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If you have ever experienced pain between your shoulder blades – watch the video below.
It will also help you to understand what muscles you should strengthen and what exercises can do this for you.
I’ve really enjoyed Olya’s Pilates classes, it’s great to have a teacher with focus on technique while still making the Pilates challenging. I love that you give each of your students your attention and for correcting us when we are not doing it right and for praising us when we did it correctly. In order for your shoulder to function optimally, you need good thoracic (upper back) mobility. In order to improve your upper back mobility, I have put together a couple of exercises that can be carried out at home on a daily basis.
If you are fortunate enough to have a foam roller at home or access to one in the gym then try this. Keeping your bottom in contact with the floor, slowly breathe out and let your back gently extend over the foam roller. Lie on your side with your head supported, raise the top hip to 90 degrees and rest the knee on a foam roller or a firm pillow (this protects your lower back). Mary is the director of free ur body based in Adelaide, a gym based rehabilitation service which gives you results you may not have thought possible.
Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.
When many people develop a stiff neck, they do not an idea of what caused the problem and what they can do to heal the problem. It results due to injury, spending long hours in front (working) of your computer, improper posture while sleeping and stress among other factors.
Stiff neck will cause severe, throbbing pain while in some other times it is a constant dull pain. Your stiff neck might be because of bad sleeping positions or using the wrong kind of pillow or mattress. A firm mattress will hold your body in good position as it will not develop compressed sections where your heavier body parts lie.
A good pillow support will lower the stress placed on your neck and the upper back as a whole. The support from a pillow, which is not very thick, will reduce the stress caused on your nerve or muscle, it will help your ailing neck to relax hence with time no pressure will be exerted and your nerve will be functioning normally.
That stiff neck that you are having can be treated by applying a cold material such as ice and later a hot material.
When applying the ice your neck never apply it directly but instead smear ice on the towel and tie the towel on your neck for the fifteen minutes.

A neck massage works the same way as when your car is being straightened from the deformations and dents from an accident. After you have engaged in various treatments and your stiff neck is now better and you can even make simple and light movements, then begin exercises. These are movements which will enhance mobility of your neck and the vertebral discs in it. Neck exercises help to stabilize neuromuscular parts.  Exercises will reduce muscle stress.
You will need to start off with simple exercises and as you heal from your stiff neck perform high impact exercises. The importance of this is it will allow the other normal joints and discs in your neck to remain healthy. After healing continue with the exercises, this will keep you strong and always at the top of your fitness. It will also help if your shoulder blades are sticking out – these exercises will help them to “flatten” them towards your back.
I found you lively and educational, always providing explanations, and giving personal attention to those who needed it. As a newcomer to Pilates I have found your classes easy to follow and you provide a great variety of exercises each week.
Ensure you can still breathe comfortably and hold for 3-4 breaths, return hand to start position and repeat.
Spine (including neck) should be neutral and bum tucked under to engage the glutes, feet just wider than shoulder width apart.
With a background in Physiotherapy and a broad array of post-degree qualifications she helps get people out of chronic pain through thorough assessment and movement based rehabilitation.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Though it is a widespread problem, it is mostly reported among people between the ages of 20 to 40. It would be wise if you started with relieving the pain so that you can be able to continue with your daily activities. It is important that you use a firm mattress when sleeping and always ensure your head is aligned with your spine. A mattress that is not firm will develop compressed sections which will lead to high and low points in your bed.
Continued pressure on the neck will have severe consequences as the stiffness will extend further. A cold pack will solve the inflammation hence reduce the pain and restore the functionality of your nerve but will not relief any trapped muscles.

Generally, heat is a natural muscle relaxant while cold is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer.
Olive oil massage is most effective due to the heat of the warm oil combined with the healing properties of associated with olive oil.
After an accident its body is deformed and it cannot sometimes move as some parts are completely deformed. Though you are experiencing that sharp pain as you try to move your neck it is necessary that you note the pain free directions. By moving your head the cause of the pinched nerve is weakened; you release the pressure and will definitely fully release it. Folks don't realize how big of an impact that their sleeping habits have on their overall health. I leave class knowing I’ve had a good workout and have noticed a big improvement in my strength in only a few weeks.
This can impact your shoulder health, we all need good extension through our upper backs in order to complete overhead movements without compromising our structures in the shoulder joint.
Repeat this twice and then gently roll the foam roller an inch further up the spine, repeat the extension movement twice again and keep doing this until you reach the top of the shoulder blades. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Positions like sleeping on your stomach may not be very good for you alternatively do not use pillows that are very thick. In case you are experiencing very painful moments, it will be advisable that you repeatedly apply the ice a number of times in a day. It therefore requires straightening of the parts to ensure no single part is exerting pressure on the other parts. The principal aim is to release the stress that is directed to your muscles and nerves that has led to the stiffness. Often, problems with impingement; bursitis or rotator cuff issues at the shoulder joint are due to poor thoracic mobility as your shoulder blade cannot move efficiently over your ribcage. A cold pack will reduce the pain you are experiencing for the time being as the healing process continues. Some sources of heat that can do for you are; warm moist towel, hot water bottles and microwave bean bags. However, heat packs may aggravate the problem, it would be better for you to avoid them at least for the first few days of your stiff neck.

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