of Defense scam. Since FBI Department of Defense virus has completely locked up your computer making you difficult to gain access, you will need to manually remove it instead of using antivirus programs to do so. FBI Department of Defense is a Ransomware virus which is created by criminals with an intention of tricking unsuspecting PC users into paying a non existent fine for supposedly using copyrighted material or watching pornography.
Note: Manual removal is a skillful and risky job, if any mistakes are made in the process, you may damage your computer immediately. Welcome to Tech Support Questions, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. This type of virus usually arrives in files attached to spam e-mail messages which used to trick a user into opening or comes when users have ever been clicking malicious links or viewing pornographic websites. It starts its activity by displaying your IP address and blocking down the system, then it shows a huge alert to take over your screen. Most inexperience computer users may think that it’s really from the FBI for the virus page lists their IP addresses and even shows their pictures.
It aims to lock up your system, not allowing the user to access the computer’s desktop, nor access the internet. I know this is  a scam because I’ve read to many books and seen many movies to know this is not how the FBI works.
Since you cannot gain access to the infected computer under regular mode because of this FBI Department of Defense lock screen, please restart the computer and put it in Safe mode with Networking first. Open Registry Editor by pressing Windows+R keys and pull up Run box and searching for regedit. Restart computer back to Regular mode and check out if the warning page still shows up again.

This virus is tricky for it exploits the name of Federal Bureau of Investigation to scare users and scam their money. And it goes on to say that the user’s Internet address was identified by the FBI, then it blames victims for being involved in illegal activities, downloading copyrighted material and viewing pornography so that a large amount of victims are scared to death when the first time they see this fake FBI message.
When this Ransomware parasite silently installs itself to the system, it rapidly takes over your screen and displays a fake warning disguising from FBI to prevent you from accessing the normal desktop. FBI Department of Defense hoax is good at deceiving victims into paying a supposed penalty of $300 USD by transferring money via Moneypak or MoneyGram to unlock the PC. If I did have child porn in my laptop, then nothing will happen because the police won’t be able to locate it.
As soon as I turned it on, I got a window which was labeled ‘FBI’ and said I was in violation of one of the following: illegal use of downloaded media, under-age porn viewing, or computer-use negligence. Otherwise, it would have caught it at the beginning when this FBI malware tries to sneak inside.
Go to Folder Options window, under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.
As it is mentioned on the bogus FBI page, users are required to pay a fine using a prepaid money card service if they want to get access to their computer. Under such circumstance, your files, music and photos are inaccessible because you can do nothing on your computer at all. Thus, they feel scared and are afraid of if they refuse to pay the fine, they will be under arrest and sent to prison.
It was created by hackers who are hoping that unsuspecting PC users would believe the false statements before they realize it is a hoax.
Of course no one wants to be in trouble from FBI or other similar organizations such as Department of Justice’s or Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, but paying the fine is not a wise decision because you will get nothing helpful to make you regain access to your desktop but just lose your money.
So they choose to pay the ransom in order correct their violations as the virus page suggests. However, due to the changeable characters of this virus, you may not find the exact same files or entries to delete. Also from the contents on the virus page, we can see this FBI locked down virus is used to threaten innocent users and blame victims for breaking the laws and watching porn etc.

However, things  are not as expected, paying the fine won’t help to unlock computer from FBI Department of Defense Virus and you will only get money loss as a result. The page said if the demands were not met, criminal charges would be filed and my computer would remain locked on that screen.
This virus have been known to capture personal information such as user names, passwords, and credit card numbers through embedded keystroke logging programs.
Next, it refuses to give your access to your desktop and it requests you to pay $300 fine through Moneypak within 48 hours first.
A few people may think leaving the virus on their computer over 48 hours so that it can go away automatically. You will need to go through files and entries under different locations to define and delete. Thus, FBI Department of Defense has to be removed manually to make sure it goes completely from your computer. To further scam unsuspecting users, it also lists many more serious consequences such as being sent to jail, delete all files on the computer if you don’t pay the fine in time.
For no reason should you pay the fine to the cyber criminals because organization has never been using such methods for collecting fines from people. Victims should understand a fact that this virus designed by criminals just targets on your money. Thus, a backup of important files and programs is suggested before FBI Department of Defense virus removal. Therefore, FBI Department of Defense Virus is a scam that should be ignored and removed quickly.
Hackers want to get as much money as possible so that they won’t let this virus attack stop so easily. You won’t get your computer unlocked even if the fine is paid, instead, hacker may still be spying on your machine and find another way to rip you off.

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