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If you’re doing a little spring cleaning in your closet and you’re getting ready to toss a few of your favorite items because you think they’re ruined, STOP!  You need to check out these clothing hacks first!
Save your favorite hoodie or sweat pants from being ruined when the drawstring gets pulled out with this simple hack.
If you push your sunglasses on top of your head too much, the arms of the sunglasses will start to loosen. Getting a foundation stain on your shirt collar is super common, but can be a pain to fix — unless you know this trick! Having the underwire of your bra poke into you is one of the most frustrating things in the world.
Spraying a small amount of vodka onto stinky clothes is a quick and easy way to remove odor if you don't have time to properly wash something. If you notice the arm of your sunglasses getting a little bent out of shape and you don't have a tiny screwdriver to fix the screw, then some clear nail polish will do just fine for a quick fix. A red wine stain may seem like the end of the world (and of your wardrobe), but it can actually easily be treated by it's polar opposite on the wine spectrum. A run has the power to ruin your favorite pair of tights, but not if you have clear nail polish!
If you notice a pulled thread on one of your pieces of clothing, you're probably worried that it will catch on something and begin to unravel. Getting grease or oil off of delicate clothing may seem like too much to bother with for some people, but it really isn't as long as you have some dishwashing liquid.

The foam-topped hangers that you get from the dry cleaners are the perfect material for cleaning up any deodorant stains you might have. If you seem to have the worst luck with your tights, hairspray may be your new best friend. We’ve got some simple ways to save your favorite clothes and accessories that you thought were headed to the donate pile. You can fix this in a pinch by painting a small bit of clear nail polish over the hinge to tighten it. Stretch out the shoes by wearing thick socks and using a blow dryer that is set to hot all over the shoes.
Have no fear: for these and so many more common clothing problems, we have the simple solutions!
Simply paint a bit of clear nail polish over the loose button thread and it will be stopped from unraveling for a while. Putting a cashmere or wool sweater that keeps shedding into a plastic bag and leaving it in the freezer overnight will instantly fix that pesky shedding problem. A cotton swab and some petroleum jelly is just the thing to instantly get your shoes looking like you just bought them! It may seem counter-intuitive, but the alcohol will kill the odor-causing bacteria in just a minute.
A light wash jean is also effective, but avoid dark wash jeans since the dye may transfer to the shirt.

Use a cotton swab to dab the area of the zipper that's giving you problems with petroleum jelly and watch as your zipper glides up with ease.
This may sound strange but if you put your jeans in a bag and stick it in the freezer overnight, the stench will be gone!
If you are prone to runs in your tights, lightly spray them with hairspray before you put them on. When you’re done saving those cute shoes and your favorite jeans, reward yourself with a little shopping trip. Spend a little extra time on the spots that are tightest and those shoes will feel better on your feet in just a few minutes. Doing this to a smelly pair of jeans is also effective at removing odors without risking the fading from over-washing. Alternate pulling simultaneously up and down and left and right until the thread gets smaller and smaller.
You’ll gently loosen the fabric so that you can comfortably wear your favorite jeans again. If it’s a really stubborn stain, make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the stain.

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