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While there is clearly a difference between them – both conditions must be effectively treated before you can begin to see positive results. If you have a poorly fitted crown or dentures, this can create pressure on the gums in a way that causes them to swell. If you have recently visited the dentist to have a tooth pulled, it would be normal to expect some gum swelling after tooth extraction.
There’s another culprit that can often be one of the causes of localized gum swelling. A filling that has been over-filled or needs to be reduced because it’s pressing against another tooth could also be the cause.
Any problem that is a result of poor dentistry must be fixed by your dentist before you will get any relief from your gum swelling. Very often – the first signs of approaching serious gum problems are soreness, redness, aching and the swelling of gums around your teeth. Back in 2008 I was suffering badly with all the above gum disease symptoms and when I had exhausted my spare cash at the dentist’s surgery, I set about trying to find an alternative remedy that I could do by myself. More flossing and the regular use of a fluoride toothpaste with a proprietary brand of mouthwash is the usual advice. However, the toothpaste and mouthwash on sale in drug stores and supermarkets is harsh and full of chemicals and alcohol. What is essential, is that you eliminate the bad bacteria that lives in your mouth (nothing personal – we all have it).
Until you have got those harmful micro-organisms under control, you will never make any progress with your symptoms of gum disease. After some searching on the Internet I found Dental Pro 7 – a natural home remedy carefully formulated out of essential oils by a little-known specialist gum care manufacturer that ships same-day by airmail all over the world. Being somewhat skeptical as I had had some experience with swollen gum treatments that had failed, I needed some proof before taking out my credit card. On the Dental Pro 7 website there are positive customer testimonials that are worth reading – as many people have had great results. Assuming you have ruled out any pre-existing physical problem in your mouth – the answer is most likely to be a gum problem caused by oral bacteria. The best way to destroy your oral bacteria is to use Dental Pro 7, which is the leading natural alternative to expensive and uncomfortable dental procedures.
By using a natural product that has been specifically designed for the job – you have the best opportunity to end your gum swelling. Lemons are some of the most used citrus fruits in the world and most of us use them almost every single day. After reading these 15 facts and uses you will definitely try to eat more lemons and use them in more and more ways. The stress of modern life, junk food, pollution, lack of exercise and other toxins can throw our body off balance. Lemons are very antibacterial and as such they destroy bad bacteria in your body, and allow the good bacteria to flourish. Parasites and intestinal worms are very hard to get rid of, but there is a key element to get rid of them that lemons can help you with. If you have bad breath or canker sores a lemon might be an easy, cheap and simple way to deal with them.
Herbalists and naturopaths claim that the sourness of lemons signals the body to activate the liver and kidneys, and that the antioxidants help enhance the kidney and liver function. A simple way to treat dandruff by yourself is to make a hair mask, using lemon juice and other natural ingredients like coconut oil. Lemons don't have to be used only to repair damaged skin, the Vitamin C found in them is used by your body to make collagen and elastin. The oils found in lemons create an aroma that relaxes blood vessels and reduces inflammation, both are key factors in pain relief. The blood-vessel strengthening properties of lemon can be used to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, making your legs look younger and healthier.
Therefore, it is considered wise to get even the simplest of dental issues treated immediately during pregnancy. A pregnant woman can experience a number of dental issues throughout the course of her pregnancy. Also called as pyogenic granulomas, pregnancy tumors can occur in women who have a history of other dental issues like gingivitis and periodontal gum disease.

These tumors would start appearing as extra growth on the gums and would cause extreme discomfort while eating, drinking, swallowing or even speaking. Very common during pregnancy, pregnancy gingivitis is characterized by red, swollen and puffy gums.
Pregnant women are more prone to the condition owing to the increased hormonal levels which in turn increase the blood circulation throughout the body, including the gums. A serious complication in pregnant women, periodontal gum disease is known to cause premature delivery, miscarriage and weight issues in the new born.
It is considered imperative to inform about the pregnancy to the dentist before opting for any dental treatment. Accordingly, some of the dental treatments that need to be avoided during pregnancy include dental x rays, teeth whitening, root canal procedures, cosmetic procedures and any other form of extensive dental treatment that would require the patient to remain seated for longer periods (puts pressure on the inferior vena cava blood vessel, thereby causing dizziness or loss of consciousness). In the case a dental X ray is considered essential, the dentist would use an appropriate shield to protect both the mother and the baby.
Before opting for a dental treatment (even a routine one) during pregnancy, it is considered wise to let the dentist know of all the medications and supplements (including their dosages) the patient may be taking to support the pregnancy. Based on the information obtained, the dentist would either push off the treatment for a later period or alter the course of the treatment and the medications used for the same so that the patient and the baby are not affected.
Pregnant women must make it a point to visit the dentist regularly for professional teeth cleanings. It is also considered imperative to call the dentist immediately in case of certain dental issues like toothaches, bleeding gums, tooth abscess, pus formation near the gum line, tooth cavity, and tooth loss etc. Regular brushing and flossing would keep most if not all kinds of dental issues at bay during pregnancy.
Flossing after every meal would prevent dirt accumulation on the teeth and gums, thereby keeping tartar, plaque and bacteria away.
Eating a healthy, balanced diet high in minerals and nutrients is considered essential during pregnancy. Post pregnancy dental care is considered essential in cases where the individual in question suffered from dental issues before or during pregnancy. Dry socket is generally happened where a blood clot fails to develop in the tooth socket as a normal part of healing, or if the blood clot is dislodged. In my own case, I had bad gum disease, but there are also physical reasons why your gums might be swelling.
Wisdom teeth can take ages to arrive and this can produce significant gum swelling and pain.
If you are the kind that never liked lemons, despite their rich taste, high vitamin C, antioxidants, B-vitamins, calcium and more, this just might be the thing to change your mind!
Although lemons are very acidic, their nutrient content is alkaline-forming and thus helps make our body more resistant to a number of health problems. Parasites love acidic environments and drinking lemon juice or eating lemons will make your digestive system a more balanced environment which the parasites will die in. The lemon's essential oil has the ability to increase your level of concentration and alertness in your work or studying environment, with just the fresh smell they emit. Many skin care products are high on vitamin C because it stimulates cell renewal by gently exfoliating your skin. Flavonoids, as well as vitamin P, also help strengthen the blood vessels themselves and lower the risk of damage to them, due to high blood pressure. Use this mask to moisturize your dry scalp, but don't use it for too long or too often as lemon juice can also lighten your hair. The citric acid along with the vitamin C in lemons can slough off dead skin, enhance skin renewal, and brighten dark skin areas. A drink of lemon tea with honey every few hours should help subside any chill or fever you might have. If you suffer from sore joints or other inflammatory diseases drink a glass of lemon water every day and it could help ease your symptoms.
Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a moisturizing oil of your choice (like jojoba or avocado oil) and massage into the affected area.
But it has its own share of complications that one would need to stay away from in order to enjoy a healthy, hassle free pregnancy term. It is also imperative that pregnant women take good care of their teeth and gums during pregnancy in order to avoid complications later on. Pregnancy tumors can also affect a woman who suffers from other dental issues like pregnancy gingivitis or periodontal gum disease. So maintaining proper oral hygiene (regular brushing and flossing) is considered a must in order to keep the condition at bay.

