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Stains can be caused by minerals, bacteria, or organisms that are in the water or start to grow in the toilet bowl.
The flushing problem can be traced to partially clogged toilet rim holes and the syphon jet hole in the base of the bowl. Because you're on a septic system, you don't want to introduce any cleaning products that contain chlorine bleach into your septic tank.
As the oxygen bleach dissolves, it releases countless oxygen ions into the water that work on their own to clean many stains. Mix one part muriatic acid to five parts water and pour this solution slowly into the toilet bowl.
Ask the Builder is a FREE weekly newsletter that offers building information you can trust from award-winning builder and nationally syndicated columnist Tim Carter. Subscribe to the FREE Ask the Builder newsletter to receive professional advice for your home. Applied to metal even as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel, Halo Metal Coat has the effect of increasing the grade of the substrate.  Applied to the rusting stainless steel of Iconic Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, you can see what a difference the coating makes. It will protect the paint surfaces as well from UV damage and degradation.  We’ve all seen tired looking diggers and bull-dozers on road and construction sites. I will now tell you a story that originally started waaay back in 1972 - when I bought my first camping stove, a Trangia 27. After a looong time I suddenly, and by pure chance, in 1988 stumbled over a Trangia 25 fitted out with a kerosene burner; a KAP Arctic! A long 25 year jump into present times and the start of last years autumn semester at school.
But this had woken my interest in this, and I remembered my winter mountain training in the military service where an Optimus 111 kerosene stove had made our day (and week!) when we were melting snow into water in the field.

I had also fitted new screws to the flame ring and cleaned away casting flash in the primer hole.
The hole was also slightly enlarged to get a down-slope from all parts of the little funnel area. After protecting the orange outside with masking tape the inside were painted with a white engine paint.
And it's all stored, together with a Primus fuel bottle filled with Aspen 4-stroke, in the spare wheel well of the Passat.
Along similar lines I've put my Optimus 199 Ranger into the boot of my hobby car, a much smaller 2-seater (a 1980 Triumph TR convertible. It's the one showing the inside of the 111 box when it is stuffed with the things it carries.
For a strong flush, the water in the toilet tank needs to flow rapidly into the bowl through these holes. Those it can't clean it usually softens up so you can defeat them with a standard toilet brush.
This means you need to add it to your toilet bowl when the water level in the bowl is minimal.
Lower the toilet seat cover to prohibit animals from playing or drinking the toxic solution. If not, use a wood dowel stick to see if you can't break the lime apart or chip away at it. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Over the years, I've developed a process to remove just about every stain known to man or woman.

Over the years, hundreds of my readers have reported toilets that used to flush great but now don't work well. Clogged holes slow the water flow meaning the stored finite energy in the tank water is dissipated over a greater amount of time.
Your septic system will love the oxygen bleach as the oxygen helps the bacteria in the tank thrive and survive. It will not harm the china toilet, but its fumes are very toxic and the liquid acid can and will burn you.
If you don't clean the toilets on a regular basis this bacteria can bloom within a few days. You'll see the toilet flush, but it won't refill since you didn't take water from the tank. Close the bathroom door and put a sign up warning others about the toxic brew in the toilet.
Only in rare cases have I had to resort to using a piece of wood to help scrape stubborn deposits from a toilet bowl or the holes under the rim of the toilet bowl. The acid solution needs to be scooped from the toilet bowl, neutralized and then discarded outdoors. I've scrubbed with a toilet brush and a hardened white deposit that's deep in the bowl won't budge. The acid manufacturer will have instructions on the label telling how to neutralize the acid.

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