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If the white spot is at the nail bed, let the nails grow, and then you just have to cut the nail off. Always keep your nails clean as germs, and dirt can cause bacterial and fungal infections, which can lead to white spots on your nails. Do not try to open soda cans or staples with the help of your nails as it might cause stress or trauma to the nail resulting in white spots.
Sometimes, white nails can indicate cirrhosis, a liver disease that happens because of excessive intake of alcohol. Be careful while manicuring your nails because any extra pressure around the cuticle area or pushing them back can cause trauma to the nail bed. Bad quality nail polish, nail hardeners, nail removers, and artificial nails can cause allergic reactions leading to white spots. After every hand wash, apply moisturizers, and massage your nails with hand lotion to avoid white spots on your nails. If the white spots appear repeatedly or suddenly, then it may indicate an underlying disease of the kidney or liver.
Consistent use of nail polish can leave a haggard looking yellow stain on your nails that will not look pretty. Women generally love their nails as they like to apply nail polish once in a while, when the mood strikes them.
That being the case, here are some clever tips or pointers that will talk about how to get rid of nail stains. Taking the toothbrush method to another level, use the toothbrush to smear on some peroxide toothpaste, known for its whitening properties, to remove stains. Another unique way to use lemons to rid your nail stains is to use a lemon half to poke your finger into. If home remedies are not quite cutting it, you can always use a store bought nail polish remover to get rid of really tough stains, even if you don’t have any nail polish on.
When using nail cleansing solutions like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice, it is important that you rinse your hands and nails clean. Yellow nails look very ugly and you will feel shame in front of other people if you have yellow nails.
Lemon can efficiently help to get rid of yellow nails because it is a natural bleaching agent. Another best way to get rid of yellow nails is the use of hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide has cleaning characteristics that efficiently work on yellow nails.
Make the solution with three to four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and a half cup of water. Use hydrogen peroxide on your affected nails directly and scrub them softly with a toothbrush for mulish stains. Apply moisturizing lotion on your nails after using hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide can dehydrate your nails.
However, this is not a home remedy but it is a very easy and comfortable technique to get whiter nails. Make a solution of half tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of 3 % of hydrogen peroxide in the bowl. Make a thick paste of one-half teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of lemon juice.
If you want to use nail polish and you have your yellow nails due to the nail infection, then you should use a base coat on nails before applying the nail polish on the nails. Your nails will be protected and nail polish will not make any effect on the affected nails. The toothpaste you use for your teeth can also help to get rid of yellow nails by removing yellow stains from nails.
Use whitening toothpaste on your yellow toenails or fingernails in a small amount and then leave your nails for five to ten minutes. Tea tree oil is very efficient and best way If you wan to learn how to get rid of yellow nails if your nails become yellow due to some fungus relevant infection.

