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Mucus threads urine: treatments, Mucus thread in urine can be normal, but some signs indicate a more serious condition that needs medical attention. Mucus urine - buzzle, Mucus urine symptom intestinal disorders irritable bowel syndrome ulcerative colitis..
White particles, tissue, mucus urine - ovarian cancer, Please rid problem; particles urine.
Rats and mice eat human food and contaminate the environment with their urine and excrement.
Use rodent baits only after trying traps because baits are toxic to humans and other animals.

After sanitizing the house and eliminating cracks through which they can enter, you can place traps and baits in the walls to get rid of the pests.
Look for gnaw marks, tracks, droppings, urine stains and grease smudges along the walls to find the areas. I hope we can get it up into the attic as an extra layer of R 19 without having to put it in sacks.
Place several baits in the wall especially in tight spaces where the rats and mice will see it. The area behind the walls tend to be dusty, so you should cover the glue boards to maintain their effectiveness.

The fiberglass batts just about filed the 30 yard dumpster, as well as the drywall from the demolition.

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