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The main cause of stone formation is considered to be a violation of water-salt metabolism. Take half a cup of beet juice three times a day (do not get afraid of the reddish colour of the urine after drinking it as it is because of the recipe) and stones will turn into sand, which is much easier to drive out of the kidneys.
Eat more of tangerines. You will be pleased with the results as it really helps out in getting rid of the problem. Do you know that raw lemon juice served in a 244g-sized cup contains 187% Vitamin C, twice as much as offered by fellow oranges?
The irony of it is that the lemon seems impossible to eat, while the pure lemon juice - to drink, though it hasn`t stopped us from being the best friends forever in the culinary world.
Yes, this tangy yellow citrus fruit plays many supporting roles like salad dressing, tea spritz, flavorful zest or cocktail decoration.
No, it should never be treated like something second-guessed - lemon juice nutrition tops record levels. It`s a matter of common knowledge that most lemons taste tart, tangy, acidic, sour, astringent & acidic.

You will no longer look at lemons the same way, once you`ve discovered their nutritional potential!
The content of this site is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice. Sometimes the stone fragments out, moving onto urinary paths, risking getting stuck in them and cause complications. Currently, conventional medicine considers two methods of treatment of urolithiasis – operative and conservative. Try not to eat fried and spicy food during treatment. You will feel severe pain during the process but it is due to the fact that it helps breaking the stones. And what is more, you may possibly "drink" far beyond that of fruit carbohydrates and dietary fiber, natural sugars and protein - together with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & potassium!
This is high time you got to know all the truth: this citrus fruit - juicy & acidic, yet flavorful & beneficial - has much to tell. But few of us know how surprisingly refreshing, flavorful & beneficial they may turn - if chosen smart & consumed reasonably.

There are 3 mg of sodium in 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 18.6 mg of vitamin C in an average lemon.
Thus, choose big, bright, firm, plump & heavy for their size lemons, finely grained & fully yellow (as green tinges show more acidity being not fully ripened!).
This is a good reason to either wash your table citrus thoroughly or choose organically grown one. Love lemon juice nutritional benefits the way you like it - classic, extraordinary or both! Do not act upon any information without first seeking appropriate professional advice and consultation. A warmer lemon is more juicy: squeeze the fruit once it has attained room temperature & you have rolled it on flat surface.

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