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For example, these spots are more prominent when they appear on penile-shaft, appearing mostly as elevated bumps.
This condition is identifiable just by looking at the spots and the regions where they appear.
This cream can be applied to your lips at least three times a day or as suggested by your doctor. In men, these spots can also be seen on penile-shaft, scrotum, etc.  Similar  spots on vulva and labia are also commonly found in women. You can visit a doctor, preferably a dermatologist, to confirm that the condition is Fordyce spots. Some people feel conscious about these spots and their confidence may get affected as this is a cosmetic concern.

Though the condition can appear on any region of the body it is mostly found on the upper lips. Though there is no treatment needed to cure the condition one can opt for following techniques to speed up the healing process. Sebaceous glands are small glands in the skin which are responsible for releasing oil to maintain moisture and avoid dryness. This means the ‘ectopic sebaceous gland’ means oil secreting glands which are not linked with hair follicle.
Though the condition is not difficult to diagnose through conventional techniques doctors suggest biopsy to ensure there is no underlying conditions behind these lesions. If nothing helps then consult your doctor and seek medical aid to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips.

There are chances that fordyce spot like lesions may actually be infection cause due to other conditions such as Sexually transmitted diseases. There may be several adjacent groups that may appear as cauliflower-like clusters similar to a condition called as ‘sebaceous hyperplasia’.

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