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Then The Ten Minutes It Takes You To Read This Letter Will Be The Most Important Of Your LIFE.
You’ve even emptied your bank account for PMS relief experts who claim that their PMS remedies would make you feel like a new woman again. And they only left you feeling miserable and disappointed…not to mention still suffering from extreme cramps before and after your period.
Let’s face it: it’s a crime the way these so-called “PMS relief experts” bombard you with sky-high hopes and expectations, only to cause heartbreak, frustration and depression when their false promises are eventually exposed. Clearly these “experts” aren’t interested in helping you discover a long-term, health-conscious PMS treatment that prioritizes your unique lifestyle. They’re not even interested in helping you achieve the life-altering feeling of gliding through your period without suffering from debilitating cramps, bloating, irritability, and headaches.
So what makes me so different from the long line of people who’ve thrust you on a merry-go-round? You’ve tried almost every PMS treatment under the sun – and each so-called “remedy” made you feel exactly the same during your period: irritable, in pain, and ready to crawl into bed for a week. You’ve been leading a limited life, shackled to the chains of PMS pain and desperate to find the keys to freedom from this crushing burden. As a former PMS sufferer, I myself searched high and low for a way to end the excruciating cramps, the awful aches and the debilitating headaches that came hand-in-hand with my premenstrual syndrome. I lived the hell that you’re going through right now – and it wasn’t limited to just 28 days either. After my kids and husband stopped opening up to me and my boss sat me down to discuss my poor productivity in the office, I finally decided that I had had enough. I Got So Frustrated With My Doctor’s Inability To Treat My PMS Symptoms That I Decided To Take Matters Into My Own Hands! Even Major Universities and Publications Were Celebrating the Power Of Natural PMS Remedies! In the new Italy-based study -- the first to look at the impact of a single, high-dose of vitamin D on menstrual cramps -- researchers enrolled 40 women between the ages of 18 and 40.
After two months, the women in the vitamin D group reported that their pain scores decreased by 41 percent, on average.
These studies came as a surprise to me, because it forced me to see the undeniable truth about period relief: if prescription pills and over-the-counter medication really worked, every woman would just sail through her menstrual cycle.
And the one fatal error we’re all making is this: we think PMS relief has to be more complicated than it actually is.
It’s for a simple reason: Most doctors and pharmaceutical companies only ever approach body problems from a 100% medical standpoint – meaning if there isn’t a drug that can cure or prevent it, then it’s considered incurable. But now, PMS-free and a heck of a lot healthier, I’m living proof that these vitamins, minerals, and herbs work. Stop searching for a magical PMS solution that ends up costing you tons of money…only to leave you feeling more frustrated and let down than ever before. Stop accepting sub-par PMS relief treatments that make you feel like you’re running on empty. It’s time to stop short-changing yourself…and it’s time to change the way you look at PMS relief FOREVER. At the core of Period Vitamin is an incredible combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that provide the relief you need to gently soothe away your worst PMS symptoms.
Each ingredient was carefully selected by university professors, medical researchers, and holistic experts to provide women with the period pain relief they need to live a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. Each ingredient is critical to your PMS relief because it fights your symptoms at the source.
In fact, Period Vitamin is the only supplement that uses these specific vitamins, herbs and minerals to combat PMS. Best of all, Period Vitamin is 100% natural, so you won’t ever have to worry about nasty side effects or dangerous health complications. Period Vitamin contains a powerful combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are designed to work together to relieve your worst period symptoms. Additionally, Period Vitamin was designed to help you replace the nutrients you lose each month, battle free radicals, soothe your body, and restore natural harmony to your body.
Chasteberry:Chosen because of the hormone balancing properties of this ancient remedy, as it works through the pituitary gland to regulate estrogen and progesterone production. Cranberry:Cranberry effectively prevents bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder. White Willow Bark: Chosen because it treats chronic pain, like those we experience during headaches, back aches, menstrual cramps, and sore muscles. Dong Quai:A Chinese herb that’s used to regulate hormone levels and relieve PMS-related tension. Red Raspberry also contains important vitamins and minerals like B3 (Niacin), C and Manganese, all of which gives you healthy-looking skin and boosts your energy levels. Black Cohosh:Contains a phytoestrogen that mimics your body’s natural estrogen, which can reduce PMS-related acne. Damiana:Added to Period Vitamin because it increases energy levels, and counter depression and hot flashes.
Calcium: Chosen because it can reduce bloating, cramping and other pains associated with PMS.
