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I’ve written a couple posts about potty training puppies, so you might want to check out those other posts in the archives. The biggest things to remember are keeping the puppy on a potty and feeding schedule, as well as management when pup is in the house, so he doesn’t get the chance to run off and pee without you seeing him do it. The next important thing, which is where i believe the problem lies, is in how long you stay out with Jake for him to do his business. If your puppy doesn’t pee within the alloted 5 minute pee break, then bring him back inside, while still keeping him on leash. I know that this type of schedule might be annoying and difficult at first, but I can assure you that this will teach Jake very quickly that outside is where he should pee.
Are you at the end of your rope (um, leash?) cleaning up from your new dog’s housebreaking accidents inside? This article is not meant to be a comprehensive step-by-step how to housebreak your new dog or puppy article.  For that, we suggest you follow the steps in our Housetraining Your Dog or Puppy article. Receive useful adoption info and helpful tips and tricks for training your new adopted pet. Pups who know how to hold themselves even a little bit can be expected to hold it in for as many hours as they are months old.
Cleaning pee messes with household products won’t do the trick, and the spot will still be a beacon to your dog to go pee there again.

And if you haven’t tried Crate Training your puppy or dog as a housebreaking method, then you might find that cures your housebreaking blues instantly.
Keep it filled with super high value treats (Buddy’s absolute favorites), and keep it right next to the door. When you are home and awake, set your alarm and take Buddy to the Potty Area every hour on the hour every hour for 2 minutes. This tends to work better on smaller dogs – but the biggest housebreaking challenges we know of seem to be smaller dogs!
Keep him on leash inside, and return back outside every 10 minutes, or when you notice him starting some pre pee behavior, such as sniffing the ground, turning circles, whining and so on.
Put Buddy in the Gray Zone whenever you aren’t directly supervising him – supervising means EYES ON BUDDY not just in the same room! Bring it outside with you every single time you and Buddy go outside, so you’re ready to give him the jackpot reward if he goes! On a leash is better to keep them from thinking its play time, but some dogs are more likely to go when off leash, so follow your dog’s lead. Belly bands for boys and diapers for girls can be a permanent, instant solution to a housebreaking problem. The location of your Gray Zone depends on your dog’s size, your home, your climate, etc.

Especially if your dog is a new dog, stress of being in a new home can cause an infection to flare.
Just stand there, be boring, mediate for 2 minutes, and if Buddy goes potty, jackpot reward! I try to take him out often, after he eats and I have also been taking away his water at night.
Doing this sometimes teaches puppies that peeing outside only means that they’re going to brought back into the house, and it may signify End of Play Time Outside. If indoors, ideally use a space you don’t use much — many people use their kitchen, but then expect the dog to magically not go in the kitchen when they are home!
Lock the dog out of the Gray Zone when you are home and want them to hold it till you go outside.

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