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Although it’s important for every body type to maintain a healthy weight and lose abdominal fat, it’s even more critical for you to lose weight and to prevent future disease risks if you’re an apple-shaped type. On the other hand, an apple-shaped person holds a large amount of fat in the abdomen, has a large waist, and has generally slimmer legs and arms.
The Belly Fat Diet plan is perfect for you and your type, because the weight loss in this plan is specifically geared toward losing your excessive belly fat.
However, if you just had a baby but aren’t breastfeeding, you can aim for a faster rate of weight loss, but you must have realistic expectations, since the new baby brings along  numerous challenges, such as lack of sleep, decreased meal planning, and even stress-related eating. If you’re a slim person and at a normal weight for your height, you may not think you have excessive abdominal fat.
However, if you are close to an ideal weight, be sure to assess your body proportions, determine your waist-to-hip ratio to check the risk, if any. As women approach menopause, body fat tends to favor the upper body over the lower half, and as the body fat begins to increase, so does the midsection. Most of the shifting can be attributed to hormone changes associated with menopause, leading to an increase in body fat and a loss of lean muscle mass.Even women who stay the same weight throughout menopause may notice a shift in body proportions by gaining a few inches around the waist. These changes may seem inevitable, but the fact is that you aren’t predestined to a life of increased belly fat just because you’re going through menopause. Consequently, men have a higher likelihood of diseases and disorders linked with visceral fat.
We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Vaginitis is an umbrella term that covers a range of conditions affecting the vagina or vulva due to inflammation caused by a variety of factors.
Yeast infection is a type of vaginitis which is caused by an over-production of a fungus called candida which lives in the vagina.
Chlamydia vaginitis, commonly known as simply chlamydia, is a form of vaginitis that is characterized as a sexually transmitted disease.
Atrophic vaginitis is at type of vaginitis that occurs when the vaginal lining thins out due to hormonal changes in the body. Non-infectious vaginitis is inflammation or irritation to the vagina or vulva which results from an allergic reaction to a whole range of cleaning products that you use on your vagina or to wash your underwear, as well as harmful chemicals in sanitary pads, tampons, and panty liners. Vaginitis occurs as a result of an upset in the delicate balance of several bacteria and fungii that live in the vagina.
Use of douches, vaginal sprays can cause vaginitis since these products can irritate the lining of the vagina. Similarly, menopause or pregnancies are often triggers for vaginitis because of the changing hormone levels.
If you have diabetes and are not controlling it properly, it can make you more vulnerable to vaginitis. If you suffer from insomnia, it can lead to a deterioration of the immune system which can cause vaginitis.
Certain medicines like steroids, antibiotics or contraceptive pills can be responsible for vaginitis. Depending on the kind of vaginitis that you have, you may be at higher risk for health problems. If you have an infectious form of vaginitis like bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, you are at higher risk of contracting HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. Women who have vaginitis also risk giving birth prematurely or having babies with low birth weight.
See your gynecologist immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms of vaginitis so that quick treatment can ensue.
It is very important that your vaginitis be properly diagnosed before resorting to treatment options.
Topical ointments or gels, anti-fungal creams may be prescribed for vaginitis  to soothe pain or itching. Anti-biotics of some kind will be prescribed so that you do not get an infection from the vaginitis. An anti-histamine will be prescribed if the cause of your vaginitis is an allergic reaction.
Estrogen creams or tablets may be prescribed if your vaginitis is a result of a thinning out of the vaginal lining.
Depending on how severe your vaginitis is, you may have to avoid sex while you are being treated.

