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Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and use as a spot cleaner.  Spray on carpet and then blot with paper towels or towels.
Combine all ingredients and then sprinkle your homemade carpet deodorizer powder on your carpets.  Let it sit at least 30 minutes and then vacuum. If nothing seems to be working to get rid of the dog pee smell then I highly recommend trying Kids N Pets.  It’s inexpensive and works! Crate training is the easiest method of potty training a puppy or adult dog.  Some dogs can crate train in 7 days or less! Vomit smell removal deodorizer clean vomit odor & rid, I desperately needed to remove dog vomit odor from my new sofa.

Solutions cat urine odor, dog urine smells , How to get rid of odors with ken the odor dude. Pregnancy nausea remedies - rid nausea, Discover how you can get rid of pregnancy nausea overnight!

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