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Whether gas is a chronic problem or just an occasional issue for you, gas pains are nothing to joke about.
After completing a meal that leaves you with bad gas pains, don’t sit down and relax. A traditional Middle Eastern remedy for gas pains, bloating, and constipation, fennel is full of fiber.
It’s good for acute stomach pain, since you can whip up some tea and drink it right away.
Either stay away from fatty foods or be ready with an anti-gas remedy immediately after finishing your meal.

It’s important to ease these pains quickly to avoid spending the day cramped, bloated, and uncomfortable. Either chew on a small handful of fennel seeds after your meal or use this easy recipe for fennel tea.
It’s also great for chronic gas pain, since you can drink a cup of ginger tea every night to stave off gas. Simply buy¬† some peppermint herbal tea and prepare it according to the directions that come with it.
This is a good solution for people that have chronic gas pains, since you can take probiotic supplements on a daily basis.

If you know what triggers your gas pains, drink a cup of peppermint tea as soon as you’re done eating to prevent gas.

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