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There’s no need to use harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach to remove a mildew smell under a sink and dishwasher. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda deliver a one-two-three knockout punch to most types of household mildew. All three are natural substances that will not harm family pets or small children, and they are safe for the environment. You may have a leaking water pipe under your house, and if so, having it mended will not only prevent mold from recurring but save you money on your utility bill.To find out if you have an invisible water leak, check your meter. If it shows that water has been used, you have a leak and should get a plumber to trace it and repair it.If there’s no water leak, you may need to check your basement or reseal your foundations.
Of course, if you’ve been through a flood, you already know the cause of your odor and can get right to work on eliminating the smell.2. Dump moldy soft furnishings, paper and cardboardPaper and cardboard will hold onto a mildew smell and re-infect the area with spores. Get rid of old cardboard boxes, magazines and if there are soft furnishings that reek of mildew, you may have to get rid of these too.3. Now air out the room or use a dehumidifier to help things to dry out.A cup of bleach to a gallon of warm water does the trick. Before you use any of the cleaning solutions mentioned in this article, do test a small area first to ensure that you won’t cause any damage.4.

Suck the odor out of the air with odor absorbersYou can buy commercial odor absorbers, but you can get the same effect much more cheaply using a few charcoal briquettes.
Use a dehumidifierIf you suspect that the mold is caused by moisture in the air, getting rid of the damp will kill the mildew. A dehumidifier may not be the very cheapest of your possible solutions, but if mold odors are caused by a need to keep windows closed and a humid atmosphere, this appliance is the solution.Here you can find some affordable models. So if the aspect of the affected room allows for sunshine during the day, leave the curtains open and throw open the windows.8. Get the smell out of carpetsBefore you throw out old carpets because of a moldy smell, try this mold-fighting tip. Brush it off and disinfectIf you have visible patches of mold, you ca use a dry brush to dislodge and brush off the visible growth before cleaning thoroughly with one of the mold killers we’ve just been looking at. Keep it smelling good If your mildew problem is not caused by a water leak or a flood, poor ventilation and high humidity are to blame.
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Opening a window whilst you’re doing the cleaning is great as it means that you can let the fresh air in, and things will be a lot nicer when you’re done!
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Weird Smells Around Your House and How to Get Rid of ThemIs something dying in your sink?Chances are that a lot of food is going to end up as partially disintegrated gunk in your sink or disposal over time.
A simple remedy to remove the odor from your sink just takes baking soda and boiling water. If you have a disposal, toss some citrus peels in after the water to really freshen things up!Do bathroom smells linger?We all know that the bathroom air can be filled with odors all day long, and using commercial deoderizers and candles isn’t always desired. Then everyone will release a fresh scent each time they visit!Does your front-load washing machine smell moldy?That front-load washing machine sure is efficient and easy to load, but it definitely comes with its own special smells as you own it.
To keep the mold smells away, keep the door open after each wash to air it out, and wipe the interior rubber seal with bleach every few weeks to keep bacteria and mold at bay.
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