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Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory and alkalizing properties that help reduce inflammation. Alternatively, you can simply add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink it. Clove oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce muscular cramp and alleviate pain effectually. Note – Epsom salt should not be used by those suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes. The cold temperature can numb the pain, since it reduces soreness and relaxes the affected muscles. Besides, you can also prepare massage oil by mixing four parts of vegetable oil in one part of wintergreen oil. Alternatively, go for swimming as muscles stretch in water easily, which reduces inflammation and soreness.
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in tart cherries reduce the inflammation and put off the post-exercise muscle pain. Sometimes the best remedy to alleviate muscle pain is not to do anything at all.  If you take a break from your daily schedule and rest for a couple of days, then common muscle pain will pass on naturally. Mustard oil is a natural rubefacient that increases the blood flow, loosens up the muscles and helps alleviate pain.
Alternatively, wrap 4 tbsp of freshly crushed ginger in a tight piece of cotton cloth or bag.

Cayenne pepper is loaded with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation, muscle pain and stiffness. Or else, take one tablespoon of olive oil and mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder in it. Moreover, sprinkle some crushed cayenne pepper flakes in your soup, salad, or other dishes to speed up the recovery. Chamomile is packed with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it an effective muscle relaxer.
Hyssop is a delightful evergreen herb that works wonders for reducing pains of muscles and joint.
Simply prepare an extract by soaking 1-3 tsp of willow bark in some cold water for 3-5 hours.
Eat water-based fruits and vegetables, in order to reduce the chance of dehydration that otherwise causes muscle cramps.
Low back pain- lumbago and sciatica (back pain that radiates down the leg) is the most common spine disorder. After a few days the pain will disappear, muscle tension will be reduced, and after 10-15 days lumbago and sciatica will be gone without a trace. As every part of the human body has muscle tissue; one can experience pain in muscles anywhere.
Folks use it for treating their leg cramps and aching muscles, since it is high in potassium and loaded with several nutrients.

Wrap some ice cubes in a thin towel and put them on the affected area for around 15 minutes.
Drink a cup of tart cherry juice (without sweetening) to reduce muscle soreness and tenderness.
It contains both potassium and calcium that plays an important role in maintaining healthy muscles. Crush 10 garlic cloves and heat them in 4 tbsp of mustard oil till the cloves turn golden brown. Theaflavin, an antioxidant found in black tea, helps reduce inflammation and also eliminates free radicals from the muscle cells.
Cut a small piece of ginger root and allow it to boil in two cups of water for 8-10 minutes. It benefits the muscles by increasing the amount of amino acids.  Drink 3 cups of this tea to relax your muscles. We`ll suggest you this simple but very effective way to eliminate back pain with the help of aluminum foil. The warming effects of rosemary give a feeling of relaxation and due to its anti-inflammatory properties; it calms down the inflamed muscle tissue.

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