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Ringworm (dermatophytosis or tinea) is a common fungal infection which infects various skin parts like arms, legs, scalp, fingernails, toe nails, etc.
Mix 3-5 drops each of oregano oil, sweet almond oil and rosemary oil with 1-2 drops of thyme oil. Place garlic slices on the affected area and wrap a bandage around it so that it stays in place.
Apply juice of fresh turmeric over the affected area 3 times a day to get relief from ringworm. Apply aloe vera gel directly onto the affected area a couple of times daily until you feel the difference.
Apply an antiseptic cream containing calendula, 2-3 times a day for one week to get permanent relief.
Drink lemongrass tea thrice a day and also apply used lemongrass tea bags over the affected area for quick results.
Boil some goldenseal herb in water and apply it on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. Foot fungus, widely known as the athlete’s foot, and scientifically as tinea pedisais, is a fungal growth on the feet, generally in between toes. In short, we can say that it is a kind of fungal infection of the skin which causes scaling and flaking.

Application of tea tree oil to the affected area is shown to clear the infection within three weeks, comparable with chemical antifungal creams. Ajoene is an antifungal compound present in garlic and provides total cure for athlete’s foot. Foot powders can be prepared using arrowroot-powder, black walnut hull powder and chaparral powder, and then applied on affected areas.
The addition of a few drops of lavender oil to one tea spoon of skin lotion and  thereafter its application on affected areas provides relief against foot fungus and softens one’s skin simultaneously. Foot baths prepared out of effective agents like a 30 minutes tea bath prepared by soaking tea bags in boiling water or a mustard oil bath cures athlete’s foot.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. You need to add two tea spoons of salt to two cups of warm water and soak feet in it for around ten minutes to get relief from foot fungus. Foot soak with crushed garlic solution or rubbing of fresh garlic with olive oil on affected areas works wonders. Another substitute would be application of crushed aspirin powder, which also possesses anti fungal properties.

Though the above cures are effective, but precautions have to be taken to avoid athlete’s foot and to prevent it from infecting one back. The symptoms of ringworm include scaly, dry and rough skin with round red spots, loss of hair in patches, crusting, sores filled with pus, fever, and swelling of lymph nodes.
Athlete’s foot is highly contagious and is usually found between toes, but can often extend to nails or other side of the foot. These include keeping the foot dry, wearing proper footwear,  wearing white cotton socks, spraying anti fungal powder inside the shoes and wearing slippers in locker room, swimming pools and community showers. Although many anti-fungal creams are available for ringworm treatment, it often happens that they do not work properly or have some side effects.
You can also use hydrogen peroxide solution in water in the proportion 2:1 to get immediate effects. Also one should build a good immune system by having a good diet regime, to keep infections away. The above mentioned curative and preventive measures guard us against contagious foot fungus infection and leave our feet happily breathing.

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