Cramp Bark:Chosen because it has been shown to reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps. Magnesium: Chosen because your body needs it to efficiently absorb calcium, help muscles relax, and minimize cramping.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D can reduce acne, regulate your hormones, and skyrocket your energy levels. Vitamin E: This powerful vitamin can relieve moodiness, breast tenderness, headaches, insomnia, cramping and depression associated with your period. It’s also one of the only PMS treatments out there that will help you lead a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life. Imagine knowing you’ll never have to find yourself curled up in a ball on the couch, suffering from wave after wave of painful period cramps.
Imagine the relaxation and confidence that comes with knowing you’ll never have to watch in misery as the calendar moves closer and closer to the first day of your period. Imagine the happiness and joy that comes along with not being afraid of getting your period. That’s the kind of promise you just CAN’T get from those prescription pills and over-the-counter medications.
I mean, come on – who wants to take those toxic medicines month after month until they reach menopause? And besides, who wants to live in perpetual fear that these medications will end up doing more harm than good? I highly recommend your product, Period Vitamin, for all women who experience painful bloating during their periods.
And as a single girl in the ever-fashionable New York City, I just can't afford to let something as simple as bloating take a bite out of my confidence.
I've recommended Period Vitamin to all my girlfriends who moan about their monthly bloating miseries - and they've all raved over its amazing powers to banish the bloat. It's only been a few days since I've started taking my Period Vitamin, and I'm already experiencing less aches and pains. My name is Katelyn, and for years, I've suffered from one severe PMS symptom in particular: breast tenderness. I'm 40 years old, and I've battled with severe PMS symptoms ever since I first got my period when I was twelve. Before Period Vitamin, I would go from depressed to anxious to a sobbing wreck all in the space of just ten minutes.
As a fellow woman, I know you'll agree with me when I say this: probably one of the worst things about severe PMS symptoms is the fluid weight gain. Try to get this anywhere else, and you’ll have to fork out hundreds of dollars for prescription medications, doctors appointments, and charlatan period treatments. You can save almost twenty bucks by ordering a sixty-day supply of Period Vitamin for just $49.95. If you opt for this incredible deal, you’ll also get immediate access to my special report (worth $15!).
In this detailed guide, you’ll learn just what the main causes of your PMS symptoms are and how your diet plays a huge role in managing and controlling your PMS.
In addition to the special bonus described above, you’ll get immediate access ANOTHER special report, worth $30.
In this can’t-miss guide, you’ll discover what researchers believe are the contributing factors of PMS.
If you love Period Vitamin, then you don’t have to do anything else – you’re a member for life! If you’d rather scrape by battling your period pains the old fashioned way, then just send an email with request for a refund within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. With such a wealth of experience and knowledge at your fingertips, you can be confident that you’ll be given the tools, resources, and information you need to finally take back control of your body.
So I'll admit, even thought I was desperate when I bought Period Vitamin, I didn't honestly expect it to work. Hi Uka, it's so nice that there are researchers like you in the world who are helping women manage their severe PMS symptoms.
During my period, I would always suffer from extreme pelvic pain and discomfort to the point where I would be begging my doctor for prescription medications. When a friend recommended Period Vitamin, I knew that I had found a solution for my pelvic pain problems.
After taking Period Vitamin for a few weeks, I didn't expect many results when my period came back into town. But surprisingly, this all-natural supplement totally changed my bowel habits – I actually couldn't tell the difference between my normal movements and my bowel movements during my period.
Hi Uka, you must get so many letters like this every day, but thank you SO MUCH for putting your time and effort into developing Period Vitamin!
Today’s the first day you’ll experience a supplement that will help you through your most severe menstrual cycle. Today’s the first day you discover the missing ingredients to successful and permanent PMS relief. Today’s the first day you achieve the pain-free menstrual cycle you’ve always dreamed about…but thought you could NEVER get. Don’t wait for the next “opportunity” to come around – because it might never show up again. Ordering Period Vitamin is incredibly simple: just click on the button below, and you’ll instantly be taken to a page where you can place your order.
Period pains will always plague you if you don’t take this step – and no prescription medication, over-the-counter pill, or heat pad is going to magically “save you.” Only YOU have the ability to put an end to period pain once and for all. From the moment you first got your period or called into the office sick because of debilitating cramps, you’ve been on a permanent quest for the ultimate PMS remedies.

When you’re in the first three weeks of your cycle, you feel productive, happy, and secure…but when your period comes, you feel like locking yourself in your house and hiding away from the world.
