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Home Furniture Pictures How to get rid of musty smell from wooden furniture?How to get rid of musty smell from wooden furniture?
Depending upon the age of furniture and kind of wood, getting rid of musty smell can be a big challenge. Wood is porous by nature and therefore it will take in moisture, air, foul smell from the surroundings. Another option to remove musty smell from furniture is to sand down the original finish and let the wood breathe in the fresh air for some time.
Often the main culprit of that musty smelling wood is bacteria and germs that gather inside the wood. If you have a large dresser with drawers or armoire, it may be difficult to reach out to all surfaces with some of the other tips.
Last but not the least; don’t avoid buying wooden furniture from antique store because of fear of misty wood furniture. I don’t actually keep my luggage on my front hall table, I just thought it was a nice way for you to get a good gander at it. Then close up your piece of luggage (or any other thing you own that’s filled with musty smells. When the week is up, just empty the kitty litter and fill your luggage with whatever you choose to. I use the vinegar trick because I have 3 dogs and my car gets smelly sometimes, and yes the vinegar works.
My 2005 car was bought new by an old lady who was a smoker and thn found out a few months later she had lung cancer. When we had a skunk spray our house, that vinegar remedy is one of the things I found online.

My husband, having forgot it didn’t work, tries putting a bowl of vinegar in our bar fridge when it smelled like skunk (due to being in the mudroom that smelled) It’s been 6 months and it STILL smells like vinegar! Amie – Baking soda does work, but for bigger jobs like suitcases kitty litter is the one to go with. I create handbags from recycled leather jackets and I obtained a wonderful bomber jacket recently that had that OLD musty smell. How rid smoke smell clothes, room & car fast, Want to know how to get rid of smoke smell naturally? How rid mothball smell – rid stuff, One shopping secondhand clothes fun ' find.
How rid rotten egg smell – rid stuff, As final step, increase water heater temperature 71 degrees celsius rid bacteria causing smell.
The best way to find out how the furniture received this smell will tell whether the process is right or not. If your piece of furniture has been kept in an old house attic, basement or garage floor, it is most likely that it has taken in musty smell from these. Once again, leave the piece of furniture in a conditioned space so that it doesn’t absorb odour and moisture. This is especially true if the wood is placed in a moisture rich environment for a long tenure. There are several ways you can acquire old wooden furniture and get rid of that musty smell. Try moving that piece of furniture in an air conditioned room of your home and incorporate it somewhere in low humidity zone. Select a stain and refinish the wood surface with at least 2-3 coats, thus allowing the stain to fully dry between the coats.

Use a wood soap product that is apt for cleaning and killing the bacteria present inside the wood.
They said they use it on pets that have been sprayed by skunks and many dog owners use it to get urine stank out of outdoor dog runs. Use a dehumidifier and select the door and leave the piece of furniture there only for some hours daily. Use soap on all the corners, edges, under the handles, under side of the food to ensure that all wood is immersed in the soap.
It makes me want to use words like whippersnapper and hooligan while holding a rolling pin in one hand and a television remote the size of a box of cereal in the other. Be patient about your wooden furniture, it has a history that you can preserve for several years. Similar to charcoal filters, charcoal is a natural substance to reduce musty smell from the furniture.
Once the smell is removed, now you can paint the furniture like new one and no one will have a clue how you got that beautiful furniture. Also, the traditional kitty litter has way better odour absorbing properties than the newspaper type.

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