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Molds can be very dangerous to try and clean on your own as they are the cause of a number of respiratory diseases. Due to the fact that most musty odors are a result of mold, you should take precautions before you begin to clean any infected areas. Hydrochloric Acid - Using hydrochloric acid is one of the most effective ways to kill mold and stop the odors. Dehumidifier - A dehumidifier in your basement and damp areas of your house is one of the best preventive measures you can take.

Clean and Dry Damp Rugs and Towels - Damp rugs at the entrance of your house or leaving wet towels lay around the bathroom are huge cause for musty smells. Gutters - Having gutters properly installed on your house will help keep your basement dryer. Seal Leaks and Cracks in Your Foundation and Around Windows - Walk around your house with a caulk gun and fill in any cracks you can see in your foundation, around pipes and windows.
Step 4: Once the carpet and padding is dry, mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

However, hydrochloric acid can be dangerous and also can ruin a lot of surfaces such as wood floors. With a sponge or rag wipe down the area that was sprayed with the vinegar and water solution.

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