JoAnn Manson, chief of the Division of Preventive Medicine at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital, who co-authored a commentary on the new trial, also published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Half of the women received a single, high dose of vitamin D five days prior to the expected start of their next period; the other half got a placebo. Other foods containing B1 include oatmeal, fax, sunflower seeds, brown rice, whole grain rye bread, asparagus, kale, cauliflower, potatoes, oranges, and eggs. When your uterus is all cramped up, Red Raspberry’s ferulic acid shrinks swollen tissue and relieves muscle spasms. As someone previously afflicted by menstrual bloating, I'm happy to say that thanks to Period Vitamin, I don't have to pull out my fat pants every time my period rolls around. My back doesn't hurt me as much anymore, my cramps have subsided and my joints are actually cooperating with me for once. I haven't stopped recommending it to my friends and family members, and I know once they try Period Vitamin, they won't ever use over-the-counter painkiller or prescription medication again. Four months ago I found your Period Vitamin website and decided to take a shot at your product. Over the past four months, I've seen the kind of improvement from Period Vitamin that I've NEVER experienced with an over-the-counter or prescription medication.
But now that I've been taking your wonderful product, the mood swings have stopped altogether.
And when it comes to my specific fluid weight gain, I'm not just talking about a couple of pounds here.
The wonderful vitamins and minerals helped me flush out the toxins my body would cling to, and the herbs promoted a gentle cleansing action that made my fluid weight gain a thing of the past. And if you’re not convinced Period Vitamin can help you reap the rewards that come with a pain-free menstrual cycle, that’s not a problem. It doesn’t just mask the symptoms like many so-called medicines, including prescription meds. How could ingredients like red raspberry, chasteberry, and iron help when prescription drugs didn't?
Period Vitamin is an excellent product, especially when it comes to getting rid of pelvic discomfort and pain. Not only does Period Vitamin treat my pelvic pain and discomfort, but it actually treats the root of the problem within the body. I feel like your product is a must-have for women everywhere, especially women who suffer from an increased appetite like I did. But since using Period Vitamin, my appetite is completely under control, and I don't feel like the Cookie Monster when I'm menstruating. I thought that if there wasn't a prescription medication for it, then there's no way that Mother Nature could provide something that would work as well. After years of experiencing awful period-related headaches, I thought the medical community had given up on me completely. It's obvious that you're very passionate about your product, and I'm sure that women everywhere will soon be swearing by Period Vitamin.
Which is a good thing, because I'm a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding next month, and I want to look H-O-T! But I had to tell you the reason why I bought Period Vitamin: whenever my period came to town, I would experience a change in bowel habits. It got to the point where I would gain so much weight during my period, sweat my butt off to lose the weight, and then regain it all during my next cycle. You’re probably low in vitamin B6.Get a Vitamin B6 supplement of 100 mg from the health food store. According to Adelle Davis, one of the earliest dietitians who successfully used nutrients to help people reverse illness, vitamin B6 is important for those who suffer from foul-smelling gas, abdominal pains, dizziness, bad breath, irritability, fatigue and headaches.Take 100 mg twice daily and don’t forget to take your B complex. Take your vitamins and minerals.You can prevent a lot of PMS symptoms with a Period Vitamin.
This is a vitamin and mineral formula created specifically for the purpose of giving your body the vitamins, minerals and herbs it needs during that difficult time of the month.And really, when your body has everything it needs, it “shuts up” and stops giving you symptoms!Step 3.
Practice your yoga poses to avoid PMS bloat.The beauty of yoga poses is that you can do them when you start feeling bloated during your period as well as before and after your period. There are dozens of yoga poses that will work for this purpose.What they all have in common is that they’re focusing on the stomach and abdominal area and using the breath to oxygenate the tissues. Oxygen is the healer.For example, you can do the Seated Twist posture, Bow, Crocodile pose, or the Bridge. Even doing a partial shoulder stand to increase blood flow to an area of the body is potentially helpful. If you’re feeling miserable, think of a way not to let it influence your relationship with others. What Can I Take To Reduce Bloating During My Period What Can You Take For A Headaches While On Your Period What to Drink To Relieve Menstrual Cramps: 5 Answers Are There Any Good Vitamins for Menstrual Migraine? Let’s Elimiate It NaturallyOnly$11.95Think menstrual nausea is just something that you have to put up with? In this special report, you’ll discover several simple things that you can do to reduce and even prevent nausea.

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