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Massaging your scalp with tea tree oil has been found effective in getting rid of dryness and itchiness. Another precautionary measure to prevent worsening the problem would be trim the nails and keep them neat and clean. Itchy ears are often taken lightly, but remember that there may be underlying causes that is causing the ear to itch.
One of the major causes of having itchy ears is having excessive ear wax and dryness of the ears. This is the reason why you have to get your ear checked especially if the itchiness has not disappeared after initial attempts to remove the itchiness.
As soon as you notice the first signs of itchiness, you should take some steps in the form of simple home remedies to get relief from an itchy throat. Take anti-histamines or an anti-allergens like cetrizene, which will prevent the itchy throat from flaring up into a full-blown throat infection or cold. Make a herbal tea at home, which is essentially a concoction of different herbs like basil, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, honey and cardamom.
If your itchy throat does not subside and gets severe, see a doctor as this may be a sign of an infection. If dryness is causing your throat to be itchy, sleep with a humidifier in your room that will make you breathe moist air. Besides these, some simple home remedies like chewing on cinnamon and covering your throat with a scarf are said to be effective.
If yes, then read through this article to get effective tips on getting rid of dry itchy scalp. While dandruff is the leading cause for the problem, hair products build-up and unbalanced diet are also factors that lead to the problem.

All you need to do is apply the tea tree oil in the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing your hair. Scratching is not even a good solution since you risk yourself being wounded and it can even make the situation worst. If you feel that you have an itch in the ear, it definitely is something that you want to be relieved of.
One of the things that you may need to consider before doing anything to the ear is to identify what the cause of the itch is. For example, you can use heated olive oil that you can dip a q tip in and clean the inside of your ear. It is the first sign and symptom of flu or a severe throat infection.  An itchy throat can lead to a burning sensation in the throat and difficulties in swallowing.
You can add some ginger to eat as ginger has alleviating properties that help to calm an itchy throat.
Vitamin C and other multi vitamins help to boost your immunity and keep you protected from the cold viruses.
If you have high fever, use cold compresses to get the fever down and take some anti-fever medication.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, contact dermatitis, head lice infestation and ring worm of the scalp are other reasons causing dryness and itchiness in the scalp. Too much of shampooing strips the scalp of natural oils, thereby causing dryness and itchiness. For those who are not too fond of its taste, applying rosemary oil on the scalp would be a next best thing.

Sip on some cool water especially during the hot summer months in order to give yourself relief from an itchy throat.
However, did you know that the problem of dryness and itching can be solved just by following some simple measures? You will be able to hear footsteps of an insect struggling inside your ear and this can be dangerous if they are not taken out. The best feature about theses measures is that they help you get rid of the problem with ease. Well first you need to be careful when inserting q tips to your ears since you may damage your eardrums. Just be sure not to overdo it since you may have a hard time removing it and it can feel uncomfortable when there are a lot of oil inside your ear. To get detailed information on how to get rid of dry itchy scalp, read through the tips given in the following lines. If you feel that you are careful enough, get a q tip and start cleaning the outer surface of the earlobe. The best time to do this is after you take a shower, since the earlobe will still be wet which makes the ear wax soft and the dried dirt easier to attach itself to the cotton buds. You need to do this every day just to make sure that there is no build up of dirt inside the ears.

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