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A former children's librarian and teacher living in Dallas, Erin Carson loves to share her knowledge of both literature and parenting through her writing. Tiny red bumps clustered all over your bikini area can ruin your look and make you feel less than confident in your bikini. Wash the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap using a gentle, circular, up-and-down motion.
Administer an over-the-counter astringent to keep your hair follicles clear of irritation-causing bacteria.
Apply an over-the-counter topical antibiotic cream and an anti-inflammatory hydrocortisone cream to the affected area. Consult your doctor if your skin irritation fails to clear up within a few days of the waxing procedure or if you notice any signs of infection, such as fever, redness or swelling, or peeling of the skin. Exfoliating with a loofah or sponge and a mild exfoliating scrub before waxing can help decrease post-waxing irritation by reducing the amount of bacteria and oil on your skin. Carson has a master's degree in library science and a bachelor's degree in English literature. While aesthetically unappealing, the small red bumps are a normal post-wax symptom for many women, according to Dr. Dorota Lisowski, an aesthetician at the Brigitte Mansfield Spa in New York City, recommends creating a mixture composed of one part baby oil and one part salicylic-acid-based astringent and applying it to your bikini area.
While bikini waxing usually poses few complications for healthy women, waxing strips away the outer layer of your skin.
Larissa Hirsch, an instructor in pediatrics at NYPH Cornell and a medical editor at the Kid’s Health by Nemours website.

Allison Vidimos, a staff dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, suggests that washing with antibacterial soap at least twice a day can help eliminate bacteria that can creep into hair follicles and cause infection.
According to Lisowski, the baby oil soothes your skin while the astringent opens your pores and reduces their chances of becoming clogged by bacteria.
Bruce Robinson, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, says these treatments can soothe the irritation and speed healing.
This can create a doorway for bacteria to enter into your skin, which can lead to potentially dangerous complications such as skin infections, folliculitis -- an infection of the hair follicles -- and ingrown hairs. By keeping your skin clear of oils and bacteria that can clog your pores and cause the red bumps, you can often help speed up your skin’s healing, and even prevent the annoying red bumps from reoccurring. Another option is to carefully use disinfected tweezers to pull the ingrown hair out of your skin. When doing this, don’t pluck completely the hair, as the next hair that will grow in its place will become ingrown again and an irritation of the skin will appear.
The irritation and bump will disappear fast when the curled hair part is out.Some people try to dig deeply in the skin to pull the ingrown hair out when it cannot be grasped, but this cause skin breakage and even bleeding. The smarter option is to wait for a couple of days for the hair to grow longer or for your skin to shed more. You can use tweezers for thicker ingrown hairs located on legs, arms and armpits, but when it comes for ingrowns that are on your face, you need to be much more careful because of the delicate skin.Never wax, shave or exfoliate already red and irritated skin, as this will make the situation worse and your skin will inflame.
Put aloe vera gel or some effective hydrocortisone cream instead to soothe the irritation first. Since you don’t wish to see your skin prickly and hot, wait for a few days for the skin to calm down and the hair to grow longer and then attempt to remove it.Active ingredient is also beneficial in treating the ingrown hair.

Although manual exfoliation with a scrub may work well, the skin is prone to irritation, while the chemical exfoliants are the better choice.
You can also use some after-shave products or make others that you make on your own.In case you are dealing with very stubborn public ingrown hair bumps, you can put an acne treating cream twice a day on the affected place. Since the skin and the hair are usually thicker in these places, you can apply even more aggressive treatment. The chemical exfoliants, however, make the skin more sensitive, so avoid expose yourself to sun during that period, or put some protective sunscreen to avoid burning.Even if you don’t feel your skin to be dry, moisturize it regularly to soothe the irritation and to help your ingrown hairs to grow away. Thus, you will keep your skin soft and the hairs will be able to push out without a problem, so the skin will heal fast. If you treat your ingrowns with active ingredient, such as BHA, it can make your skin drier than usually. Related Posts How to Get Rid of Trapped Gas Fast and Naturally Natural Herbal Remedies for Herpes Treatment Top 10 Natural Home Remedies For Acne Scas Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Subscribe to receive the daily Bikini Of The Day, newsletters, sale alerts, exciting news and more!

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