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Before I start the section, here's a quick plug for Graham Booth's excellent Narrowboat Builder's Book. While all this engine shenanigans was going on, I had started work inside the boat and also had to get the BSS certificate, which is like a boat MOT. Keith was very helpful and friendly, and I certainly recommend his services if you are in the area. I spent ages faffing about with the plans of the boat and bits of cardboard to find the best layout.
I wanted a clean, open plan layout with none of the silly little rooms and corridors you sometimes see in narrowboats. Next is a living area with the wood burning stove, open plan to the bed area and finally a bathroom in the stern with a short corridor to the rear door. Bradnams of Haverhill supplied the wood, 26 8 x 4 foot sheets of various thicknesses cost me around ?600. For the finish, I fine-sanded the surface with 400-grit garnet paper until it was as smooth as glass, then gave it three coats of Danish Oil. Danish Oil is strange stuff to use, and smelly, but has a lot of advantages over varnish.It soaks into the wood to make it waterproof, and rot proof with a soft sheen. The front half of the boat had and 18mm marine ply floor over a bilge, and the rear half was solid engineering bricks covered with horrible bitumen stuff. TIP: when laying the floor, do not fit the planks too tightly and do not fix them down in any way.
Next I put down a layer of 3mm vapour-barrier foam under floor insulation followed by the 18mm solid oak tongue and groove floor boards. Like Internal Caulking, Timi’s Cleaning Services also provides high quality, high performance, and durable external caulking that can make a difference in performing the following jobs. While going to caulk alucobond or any other similar kind of cladding, it’s quite significant to have an idea that these type of systems have high movement rates in highly unstable temperature changes. In order to caulk various spreading joints, we make use of high performance and quality Polyurethane sealant which is available in a broad array of colour schemes. In addition to these quality and durable external caulking, we also have a team of professional, well trained, skilled and experienced workers and personnel who know the fixing and caulking process of these products very well.
For more information regarding various external caulking, prices and external caulking project details, feel free to call Timi on 0434 251 808 or send an enquiry now! Since the weather has been nicer and the sun has been pouring in our windows, I’ve been motivated to do a little spring cleaning. Unlike most cloths that just spread dust around, the Enviro cloth actually absorbs dust into it’s fibers and kills any lingering bacteria. To wash windows, and get the clearest results, without additional products, use a microfiber Window Cloth.

Both of these microfiber cloths will give you amazingly clean windows and mirrors, only using water!
To clean my hardwood floors naturally I use a homemade cleaner of vinegar and water, and a steam cleaner. For quick cleans, in between steam cleaning my floors, I also use a microfiber mop along with the vinegar and water. This is a quick and easy way to clean your floors without costing you tons of money in hard surface floor products! When cleaning shelves and drawers make sure to take everything off the shelf or out of the drawer.
To give drawers the best clean possible, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to get rid of hair, dust etc. I’ve been using Filtrete Filters for years, which always keeps our house smelling fresh and quickly eliminates cooking odors, smelly kid odors, pet odors and more. These 5 tips will help you spring clean your home all naturally and eliminate harsh chemicals and odors in your home! How to Spring Clean Every Room in the House with Pyoure Hydrogen Peroxide & a Giveaway!
He came out again two weeks later for nothing, ticked off the repairs and gave me the certificate.
I had to attach a batten to the bottom of the cabin wall that projected down to take the insulation and lining in the area. The answer was the kitchen up the front, with lots of light and the doors going directly to a central aisle. I was relieved to find the bilge under front section clean and dry with a spray-crete ballast. Running them across the boat, along with all the wood grain of the walls, is easier and helps the boat look less narrow. I found a company called Natural Heating in Norfolk with a great range of stoves at bargain prices.I settled appropriately enough, on their 'Narrowboat Deluxe' design.
We would strongly recommend not to wait for leakage discovery, instead do take some corrective measures such as caulking before you experience damp carpet or walls, smelly or moldy timber frames, swollen floor boards or any other similar issue.
In such a situation Timi’s Cleaning external caulking can really make a difference for you.
Over the last year I have been working on eliminating toxic-smelling cleaners that I’ve used in the past, and replacing them with all-natural, healthier versions. It will also make your furniture shine without using chemicals that leave a residue, which then, attract more dust.
It’s a great feeling to know I’ll never have to buy another window cleaning product!

I don’t particularly like the smell of vinegar so I add a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil to the spray bottle to add a little fresh lemon scent. Once it’s empty use a microfiber cloth, like the Enviro Cloth to clean and sanitize the surface, instead of a bleach wipe.
When I come home I want my house to smell fresh and clean without having to use candles and air fresheners.
I love having a clean home and knowing, not only it clean but it’s safe for my family.
I was unable to find a decent compromise, but my Mum solved the problem in about 30 seconds! I ran all the wires through plastic conduit although it's not strictly necessary with non-polystyrene insulation.
The walls are 12mm which is nice and stiff, and the bathroom partitions are single sheets of 18mm which is strong enough to be used as a wall on its own. The rear section we tried to smooth with a self-levelling screed but only had partial success. I tiled the hearth with red and brown quarry tiles, having designed it just the right size not to have to cut any. This is nice and slim and as well as the usual glass front door it has a side door that will take logs up to 50cm.
You can significantly over come this problem with the help of our effective cost and high quality external caulking. In the past, spring cleaning has meant coming home to the lingering smell of cleaners, but not this year!
I have always enjoyed cleaning, organizing, decorating and helping people, so I've put that all together on the pages of this blog. The exposed screws (in neat cups) mean all panels can be removed for maintenance and changes. Our external caulking products can allow you to control about 50% of contraction and expansion issue. Today I’m going to share 5 all natural spring cleaning tips, that will eliminate unwanted odors in your home.

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