The disease arises from a severe gum infection that damages the nerves, fibers and bones holding the tooth in place. And this can be done by opting for a professional dental cleaning procedure wherein a dentist would clean the teeth and gums, examine the teeth and gums, and rule out or treat any dental anomalies that could become a serious problem later on.
This would enable the dentist to perform routine dental treatments during pregnancy and leave any major treatment or procedure for later. Information about the pregnancy would also help the dentist rule out the use of certain drugs or medications that could affect the unborn baby. Drugs like tetracycline can affect the development of baby’s teeth and is usually avoided during pregnancy.
Even a slight issue could blow out of proportion and pose serious health related risks to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, it is considered wise to avoid certain dental treatments and procedures until after the pregnancy or get them done before conceiving (highly difficult). Sudden changes in the hormonal levels in the body during pregnancy would put the mother at increased risk of contracting dental issues. These conditions if left untreated could pose serious threats to the health of the mother and the fetus. Brushing the teeth with a round tipped, soft bristled toothbrush can keep them clean without damaging the tooth enamel in the process. A good quality mouth rinse would help clean the mouth and curb nausea that arises due to flossing. A diet that contains plenty of yogurt, cheese and dairy products would help supply the necessary nutrients for the proper development of bones, gums and teeth of the infant. A complete evaluation of the teeth and gums would be considered necessary at this stage to avoid recurrences in the future. Are we fully aware of just how beneficial they are for us, and how many other ways there are that we can use them, besides eating?
A cup of warm water with some lemon squeezed in will help you start your day in a healthy way.
A glass of water with the juice of one lemon, or any other means of combining lemons with a large meal, will help stimulate peristalsis and the production stomach acids to start the digestion process. If you have bleeding gums you can massage freshly squeezed lemon juice to the area with the problem, and directly deal with the bacteria causing all the pain. By using a slice of lemon as a facial scrub you will remove stubborn dirt and dead skin from your face and reveal the fresh, clean and healthy layer underneath.
As previously mentioned, lemons are also a mild diuretic which encourages your body to release stored unused water along with the accumulated waste products cleaned by your liver. Simply soak your feet in some hot water with the juice of 2-3 lemons, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and A? cup of milk for about 20 minutes.
Simply start eating more lemons or apply lemon juice to your skin, and after a time you will see the effect. Lemon extract can even help alleviate pain caused by sunburn if applied to the skin with water and gently rubbed on the sore area.
Doing so on a regular basis will slowly make the veins disappear from the top of your skin.
One such complication that every woman needs to be wary of during her pregnancy involves dental care and health.
Negligence and improper care could lead to other conditions like tooth loss, bleeding gums and even severe infection in and around the area.
Some patients have adverse effects to anesthesia as well and so would need to let the dentist know about the same in order to feel less stressed out during treatment. A dentist would be able to keep the teeth and gums clean, and would also be able to spot and treat anomalies that could pose a threat to the pregnancy. Fluoride toothpastes can be used for better results although bland tasting toothpastes can be used by individuals who suffer from morning sickness.
Therefore it is considered wise to limit the intake of sugary foods during pregnancy in addition to avoid snacking frequently. Pregnant women are more prone to dental issues owing to the sudden surge of hormonal levels in their body during this period. This means it helps the body get rid of excess water it doesna€™t need through increased urination, this will make you feel less heavy and less puffy. These dental complications can range from mild issues to more serious conditions that could pose a threat to the health of both the mother and the baby.

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