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I ran inside and then ran back outside to dump my lice infested (?) coat outside – then ran back inside and scrubbed my hands like a surgeon. After further inspection of photos and articles, I realized that Slick probably had dandruff.  Dry, flaky skin under his heavy winter mane.
You see, the glass would let me see their color and shape more closely.  As stated above, equine lice are yellowy brown and they look like little bugs.
Nothing.  I did see dry skin and dandruff throughout the roots of his mane, but nothing else.
But what if it had been lice?  What would I have done to get rid of them?  Why did he have them? Also, once lice are established in a barn or area, they will come back every year unless you get rid of them.
Slick didn't have lice but he had a very dry and itchy scalp (bad owner, me!) I cut away the hair at the base of his mane and treated it with the only hair oil I had - Not so Sweet Itch - I combed it in and and I felt OK leaving it in. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
This article just saved me, what I thought was dandruff in my horses armpit area is actually lice.
There is one other very effective treatment for lice (and other external parasites) that is also much easier and far less messy.
Latest data shows that approximately 25% of adult men and more than 50% of adult women experience adult acne at some point in their lives. Lower progesterone production or an increase in testosterone could turn out to be the root cause of adult acne in women. The following combination of home acne remedies and acne treatment tips are very helpful in both cases. If you do not feel or see results, have your hormones and thyroid tested by your physician.

Google said that lice like most – the forelock forehead, the mane, whither and tail head. Skin specialists have narrowed it down somewhat but we know that some possible causes include hormones, cosmetics, stress, and an increase of resistant bacteria. Consuming soy-rich foods such as tofu, soybeans, soy cheese, soy nuts, soy yogurt, shakes and soy milk can be of help. Flax seeds contain phytoestrogens that can help balance hormones reducing hot flashes, night sweats, and moodiness. Sun Chlorella can help improve adult acne, helps diminish lines, wrinkles, age spots, helps smooth skin and tightens pores. Instead of applying powder onto oily areas ( which traps debris on the skin), use rice blotting papers, a piece of a toilet seat cover, or hair curler papers to blot oil.
Mineral Powder foundation can be used as an effective natural concealer, sun protection barrier and blemish-preventer – all in one. She is a top beauty expert as a result of sharing budget-friendly advice that helps all women, and even some men, look and feel their best. She has done over 500 radio interviews, and has appeared on myriad TV shows including: The Doctors, Extra, Style Network, Discovery Channel, Soap Talk, Los Angeles KTLA and KCAL Morning News, and many more. This information is not a substitution for diagnosis or treatment by a physician or health care provider. If neem leaves are available, boil a handful and soak the mane roots in the neem water, of course, after the water cools down a bit!
It’s funny how just the mention of the word lice sends shock-waves throughout your entire body. Consider taking zinc supplements or consuming zinc-rich foods such as eggs, liver, seafood, turkey, pork, mushrooms, milk and soybeans. A combination of milk thistle, dandelion root and tumeric is available at Trader Joe’s, located throughout California or see other brands at a health food store.

Soy moisturizers help brighten skin and can help fade pigmentation spots left by acne scars.
Find flax seed oil supplements (capsules) or ground flaxseeds at a local health food store. Taking daily omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) sas fish, flax or chia seeds, or borage oil naturally balance hormones and help uplift mood. She has made it her mission to help women solve their “head to toe” challenges with “look and feel good” tips that they can afford. In addition, EFA’s help support vascular health, joint care, can help slow aging, hydrate skin and hair, and ignite fat burning.
Mineral make-up powder is anti-microbial so it prevents and reduces adult or teenager with acne. I did not see any symptoms, signs or bugs-until I disturbed a “nest” then they were everywhere!!! This mask helps fade blemish scars, reduces enlarged pores and gives the skin a min-face-lift effect.
I started to scratch under his front leg (right where he cannot reach) he actually held his leg up as he turned to look at me like “you got it! I wanted to cry, I could see the relief in his eyes as I discovered these disgusting little blood suckers.

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