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Joshua Duvauchelle is a certified personal trainer and health journalist, relationships expert and gardening specialist. After you shave--whether it's your face or elsewhere on your body like your legs--you may notice small red bumps. Apply a shaving gel, shaving cream or similar lubricating shaving treatment, advises the Mayo Clinic.
Shave with a very sharp razor and drag it across your skin in the direction that your hair naturally grows.
Dab on a skin care cream or serum formulated with retinol or benzoyl peroxide, according to Ohio State University.
The red bumps will naturally disappear on their own if you practice proper shaving principles. Step 6Apply an after-shave gel, such as Bump Patrol, to the leg after you have completed shaving it.
Step 7Apply a moisturizing lotion, such as Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, once the after-shave gel has dried. Never pick or squeeze red bumps on your legs as this will only make them worse and could possibly cause scarring. If red bumps become swollen, painful or filled with pus, you need to see your physician as soon as possible.

Genital hair is there for a very good reason (to protect against bacteria) but there are reasons you might need to shave the hair off. His articles and advice have appeared in dozens of magazines, including exercise workouts in Shape, relationship guides for Alive and lifestyle tips for Lifehacker.
This softens both your hair and your skin for a cleaner, closer shave, according to Columbia University.
This helps create a thin barrier between your shaving razor and your skin to help prevent the irritation and problems that can lead to razor bumps.
This lets the shaving cream or gel penetrate your hair and skin for extra softening of the hair. The university says these products help get rid of the redness and inflammation if preventative measures don't adequately reduce them.
The hair follicles on your legs will soak up water and become softer, making it easier to get a smooth shave. Dermatologists can prescribe a product containing salicylic acid, which should alleviate the problem. Columbia University's Health Services says razor bumps occur when the shaved hair follicle curls inward to the skin.
For the best results and the least chance of irritating your skin, the university recommends shaving after you've gotten out of a hot shower or bath.

Never shave over the same area more than once as this will increase skin irritation to that area, and result in red bumps. By leaving it on the skin, it will moisturize the skin and prevent the development of red bumps on the legs. Your body then thinks it's an intruder and your immune system attacks it, creating the irritated skin you see.
Epsom Salts is used for sore muscles and is great for sunburns and irritations of the skin. Modification of how you shave, plus the application of the right skin care products, can help you soothe away the red bumps and prevent them from occurring in the first place.
If at-home methods fail, you can also visit a dermatologist for prescription medications to resolve them.
Epsom Salts was used by men in the steel mill for drawing out steel slivers, has many other useful purposes, and it is good to always have around your home. You could also try a warm compress with antibacterial soap 3 times a day, or us hair conditioner to lubricate the area before and after shaving.

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