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Traveling is the second most common time for my clients to fall off of the clear skin wagon.
Tomorrow I'm off to Europe where I first dreamt of starting my own company 3 years ago. AES founder, Kimmy Pigliucci, is off to Europe where the dream of Acqua e Sapone first began and you are invited! Thanks to all of the AES tribe, Humilje, the mother of four from Kosovo whom we have been sponsoring together has recently just graduated from the Women for Women program! Our favorite client, Mom-to-be, and Refinery29 Editor, Angela Tafoya, spills the beans on her oh so stylish pregnancy secrets including her AES regimen that have helped keep her acne-prone skin clear while pregnant. 7x7 Magazine recently released their Style & Beauty 2015 Issue and our Acne Bootcamp is first on their "Best of Bay Area Beauty" list! Lucky for me and you, there are a few steps you can take to calm those unwanted pimples so you can get on and enjoy your trip:1. Throughout the year long training program, she has gained skills and education that will allow her to support her family and create sustainable change in her community. Our very own Kimmy gives you 3 Reasons To Re-Consider Microdermabrasion today on The Penny Rose. Check us out on page 69 of the magazine on newsstands now or read the full article on their website. We are so proud of her and thankful for the support from you all that allowed us to give back-THANK YOU! At the completion of her training program, she too will have the skills to support her family and create change in her community.
You can see the red bump that was forming on my upper lip in the first video snap the day before my trip. BUT just because you have taken a vacation doesn't mean your retention hyperkeratosis has and the serum keep those dead skin cells from accumulating in the follicle and causing future pimples.
Don't worry, it's still close enough that you will see if your lipstick is on your forehead.5.

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