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Ingrown hair usually occurs due to wrong shaving technique, although it can occur naturally also. Pink bump on the skin accompanied by pain, itching and tenderness at the site of the bump is the most common presentation of ingrown hair.
Laser Hair Removal: Permanently destroys the hair follicles and also prevents future growth of ingrown hair.
Usually a combination of the above listed treatments is necessary to obtain the best results.
If using electric razors for shaving, avoid touching the skin with the head of electric razor and shave slowly and gently. You can attempt to release the ingrown hairs by using a sterile needle and gently dislodging it.

This condition usually occurs after puberty and is more common in the body parts with coarse hairs (pubic region, armpit, face).
Cutting the hairs very short increases the risk of hair growing sideways and piercing the skin, which results in an ingrown hair. However, rarely some cosmetically unpleasing complications like scarring and skin darkening may occur.
Using only trimmers and leaving a few millimeters stubble after trimming is as an alternative to shaving and waxing. Applying remedies that allow the skin to regenerate will help these marks fade more quickly. Ingrown hair can occur in clusters in a particular region if that area has been improperly shaved.

African Americans are more likely to develop ingrown hair because they have relatively thicker and coarser hairs. However, if one must shave, then certain measures can reduce the chances of developing an ingrown hair.

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