Cotton is the best material for underwear as it absorbs body moisture and keeps the skin cool. Several things can irritate the vagina – douching, tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners, laundry detergent, soap, vaginal perfume, tight clothes, a sweaty workout, nylon panties.
Avoid soaking for too long in a bath tub, and hanging out for long periods in saunas or jacuzzis. When your body produces too much oil, and if you are very active and sweat more, you skin produces acne.
Don’t let companies trick you into thinking you need a special product geared towards body acne.
In addition to using a gentle body wash that contains salicylic acid, shower more often to help prevent body acne. While diet high on sodium (read salt) may aggravate your acne, sea salt remedy can actually get you rid of them.
Although an overweight person with this body type may still have higher than ideal levels of visceral fat, her risk for heart disease tends to be lower. If you’re an apple-shaped person, you tend to have a large amount of visceral fat, increasing your risk for heart disease.
Remember that not only is normal weight gain associated with pregnancy, but stomach muscles have been stretched and expanded for nine months. Even slim people can have too high a percentage of visceral fat, putting them too at risk for complications associated with this excess weight around the middle. If you are endangered as well, reducing body fat in your abdominal area can help to improve your overall body condition. They, similar to women, start to lose muscle mass as they age, especially if they’re inactive. Lifestyle choices, such as inactivity, poor diet, and excessive alcohol intake, can cause the body to store excessive visceral fat. They can be very worrying if you have never had one before, and they can confuse the life out of you if you have no idea what’s going on. There are several different types of vaginitis based on the kind of inflammation, the cause of the vaginitis, and the nature of the infection (whether infectious or non-infectious). It can spread through sex, but it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease as even women who do not have sex can develop this type of vaginitis. Damp clothes in particular from very heavy sweating – like after exercise – pose a high risk factor for vaginitis. When this residue comes in contact with your genital area, it can transfer the residue on the skin and lead to vaginitis. That is why you are more vulnerable to vaginitis if you are ill or have been ill for awhile.
Vaginitis during pregnancy makes you more vulnerable to infection, which is very difficult to treat when pregnant. Both these conditions are linked to a host of health problems for the baby later in life from learning disabilities to cardiovascular disease. Your doctor will be able to diagnose the type of vaginitis based on the these qualities of your vaginal discharge, so make a note of them. There are several treatments for vaginitis that are very effective in quickly dissipating the uncomfortable symptoms and curing you of the vaginitis altogether.
The gels may also contain anti-bacterial properties which kill off or reduce the proliferation of the bacteria causing the vaginitis. Some strains of infection lie asymptomatic and dormant in men, so they may not even know that they are carrying a virus. So it would be in your best interest if you took steps to prevent the development of vaginitis. However, it is not douching but the fluid and bacteria in the vagina that keep it clean and healthy. Acne is usually associated with breakouts on the face, but body acne can be a huge problem for many people.
Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. When you breakout on your body, the technical term for it is folliculitis, which is what doctors consider an infected hair follicle. The same acne balms, creams, serums and washes you use on your face can be used anywhere else.

Although not much research has been done on why sea salt is so effective in eliminating acne, it may be because it is effective in containing bacterial buildup.
She has less toxic fat surrounding her organs and producing dangerous hormones and byproducts, since she stores more fat in her extremities. Do not reduce your food intake too much in these cases, or if breastfeeding, nor lose weight too quickly.
The changes in testosterone and estrogen levels in the 40s may make your body more inclined to lose lean muscle mass and store fat around your waistline. Vaginal infections can cause severe itching or discomfort on the labia, vulva, and the mouth of the vagina. If the type of vaginitis is misdiagnosed, then the wrong medicine will be prescribed, and this can prevent prompt healing and make your vaginitis worse.
Even if your douching was not the reason for your vaginitis, doing it while you are afflicted will only aggravate the condition. Plus, this is just common sense that you should be adhering to anyway if you are sexually active and are not in a monogamous relationship.
But you should definitely consider it if you know you have a sensitive vagina and have had vaginitis in the past.
When you douche, you strip the vagina of its natural moisture and kill off the very bacteria that are supposed to be protecting you. But the greater risk is that it makes your vagina more vulnerable to infection or irritation by the substances used in the soap that you are bathing in or the chemicals put in hot tubs to keep the water clean. Regardless of what you want to call it, acne on the body and face looks the same and can be treated with the same products. Salt also effectively dries out your skin, taking away all the oil that cause acne on your back.
ACV does it by balancing the pH of your body which naturally eliminates the acne breakouts. But researchers are as yet unsure of whether or not this form of vaginitis can be spread through sex. Some women develop symptoms almost immediately while others can have the infection for a very long time with no signs that anything is wrong. A yeast infection is characterized by a thick white discharge that looks a lot like cottage cheese. So although there are several over-the-counter medications available for vaginitis, do not self-prescribe unless you are 100% sure of the type of vaginitis that you have. If you do end up taking a soak though, make sure that you thoroughly wash up with plain water after so that no residue is left on your vagina. Those who have used this remedy for back acne, have praised it for quick and effective solution for their bacne. Give yourself some time to establish a breastfeeding schedule before implementing a weight loss routine. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, then you are suffering from some form of vaginitis. Trichomoniasis sufferers will see a yellowish-green vaginal discharge that can sometimes be frothy. If you have never had a vaginal infection before, then it is safer to see your doctor and be diagnosed. But you can try wearing panties that at least have a cotton lining in the area of the crotch.
For example, use an unperfumed laundry soap made of natural ingredients to wash at least your panties if not all your clothes.
However, whenever you decide to use salt for your back acne remedy, go for sea salt and not the table salt as it has iodine in it which may further make the acne proliferate. Make sure to consult your physician before making changes to your diet while breastfeeding. Switch to unperfumed sanitary pads and tampons made from natural rather than synthetic materials.

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