The stains of the nails will be reduced if you will use apple cider vinegar in which acetic acid and malic acid present.
If you observe that the color of your nails becoming yellow, it means you are suffering from the nail infection. If you will use nail polish on the affected nail, the infection will spread to all the nails. There are lots of products to get rid of yellow nails and fungus infection, but most of the treatments are useless and waste the money.
Soak your nails in the mixture of virgin olive oil and lavender and leave it for some minutes.
Mouthwash is not only a helping thing to kill the bacteria of mouth, but it can also facilitate to remove the stain and infection of nails. If you think that fruits can fix any problem, then you will love to hear that you can use fruits like juniper berries, oranges to get rid of yellow nails and get whiter and shiny nails.
Oil of oregano mixed with olive oil works as antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiparasitic and as an analgesic agent. If you have yellow nails and have a fungal infection on your nails, Zetaclear is a very important thing for you. It is in a gel form therefore you can use it safely and you do not have any fear to run down to the skin or fear of burning the carpet. Tea tree oil is the main ingredient of Zetaclear which is very strong antiseptic and go inside the nail to fight the infection.
As all these remedies are not effective and may be all these may not have the good effects so you should visit the doctor to get a proper advice.
All of these remedies are home based so you should get natural ingredients and all the products that are in good quality. In these remedies, some of the products and chemicals have side effects so you should be very careful.
If you get any problem with your skin with these remedies, do not continue to follow these remedies more. Get rid of rust with nail polish Coat the undersides of your shaving cream cans -- or any metal soap dishes or shower products -- with a layer of clear nail polish to keep rust from forming and staining your bathtub. In a pinch I've used Vaseline on creaky doors, doesn't last forever but when you have a newborn and no wd it'll save the day!
If the spot is at the center of the nail then you will have to wait for the nail to grow, so that the spot comes to the tip and then you can snip it off. Take an old toothbrush and gently go to work on your nails, slowly scrubbing away to remove the stubborn yellow stains. Move your nail around in such a way that it becomes soaked with the lemon juice, both from the inside and the outside. Use a 3% strength solution of hydrogen peroxide that is mixed in with an equal amount of water and then soak your fingernails for about 5 minutes. Especially dark shades and the pigments used in the nail polish can blemish your nail shapes over time.
However, this problem should be resolved quickly before the infection extends further on the nails. Discharge some lemon vital oil into the bowl and then dip your nails in that bowl for few minutes.
Baking soda can help you very efficiently to get rid of yellow nails because baking soda has the properties of exfoliating and bleaching. Find the toothpaste that contains the whitening ingredient and hydrogen peroxide and use it for removing yellow stains.
Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are the two most common ingredients in the denture cleaning tablets. Tea tree oil will facilitate to fight infection and make your nails shiny because it has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Apple cider vinegar will help to treat nail infection because it has antifungal properties.

In such case if you want to get rid of this infection, you can choose to visit the doctor but you can also avoid this step because you can treat nail infection in home without spending large amount of money.
Instead using nail polish you can use medicated nail polish which will actually help to control the infection on all the nails.
Use herbal medicated cream to get rid of yellow nails which is the best way to remove the yellow color of your nails and it has no side effect.
Mouthwash prevents the development of fungi and germs because it contains compounds that work as antiseptic. If you will take an orange daily, and rub your nails with it twice or thrice in a day you will get rid of the stain of nails.
You can also know the state of your general health by the distinct appearances of spots, lines, and patches, on your nails.
They will require some persistent scrubbing although most stains will come off with this powerful homemade nail cleaner. If you want to learn how to get rid of yellow nails, you should use a clear base coat before using nail polish of your favorite color. This problem can be resolved in the home by avoiding beloved nail polishes, wearing the comfortable shoes that can give sufficient ventilation, changing the socks regularly, drying the feet after bathing. Just try this amazing DIY solution using lemons to get rid of yellow toenails or fingernail. No doubt, quitting the addiction is very hard in starting but you will definitely get positive results after giving up the habit of smoking. If you want to remove the yellowish color of your nails then you need to use orange peel because it has a high amount of vitamin C.
If you are doing a treatment on your affected nails and using nail polish then it will stop curing your nails while medicated nail polish help to get rid of yellow nails. Zetaclear firstly removes the stain from your nails and then help to return your nail in a healthy condition and make it shiny again.
Known as Leukonychia punctata in medical language, white spots are observed more commonly among women, and young people. For healthy growth of nails, you require vitamins, proteins, and calcium, which only a healthy diet can provide. Poor lifestyle habits, excessive smoking, chronic liver disease, and fungal infection may be some other reasons of yellow nails. Yellow nails can be a source of unpleasant odor and they become dull, lusterless and thick.
At the end, after cleaning the hands with lukewarm water use moisturizing lotion to stock up worthy moisture. In the beginning, the condition generally affects only one nail and then it spreads on all nails.
Zetaclear is recommended by FDA as it is the best and effective treatment against the nail infection. It can be due to fungal or bacterial infections, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, or some underlying disease. Whole nail does not become yellowish, only specific area of affected nail become yellowish in color.
Sometimes, allergy to nail polish, nail polish remover, nail hardener, or manicure can also lead to white spots on the nails. Occasionally, these spots fade away on their own and, at the most, take a few weeks to disappear or grow out completely. If you have spots on your nails, and want to get rid of them, read the article below for few tips.

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