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After using my DIY eye gel, I see my dark circles and puffy eyes starting to disappear in minutes! Did you know that apply eye gel or eye cream improperly can actually cause puffy eyes and dark circles? Never place it on the eyelids because the eye product will travel about an inch away from where the product was. Even if you decide not to make your own amazing eye gel, try to purchase skin care products that are in a tube or air tight pump bottle.

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With a lighter formula, you will instantly feel your eye's skin area soaked up with moisture. Some say to go clockwise or counter clockwise when applying to avoid accumulating fluids into our sinus canal. For me, I use it when my skin area around my eyes are dry and when I wake up looking like a hot mess from lack of sleep, or watched a sappy movie.

Many eye care products are sold in clear jars and it loses it effectiveness over time from light exposure and air.

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