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These can quite easily become a cause of low confidence, low self-esteem, as our face is the first to represent ourselves to the people outside.Though some of these scars cannot be cured completely and tend to stay through the years, in one’s life, some can be reduced or removed or concealed in such a way that they are not visible to the outer world. The first way, which may take your skin back to normal its form, is you not doing anything with the skin. Another way to make your skin look smooth and reducing the effect of the pitting over the face is the treatment via Dermabrasion. If you are turning 30 or have already 30, cellulite must have started to raise its ugly head.
Wouldn’t it be better if there were such ointment, which removes all the imperfections of the face?

Some of these ways will help you to treat yourself to achieve a pitting-less face for the coming years.
Though surgery is not recommended and is feared by people, in general, it may serve as the only way, if the pitting is too deep for other measures.
This is a process, which involves the dermatologist sanding (smoothing) the top layer of the face skin. Many products are available now, which can help you to eradicate these spots; be sure to apply the appropriate cream with its appropriate scar. Through this method, the damaged skin cells are removed by the help of a laser therapy; and the heat produced, therein, instigates and increases the rate of cell growth.

Once consulting with the doctor, the pitting’s damaged layer is removed via punch excision and then, the skin is either sewn back by the doctor, or is filled by skin graft (where the pitting is filled with muscle taken from other part of the body). To make this treatment work, one has to visit the dermatologist quite a few times, as the effect needs time to show.Therefore, now that you are acquainted with the modes of treatment, for the pitting, know what kind of pitting you have and go for the kill.

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